The Robert Pattinson Band has been around for a while now. They released their first album back in 2009 and have been cranking out music ever since. Over the years, they’ve developed a pretty unique sound that I think you’ll enjoy. Check out the original post for more information on how to purchase their music.

Band Members

The leader of the band is vocalist and keyboardist Robert Pattinson. He also wrote most of the material for the album Back to Reality which was released in November 2018. To complement his vocals, he often calls upon the services of a diverse group of musicians. Bass guitarist Jesse Johnson, drummer Andy Harris, and multi-instrumentalist Chris Anderson round out the lineup.

On Back to Reality, you’ll hear a wide array of styles. There are some bluesy rockers, some mellow country songs, and even a jazz tune or two. One of my favorites is “I Don’t Think So”, which you’ll find below. It has a nice, laid back vibe that will put you in a good mood.

Keyboard-Driven Songs

The band uses a MIDI-controlled acoustic instrument, which they call an “orchestra” for most of their tracks. This allows them to layer their instruments and create some cool textures and tonalities. As a result, a lot of the songs feature some slick, piano-driven riffs that will have you grooving along.

Back to Reality is a great example of this. The bluesy rock vibe of the track “Do You Feel It?” will have you hitting the repeat button. It’s one of my personal favorites from the album.

Unique Vibe

I think the best way to describe the band’s sound is eclectic. They’ve got the blues, but they don’t sound like most other blues bands, the country, but they don’t sound like most other country bands, and the jazz, but they don’t sound like most other jazz bands. Instead, they mix all of these elements together into a unique vibe that you’ll find fascinating.

Take a listen to “Back to Reality” below and you’ll hear what I mean. It starts off sounding like a normal bluesy rock song, but then the bass guitar kicks in and the vibe changes. It’s as if Jesse Johnson and Andy Harris, who are the bass guitarist and drummer respectively, are channeling Robert Johnson and Louis Armstrong, two greats from the past who mixed blues with jazz and Dixieland influences.

Bass Guitar

One of the things that makes the band stand out is their use of real instruments and not samples or virtual instruments. Most often, they’ll use a combination of both live and digital instruments, which gives the music a real “footprint”.

On Back to Reality, you’ll often hear electric guitars and other acoustic instruments, but on occasion, they’ll throw in a bass guitar or a string bass. You’ll find all three in the band’s live set as well.

What’s Next for the Band?

The band members seem to enjoy their musical journeys. They’ve released a number of EPs in addition to their full-length albums, which are all available to purchase. In fact, the most recent album to be released is called Summer Songs, and it’s another wonderful mix of sounds from the band. You can also check out their live performances, which are another great way to hear their music.

With so much talent and energy behind them, I can’t see the Robert Pattinson Band slowing down anytime soon. I hope this article helped you discover a new band or reminded you of an old favorite. Thanks for reading!