If you’ve been following the news at all recently, you might have seen headlines like these:

  • Robert Pattinson Reveals Shocking & Horrifying Details About His Relationship With Kate Winslet
  • Kate Winslet And Robert Pattinson’s Daughter Mia Have An Ugly Row Over Wedding Plans
  • Singer Elle King Reveals Why She Cut Ties With Robert Pattinson

The first one is a shocker – and we’re not just talking about the fact that he had an affair with Kate Winslet. The second one is more surprising in a way because we thought the two were meant to be together; and the third one is because we never thought that Elle King and Robert Pattinson would break up. But it happened! And now we have this new book from Pattinson, in which he talks about all of this and more. Let’s take a deep breath and dive in.

The First Affair

The first news story we mentioned was about the affair between Robert Pattinson and Kate Winslet. Now we know that the movie star had an affair with the novelist, however, back in 2011, the two had sworn off celebrity affairs in favor of a healthier relationship. So, when they announced their one-year ‘hiatus’, it came as a great shock to their fans. The fact that they’d broken up made the news even more dramatic.

“I have been through a lot in the last year – more professionally and personally than at any time in my life,” he wrote in his 2018 memoir, Beloved. “Kate and I agreed that it would be best for our relationship if we took some time apart – she needed space to grow as an actress and I needed to focus on rebuilding my life. Naturally, we tried to make it work, but sometimes you just have to know when to let go.”

They called off their break up in May 2018, but it wasn’t long before they were allegedly involved in another relationship – with a married man. Their friends say that the split up wasn’t amicable, and that there was a ‘cease-and-desist’ order from Winslet’s husband, Tom, who is an entertainment lawyer. The couple are currently under the supervision of a family court judge.

The Second Affair

The second shocker of this year’s news cycle was about the second – and allegedly most serious – affair that Robert Pattinson had. This time, it was with an opera singer named Erin Morley. According to the New York Times, the affair with the Twilight star began when he was 35 years old. The report claims that while filming The Rover, Pattinson began seeing Morley, who was 26 at the time. The two were involved in an on-and-off relationship for a couple of years. In 2019, however, things came to a head when Morley filed for a protective order against the actor. She requested that she be allowed to move back in with her parents because she was “scared for [her] safety”.

“Erin was hurt and shocked that I would do this to her, and I am truly sorry,” Pattinson wrote in a statement. “I never wanted to hurt her and I never wanted to hurt myself. What I want more than anything is for us to be able to be together. We can have a beautiful friendship and also be a romantic couple.”

The two have been together since and, aside from the occasional red-carpet outburst, things seem to be going well. They were recently spotted celebrating an anniversary with a lovely meal at Nobu in Los Angeles.

Cutting Ties With The Past

The third shocker of this year’s news cycle was about the split between the mother of Robert Pattinson’s and Kate Winslet’s children. The Breaking News story reported that the singer had severed ties with her daughter Mia after years of estrangement. The drama was triggered after the pair had an aggressive argument over ‘stylings’ – which are essentially pick-up lines or romantic tricks that you can use to get a girl’s attention. While we don’t know the full story, it seems that King may have made the decision to cut off all contact with her daughter after repeatedly being accused of inappropriate touching by other women. In the end, it took the intervention of the police to restore contact.

“I don’t know where this coming from or what’s going on, but I can assure you that nobody was hurt,” Robert Pattinson’s publicist told us. “There’s been a lot of hurt feelings along the way, especially as a child would be hurt in the process of this. Nobody’s safety was ever at risk.”

These scandals are taking a serious toll on the celebrity couple’s public image. In addition to the fact that they’re constantly being hounded by paparazzi, fans are increasingly turning against them. A 2019 Nielson survey found that 55% of respondents thought that Kate Winslet was “more attractive” when she was single, compared to 48% who said the same about Robert Pattinson. Moreover, 50% of respondents thought that Kate was better looking than her famous partner. When we asked about the ‘will they/won’t they’ couple, 50% of respondents said ‘no chance’ and 42% said ‘not yet’.

The public’s perception of the couple was already clouded before these scandals. The media often reports on Kate’s previous relationships and her previous brushes with the law. And let’s not forget about the actress’ father, Michael, who died of cancer in 2015. Because of this, 43% of respondents have a “poor” opinion of Kate, while only 23% have a “poor” opinion of Robert. In this context, these scandals are probably just making matters worse.

New Revelations

In addition to these three big reveals, this year has seen a number of smaller, but still shocking, revelations. Take the news that the late Amy Winehouse had been cheating on her husband, Blake, with her personal assistant for more than a year. Or that Ryan Gosling had been keeping casual mistresses for years, including some very famous film stars. Or that Robert Pattinson had been filming a ‘sexually explicit’ scene with a woman, which is now the source of an ongoing legal battle. Or that Chris Brown had been stalking and harassing his ex-girlfriend, Nia, for years.

It seems that, as much as celebrities try to stay away from the spotlight, it never truly leaves them. We’re always learning new details about the private lives of our favorite stars. Sometimes, it’s something scandalous; other times, it’s just juicy gossip. Either way, it’s entertaining.

So, what will 2020 have in store for us?