When Hollywood star Robert Pattinson decided to share his workout routine with the world, the internet practically melted. The actor is arguably one of the most attractive men in the world – and his workout video, which has over 2.9 million views on YouTube, showed just how popular he is with the female audience. The routine puts a unique spin on old-school bodybuilding, incorporating aspects of Parkour, which is a street art movement that he is passionate about.

Here’s a basic rundown of his routine:

Warm Up

The first step in Robert Pattinson’s workout routine is warming up. Before doing any heavy lifting, he stretches his muscles and gets his blood flowing. Typically he will do some jumping jacks, followed by a few sprints up and down the stairs, or walk up and down the city streets. This part of the routine helps prepare his body for the workout and gets his muscles limber.

Hip Thrusters

The next move is a series of exercises targeting his hip flexors. He starts with a set of four to five repetitions, holding each pose for 45 seconds to one minute. After completing the set, he takes a break and then does another set. He alternates between the two during the day, taking a short break when he returns from work to the studio (he usually works out in the morning).

Single Leg Stretch

Now it’s time for some real fun. Robert starts off the routine with a series of poses that work the muscles of his glutes and hamstrings. For these exercises, he stands with one leg raised behind him while holding a squat position. For added difficulty, he raises his arms above his head as he takes the stretch. This is a full-body stretch and helps build his upper body strength.


Robert does a set of three to five repetitions, taking a break after each rep. He uses a 25-pound weight for men and a 15-pound weight for women. This move is great for triceps, shoulders, and arms. He finishes the set with a shoulder press. The weight of the barbell is a challenging 30 pounds for men and 20 pounds for women.

Overhead Squat

The last exercise in his workout routine is another full-body stretch. To do this, he stands with his back to the wall and squats while keeping his arms overhead. This is a tough move, especially if the wall is near the floor. When he returns to the standing position, he catches his breath and then begins the next set. The move works his quads, glutes, and hams as well as his lower back. He also does some shoulder stretches during this move. This is another full-body stretch and helps build his overall strength.

After completing the workout routine, Robert drinks some water and then refills his bottle before beginning his post-workout routine. This routine helps him prepare for his night out on the town and lets him look forward to his leisure time just as much as he looks forward to his hard day at work. What’s not to love?