Is Robert Pattinson going to be a father again? The 52-year-old British actor recently revealed that he is currently expecting his and his partner, Kristen Stewart’s, first child. Although he has not yet announced the blessed event, fans are wondering if the newborn will be a girl or a boy. In this article, we’ll discuss the possible consequences of this pregnancy on Stewart’s 22-year relationship with Pattinson, as well as whether or not the child will have a better chance at walking down the aisle.

Is Robert Pattinson’s Baby On The Way?

News of Stewart’s pregnancy was first reported by Us Weekly in October 2016. At that time, the magazine’s sources revealed that the actress was going to be a mother for the third time. Rumors began circulating that Stewart and Pattinson were planning to marry in the near future and that the actor was looking into adopting a child. However, these reports were denied by both parties. Still, the rumors persisted. In fact, months later, when Stewart began showing off her baby bump at the Cannes Film Festival, fans and media outlets alike couldn’t help but wonder: Is this the beginning of another famous couple’s tale?

The Consequences Of This Pregnancy On Stewart’s Relationship With Pattinson

In many ways, Stewart’s pregnancy will be a real test of her commitment to staying apart from Pattinson. The couple has been together for almost two decades and has maintained a very stable and intimate relationship. They started dating in 1997 and have been together ever since. Stewart has never been married and does not have any children. Despite their age difference, Stewart and Pattinson have always worked hard to maintain an active and healthy sex life. In fact, they even made a whole documentary about their sex life, which was released in 2014 and is called Make Love Not Porn. So, this recent announcement will undoubtedly shake up their relationship. Will Stewart continue to uphold her vow of abstinence? How will the upcoming birth affect their bond?

The answer to these questions probably lies in the fact that Stewart did not find out about the pregnancy until late in the game. In an interview with Vogue, Stewart revealed that she initially learned about the baby’s paternity from an undisclosed source. “[My husband’s] brother just so happened to walk in on the two of us at the wrong moment,” Stewart said. “And then he proceeded to tell me that Rob was the father, and I kind of froze for a second, because it just kind of clicked.” The actress later added that she initially tried to keep the news a secret, but she “couldn’t help but share it with people once [she] found out.”

Though Stewart did not want to talk about the incident publicly, she did indicate that the secret to their continued partnership is mutual respect. “One of the things that I really value about Rob is that he sees me as a person and knows my thoughts and my dreams,” she said. “If I think something is a good idea and he likes it, he’ll say it out loud and he might even share a bit of his own opinion. And conversely, if I think something is a bad idea and he doesn’t like it, he won’t say anything, but he’ll just sort of nod or shake his head. And that’s something that I really appreciate.”

Will The Newborn Be A Girl Or A Boy?

When it comes to Stewart and Pattinson’s potential daughter, fans are immediately thinking about the adorable and very feminine names Megan and Lila. The first name is probably the most popular choice among the celebrity baby name enthusiast community. However, as previously mentioned, Stewart did not find out about the pregnancy until late. So, it’s entirely possible that she and Pattinson could choose something different for their newborn. Still, the most popular choice for the baby’s first name is Megan, so we’ll have to wait and see.

When it comes to the sonogram photograph that Stewart posted on her Instagram, fans noted that the baby had sharp elbows, a sharp nose, and a very determined chin. These are all signs of a male child. However, since this is an unconfirmed pregnancy, we might have to wait and see what the baby’s DNA test reveals. If, indeed, the DNA test reveals that the baby is a boy, then fans know what his first name will be. If it’s a girl, then perhaps Stewart and Pattinson will choose one of the most popularly suggested names for the occasion. For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

How Will The Baby Affect Stewart’s Wedding Plans?

One of the major concerns for Stewart’s fans is whether or not the baby will be able to walk down the aisle at her wedding. Most bridesmaids play an important role at a wedding, but it’s entirely possible that none of them will be able to walk for the happy couple. Still, the most popular choice is for the baby to be a flower girl or a ring bearer. In this case, fans know that Rob will have to walk down the aisle with his eyes on his wife, and possibly his daughter, watching from the audience.

On the other hand, if Stewart and Pattinson wish to have an audience at their wedding, then they could have the baby’s siblings or friends play a special role. For instance, they could have one of the kids walk down the aisle with the baby. Or, they could ask one of Stewart’s older brothers to walk her down the aisle. They could also have one of the parents serve as the baby’s best man. In this case, it’s likely that one of the parents will have to give the bride away. Still, fans will be able to watch the couple’s grand entrance from the audience. This way, they will not miss a minute of the important (but brief) family event.

Will The Couple Be Able To Adopt?

Once Stewart and Pattinson’s baby is born, they will have to decide whether or not to open their hearts and homes to another child. Both are avid animal lovers, and Stewart has had several pets throughout the years, including cats. Still, it’s entirely possible that they could choose to adopt a child. In fact, since they have always been very careful with their health and well-being, they might be encouraged to try and adopt a baby that needs a home. Alternatively, Stewart could give birth to a puppy or kitten, and Pattinson could become its proud new owner.

What Is Rob’s Brother’s Opinion Of This Pregnancy?

Pattinson has two brothers: Ron and Sandy. In a radio interview with Howard Stern, Pattinson revealed that he and his brothers are very close and that their parents (George and Elizabeth) are also very proud of them. However, Ron feels that this is his big brother’s last chance at finding love. Despite their competitive natures, Ron and Sandy support and respect their sibling’s relationship with Stewart. In fact, they would like to see them married and have children of their own.

“Rob’s always been very responsible and mature for his age, and now he’s finding love, which is so beautiful,” Ron told Stern. “I just want the best for him.” In the same interview, Stern asked Pattinson if he thinks that his brother is going to propose to Stewart. “Who knows?” replied Pattinson. “But I hope so. Because I think that would make everyone happy.”

The Differences In The Way Stewart And Pattinson Will Approach Parenting

As previously mentioned, the way that Stewart and Pattinson have maintained a committed and stable relationship is by being extremely careful with their health and well-being. In fact, they’ve established a positive and nurturing environment for their children, which is evident by the fact that their 22-year-old son, Scott, is also a very successful actor.

Still, there are some differences in the way that Stewart and Pattinson will parent. While Stewart is very committed to remaining a virgin until she meets the right person and wants to dedicate her life to raising children, Pattinson is definitely not a fan of traditional monogamous relationships. In the Stern interview, Pattinson said that he is “against closed-mindedness and dogma,” adding, “I think it’s horrible to limit yourself to one person, and I find it hard to believe that there isn’t more than one side to every story.”

He also told Stern, “I want kids of my own one day, and I might not live up to my parents’ expectations, but I want to be the best parent I can be.” These are both noble and excellent goals, but it might be a challenge to fulfill them while also maintaining a satisfying and stable relationship with Kristen Stewart.