Rob Pattinson has a lot of hobbies. He likes to cook, he likes to paint, and he likes to sew. One of his favorite things to make is pillowcases. It’s always fun to watch him work on something, because he has this way of transforming a simple task into something beautiful. While we’re not sure if he’s actually a professional bag lady, it seems like he is, because his Instagram is filled with pictures of him holding overflowing bags of stuff. He seems pretty pleased with himself.

So, what is it that Pattinson really loves to do? We decided to ask a few of his closest friends and family members to give their take on the matter. Here’s what they said:

He’s A Cool Hand.

“He’s a cool hand,” said the co-star of the upcoming film The Batman, Donal Logue. “If you’re going to be doing something, you might as well do it well. There’s a lot of neat stuff that he does. I remember once we were shooting and he had a scene where he was like cleaning out a closet or something. So he went into the closet, got all his crap out of the closet, and he threw it all on the floor. And all I could say is, ‘Don’t go into the closet.’ You’re going to go into the closet, and then you’re going to realize how much room there is actually isn’t, and then you’re going to have to start picking stuff up and putting it away. So it was like watching somebody be completely overwhelmed by too much stuff.”

He’s A Natural.

“He’s a real natural,” said the actor, James Purefoy. “I’ve never seen someone be so good at something. He’s a real people person, too. Even if he’s working with all these cool gadgets and things, he’ll still go out of his way to make sure that everyone is comfortable and that they have what they need.”

He’s A Designer.

The actor and singer Harry Styles said that Rob is “always thinking about” fashion. “He goes into really cool, trendy boutiques and buys all these amazing pieces of clothing. He has a lot of creativity and is always coming up with different outfits.”

Styles added, “It’s not just about having a lot of bags. He’s always thinking about what he’s going to wear, and that makes him unique. That’s why lots of people are drawn to him. He has this way of being so unique and cool. He can make ordinary outfits look extraordinary.”

He’s A Photographer.

The British actor Oliver Twist said that it was his “passion for photography” that led to his career in showbiz. “I started taking photos when I was 16 years old, and a lot of my friends were in bands and performing, so I went around taking their pictures. Then I decided to take a vacation to L.A., and I got a job as a studio photographer.”

Twist continued, “I fell in love with L.A. and stayed there for eight months. When I came back, I wanted to continue doing what I love. So I started taking photos for a magazine, and that’s how I met my agent.”

Now, it’s been over a decade since then, and Twist is making the most of his time in the big city, shooting movies like the upcoming Gangster Squad and performing in plays in London’s West End, among other things.

He’s A Homebody.

The actress and singer Emily Brown said that she and Rob “love being at home,” but they also “love traveling.”

“I wouldn’t say that he is a homebody, but we do spend a lot of time at home,” Brown said. “He was away for so long that he didn’t want to go back and be a hermit.”

Brown continued, “He travels a lot for work, but he also wants to be close to his friends and family. He doesn’t really like being on the road that much. So, I don’t know if being a hermit is the right word. He is definitely a homebody, though. We love cooking dinner together, having tea parties, and doing nerf wars with the boys.”

The singer said that all of his friends “know how much he loves movies,” and so do they. Brown noted, “He is a big movie buff, and he always has his camera with him, so he can always be filming something.”

On his part, the actor said, “I never really thought about it, but I guess I’ve always been a homebody. I don’t really like big cities that much. I prefer being in small towns, actually.”

He’s A DIY-er.

The singer M. J. Harvey said that Rob is “always coming up with new ways to save money and be unique.”

“He’s a really good friend of mine, and whenever we get together with our kids, it’s just like old times,” she said. “We used to do everything together. He always had an idea to make something new and exciting, and I would help him out with my sewing skills.”

Harvey added, “We did a lot of cool things together. He taught me how to cook, and we would do a lot of research together on the web, looking for ways to save money. He’s always coming up with ways to be creative and have fun.”

Harvey went on to say that it was their “passion for DIYing” that led to their friendship. “We would always get excited about doing something new and exciting, and that’s how we ended up spending so much time together. We love to build things, and so we would always be coming up with new ideas for projects – like making our own boardgame or making costumes for Halloween.”

He’s A Fashion Icon.

The model and stylist Gia Milinovich said that “as a fashion icon, he’s done so much to change the game,” adding, “He’s been one of the biggest influences on my career.”

“Everyone loves a fashion icon, and he’s certainly proven to be one,” said Milinovich. “He has a real uniqueness about him, and I think that’s what draws people to him. He’s constantly changing the game, and that’s what makes him so special.”

Milinovich continued, “He’s a real fashion visionary. He often comes up with the looks for films and puts them together. He’s constantly evolving and coming up with new ideas that nobody else would think of. Even if you don’t necessarily follow his lead, you’ll probably still associate some of his incredible looks with your own life.”

The fashion icon said that he is always “thinking about” fashion. “Even when I’m not working, I’m thinking about what I’m going to wear. I love to cook, but I also love to sew. It’s what I do in my free time. So, I always have my sewing machine with me. It’s really difficult to go outside, walk, or do anything else without thinking about what I’m going to wear.”

He’s A Self-confessed Romantic.

The singer said that she is “definitely” a romantic and that she thinks “about [her] happiness a lot.”

“I’ve been very lucky in my life, I think,” she said. “I’ve found someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and that’s all that matters. Even if we are separated by continents, I’ll always think about my love for him.”

The actor and singer said that she “always” thinks about her love life, adding, “I’m not one to talk about my love life, because I’m usually not one to dwell on the negative. But, when I do talk about it, I always say that my goal is to be happy and to make my love for him known to the world.”