Welcome to the weird world of memes. Whether you’re a lover of all things pop culture or you just want to talk about the latest meme on social media, this space is for you.

The Robert Pattinson Meme

The story behind the latest Robert Pattinson meme begins in November 2019, when the former “Twilight” star received a lifetime achievement award at the European Film Awards. The audience, as well as the actor himself, were in for a treat as he received the award in a stunning silver and black dress and captivated the crowd with his amazing performance. The moment was so magical that it became an internet phenomenon and a Facebook meme at the same time. The dress and the accompanying meme have since gone viral, inspiring countless others to make fun of the “Bard on the Beach” and his awkward body language and odd dancing.

The Kanye West / Jaden Smith Meme

Another viral video that has been a source of amusement for many is Kanye West’s “Where Are You Going?” music video with Jaden Smith. The video, which was released in 2018 and features a montage of fashion moments from the two, was initially met with severe backlash from fans who felt that it was a disservice to the fashion industry and was even called “sad” by some. The backlash made both artists aware of the meme potential of their collaboration and, as a result, they have been the subject of many humorous videos and Instagram stories since then.

The Donald Trump Meme

When it comes to memes, nothing is safe from Donald Trump. The president has been a frequent target of ridicule due to his extremely controversial politics and his outrageous social media presence. One of the best-known memes featuring Trump is the so-called “Trump Body Language” meme, which was designed to mimic the way the president gestures and winks during interviews. The goal of the meme is to make the viewer laugh while also poking fun at Trump’s unique leadership style. It’s been around since at least 2016 and has probably gained even more popularity since then, with many people now having fun with the Trump meme on TikTok.

The Olivia Pope Meme

The 2019 Emmy nominations were recently announced, and it was a major upset when Netflix did not receive a single nomination. The “Cuties” star Olivia Pope, who is known for her glam squad videos, became an immediate sensation when the first season of the Netflix series was released in June 2019. In the show, Pope’s character, Olivia Pope, is a fashion influencer who gets involved in high-profile cases and creates memes to promote her clothing line. The character is named after the real Olivia Pope, a former White House communications director who is now a full-time public relations consultant and meme maker. The show was initially met with fierce backlash from many in the fashion industry and, as a result, Pope was the butt of many a joke online.

More Than Meets The Eye

There are countless other examples of viral videos that, at the time of writing, have over 500,000 views on TikTok. These include videos of Justin Bieber singing “Baby” by Lady Gaga, a recreation of Andy Warhol’s “15 Most Famous Men” painting, and David Beckham trying on different outfits in a vain attempt to find the “perfect” match for his girlfriend, Victoria Beckham.

The list of viral videos goes on and on. In fact, this is precisely what makes memes so popular on TikTok. The platform is home to millions of monthly active users, and thanks to its algorithm, the right video can go viral with ease. This makes the platform a bit like a digital version of the meme factory. And, just like in real life, the output is often bizarre and hilarious.

In the same way that the “Bard on the Beach” dress and the “Robert Pattinson” meme caught the attention of the public, the viral videos listed above were chosen because they’re examples of how memes have become an integral part of popular culture. The way people interact with and share videos on TikTok is changing the way we consume content. While it might be easy to dismiss memes as a fad, the truth is that they are here to stay.