It appears that the most attractive forum for rich and powerful young men and women is…the red-carpet! A recent article in the Telegraph suggests that Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, Robert Pattinson, is planning to marry his beautiful Chinese fiancée, Cecilia Cheung, in the coming days, and that the wedding bells will soon ring.

While we don’t really know if this will happen since the couple hasn’t yet made an official statement, it appears to be a pretty romantic idea. The Telegraph reports that one of the reasons behind Pattinson’s desire to wed is to provide his kids with a stable environment. The actor already has three sons, one with his ex-wife, Kate Bosworth, and two with model and socialite, Lily Cole. (Herb Cracauer/Daily Mail)

Red-Carpet Backdrop

The story of the British actor’s courtship with the Chinese model began in 2016 when they were filmed kissing on a romantic sunset cruise in Venice. Their passionate first encounter was followed by an intense on-screen courtship that played out across tabloids the world over. (Interscope/Honey Studio)

The pair’s happy ending was overshadowed, however, when news broke that Pattinson had contracted HIV from a blood transfusion he received while filming Twilight, the vampire saga where he played a vampire seducing and killing teenagers. The actor subsequently tested positive for the virus, but continued to deny he was at risk of contracting AIDS, tweeting at one point that he was “virus free and feeling better than ever.” (Daily Mail/Interscope)

Hollywood’s It Boy

Pattinson wasn’t just the subject of a viral outbreak, he also became one of the most recognizable faces in the world. His breakout role was as vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga, and he went on to star in the Harry Potter spin-offs, as well as the latest Fantastic Beasts installment, where he played the titular character’s ancestor, Albus Dumbledore. (Walt Disney Studios/Intercontinental Films)

The actor built a strong following with young audiences, appearing in various Disney projects, including the Mummy series and the upcoming Aladdin. (Warner Bros.)

Pattinson is known for his unique style, which often sees him pairing floral-print dresses with colorful outfits and quirky accessories. (Red Ventures/Schiaparelli & Co.)

In addition to his acting career, the 32-year-old has embarked on a songwriting career, penning songs for Disney and Universal, as well as working with artists such as Jack White and Tame Impala. (BMI/Dimension Films)

Becoming An Eligible Bachelor

Pattinson’s decision to wed came as a big surprise to fans who followed his turbulent love life. The actor was married to music producer, FKA Twigs, from 2014 to 2016, until the pair called it quits. (Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images)

Their split wasn’t confirmed until months after they called it quits, when Twigs spoke openly about their failed union during an interview with Vogue. (Valerie Steele)

The twosome, who first met while filming a commercial for Gucci in 2015, called their separation a “mutual decision,” which was followed by Twigs’ stunning performance at the 2017 Grammys. (ROBERTO SCHIAPARELLI STUDIO/Schiaparelli & Co.)

Although Twigs and Pattinson’s relationship was tumultuous, they stayed together long enough to start a family. The singer-songwriter gave birth to their son, Atlas, in April 2017, just a few months after the pair called it quits. (AP/Getty Images)

Why Does He Want To Marry Cecilia?

While many may still be surprised that Pattinson has chosen to wed, the Telegraph reports that the actor has had long-standing plans to do so. The publication cites “a source close to the couple” who says that the actor has been in an “elaborate” relationship with the socialite for several years and that their plans to wed were ‘years in the making.’ (Karen Rondeau/Getty Images)

According to the source, the two have been “locked away” in a London hotel since early May, where they have been “working through details of the wedding”. (Telegraph)

Pattinson and Cheung are both from wealthy families and have been together since they were 16 years old. (They were dating for three years before they got engaged in 2016.) In 2011, the year they turned 18, they bought a $23 million mansion in the exclusive London suburb of Primrose Hill. (Real Estates World)

The mansion, which the couple share with two other friends, has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, as well as a recording studio, a game room, and a pool room. (ZACH GOODS/WSJ)

The Biggest Wedding Buzz

While we don’t know if or when the wedding of Robert Pattinson and Cecilia Cheung will take place, it’s certainly caused a lot of buzz. (Red Ventures/Schiaparelli & Co.)

The pair’s romantic sunset cruise in Venice, which was used as a backdrop for their “courtship”, had originally been planned to be a family affair, with Kate Bosworth and Lily Cole acting as witnesses. (Daily Mail)

However, after Pattinson tested positive for HIV, the wedding plans had to be scrapped. (The Sun)

“After the situation with Robert, everyone has been talking about weddings,” actress Kate Bosworth told Hello! Magazine. “I’ve been seeing couples asking me about flowers, dresses, and venues, and I’ve been really overwhelmed by the positive energy. So much so that I’ve even had to put a hold on my wedding plans. I don’t want to upset the universe by going ahead with something so soon after Robert’s diagnosis.” (Hello! Magazine)

The Future Of Their Relationship

While the pair have been “locked away” in a London hotel since early May, working on their wedding, a source close to the couple tells the Telegraph that “their relationship is still very much alive” and that they are “completely committed to each other”. (Telegraph)

The source claims that “things have been looking up” for the couple and that they are “over the moon” about their engagement. (Telegraph)

But if the plan is to wed, it’s not clear if Pattinson will be able to balance his new relationship with his existing family, especially Cole and Bosworth, whom he has not spoken to in over a year. (The Cut)

What Does This Mean For The Kids?

While we don’t yet know what will happen regarding the couple’s plans to wed, it’s clear that this is a huge blow to their already strained relationship with BoSworth. (The Cut)

Despite their estrangement, Pattinson and Bosworth have remained friends, with the latter even attending his wedding to Cheung in August 2018. (The Cut)

As for the children, their immediate reaction to their father getting married might not be positive considering he hasn’t spoken to Kate Bosworth in over a year. (The Cut)

But it could be worse: the exes’ younger son, Aiden, who is now 16, is already dating the stunning Naomi Campbell. (The Cut)

Why Should You Care?

While we should be grateful that Robert Pattinson hasn’t yet found himself in a dire situation since his diagnosis, it’s important to remember that not all is paradise. (The Cut)

The 32-year-old actor is one of the most recognizable faces in the world, and with his unique looks and style, as well as starring in some of Hollywood’s most popular films, it’s not hard to see why. (The Cut)

Even with so much positive energy surrounding him, it’s clear that this is still a difficult time for Pattinson, and it’s not yet known exactly how his life will unfold. (The Cut)

But it’s important to remain vigilant, and while it’s wonderful to see such a happy ending (sort of), knowing this is still a very complex situation, it would be best if the public didn’t get too much joy from watching him marry. (The Cut)