It’s no secret that celebrities age more gracefully than the rest of us, and it seems that Hollywood’s newest King has found the fountain of youth. Despite being just 33 years old, Robert Pattinson looks and acts like a man who has just embraced life, love, and adventure, and it shows in his impossibly fresh face and charming smile.

The English actor turned singer-songwriter opened up about his secrets to youthful appearance in an interview with Entertainment Tonight recently. “I always try to eat well and stay hydrated,” he shared. “And I don’t really follow trends or fads when it comes to my personal style. I just want to feel like myself and comfortable in my own skin.”

While we know that genetics play a role in determining our physical appearance, it’s never easy to pin down the exact reasons why someone looks the way they do. And it’s even more difficult to maintain a stunning appearance at a young age. Which is why celebrity psychologists and dermatologists often get called in to help matters.

Here, we’re going to run down some of the factors that could be behind Robert Pattinson’s stay-young appearance. And if you’re worried about losing your looks, it might be time to call it a day and admit that you’re just not made of the same ‘stunning’ stuff as the stars.

Healthy Diet

It seems that Robert Pattinson has been following the advice of celebrity nutritionists for his entire life, and it’s certainly paid off. He consumes a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and avoids anything that could be harmful. He also claims to only drink wine and eat fish when out on the town with friends, which again seems to be keeping him looking and feeling great.

According to celebrity dietitian and nutritionist Elle MacLeman, consuming too many calories leads to weight gain, and for some people, it can also lead to damage. “It is well known that energy intake is a major factor in determining whether a person will gain weight,” she said. “Too many calories from unhealthy food and drink leads to overeating which can result in weight gain. This, in turn, can lead to high cholesterol, increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.”

By regularly eating fruits, vegetables, and whole-foods, you will be providing your body with essential nutrients that promote good health and keep your body looking young. Fuelling your body with vitamins and minerals helps to maintain a beautiful complexion that will radiate health and happiness.


Another great thing about Robert Pattinson is that he seems to be quite the fitness guru. He regularly works out and takes breaks from his busy schedule to work out with friends. But he doesn’t just do this to keep fit, he also does it because he loves being active and feels that being physically active helps him to maintain a youthful appearance.

“I do a lot of sports activities,” he told Men’s Health, when asked about his workouts. “Swimming is one of my favorite activities. I like to go on walks, bike rides, and play football with my friends. It keeps me fit and allows me to stay active. I think being fit is important because it allows you to feel happy and comfortable in your own skin.”

When you combine a healthy diet with plenty of exercise, you’re on your way to a glowing complexion. And, as we know, good nutrition and exercise are the twin pillars upon which modern medicine is based.

Cut Back On The Booze And Take More Water

Thoughts of wine, beer, and cocktails usually lead to visions of glowering skin and a bloated stomach. And while these things aren’t exactly what you want to imagine when you think of celebrating your 33rd birthday, they aren’t necessarily bad. A glass of wine here and there isn’t going to hurt you, and the same goes for certain cocktails. But cutting back on the booze and taking more water might just be the key to keeping your looks for longer.

In the same interview, Robert Pattinson revealed that he’s been cutting back on the drink and is now drinking more water, which seems to be helping him to stay young. “I used to drink a lot of alcohol,” he said. “I would drink a bottle of wine every night before going to bed. It is a great way to unwind and relax after a hard day. But, over time, I have changed a lot. I drink a lot of filtered water and cut back on the alcohol. I think that less drinking and more exercise is what has kept my looks so young.”

If you’re worried about your looks, it’s important to remember that not all alcohol is equal. There are some drinks that are much more harmful to your health than others. For example, hard liquor contains plenty of empty calories and isn’t good for your overall well-being. Beer has also been shown to increase the risk of certain cancers, so if you’re consuming alcohol, you might want to try and limit yourself to just the occasional drink.

Cut back on the booze and opt for water instead, and you might find that you maintain your youthful appearance for longer than you would have thought possible. And if you start noticing changes in your skin, it might be time to call it a day and admit that you’re just not made of the same ‘stunning’ stuff as the celebrities.