Weddings. What is there not to love? Family and friends, celebrations, dresses, dancing, and—of course—the marriage itself. For Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene, the happy couple from Twilight fame, their big day was the ultimate fair isle experience. The venue was Edinburgh Castle—the very place where they fell in love—and the theme was all things British: black-tie weddings, groomsmen in kilts, and bride’s maids in matching tartan dresses.

More than 450 guests arrived at the historic Scottish landmark to witness one of the most romantic ceremonies in recent history. And it wouldn’t be a surprise if some of those guests started dreaming of their own ‘Bonny Portmore’ moments.

The Most Romantic Ceremony In History

After months of dating, Ashley and Robert finally decided to take the plunge and asked each other’s forgiveness for their trespasses. The ceremony was both emotional and beautiful, with the happy couple’s two kids—Sophie and Tom—gifting their parents with giant bouquets of flowers. As for the wedding cake, it was a grand affair, complete with an intricately crafted staircase made of chocolate and dried fruit.

The event photographer, Jade Williams, revealed that this was in fact the most romantic wedding she’d ever shot. “I’ve been asked by both the bride and groom to keep some ‘secrets’ about their big day. So I’ll try my best!” she said. “But it’s been such an honor to be a part of their celebration. They really did give me the ultimate fair isle experience.”

The Aftermath

According to reports, this was one wedding that quite literally did not finish at the altar. The newlyweds were married for about two hours before heading off to their reception. And you thought your wedding day was tough…

After the ceremony, the newlyweds were seen laughing and enjoying each other’s company in the bridal party’s receiving line. Guests then began filing out for the evening, with some photographers capturing a truly sentimental moment as the newlyweds planted a kiss on each other’s cheeks—as well as on the cheek of their best man, Andy Buckley.

As for the reception, it was held at Edinburgh’s St. James Centre. The theme was ‘country house chic’, with decorator Kate Fleming creating a relaxed yet formal atmosphere in the venue’s Great Room. The venue is a wedding gift from the couple’s friends and family, and it has certainly served its purpose.

The newlyweds were finally released from police custody at 8:00 p.m., just 11 hours after their wedding. According to a source, the marriage was indeed “a simple but beautiful ceremony” as intended. So, as for what happens now? Well, at least one thing is certain: the newlyweds will be spending a lot of time together, thanks to their kids, who were given the role of bridesmaids.

And what happens next for Robert Pattinson? Aside from a busy wedding and honeymoon schedule, the actor has several projects lined up. He’ll be appearing in the upcoming sci-fi movie, Repli-Kate, as well as the psychological thriller, Bad Samaritan. He’s also set to star opposite Mia Wasikowska in the upcoming movie, My Lady Jane.

As for what happens to Ashley Greene? After a wedding photo finish, the actress will be relaxing with her new husband and kids in their newly purchased home. But, before they kick off their honeymoon, they have a number of projects lined up, starting with the second film in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse. And don’t forget about those dreams of becoming a fashion designer—after all, the actress is carrying on the family business.