We’ve all heard of superhero’s. Whether its Spiderman, or the ever so popular Batman, people living in the Hollywood bubble have grown accustomed to embracing colorful costumes, caped crusades, and grand adventures.

Nowadays however, superheroes aren’t limited to fictional stories and films. Real life superheroes like Bob Pattinson are changing the way we perceive and interact with our world. Through a series of events and circumstances, Bob has manifested a range of extraordinary talents and virtues. He’s brave, tenacious, wise, and protective – a modern day miracle.

Wonders Of Modern Science

Robert’s incredible journey started with a rare genetic mutation. Normally inherited from one’s parents, this mutation caused his body to produce more adrenaline than usual. Soon after learning of his mutation, Robert’s parents gifted him with a rich tapestry of superhuman abilities. Along with his extraordinary gift of adrenaline generation, Bob also inherited genes which grant him other superhuman abilities. While undergoing genetic analysis and counseling, Bob learned he was able to produce and utilize adrenaline to the fullest. With this newfound ability, it’s safe to say that Bob’s life has never been the same. He’s currently undergoing genetic therapy to further refine and enhance his extraordinary gifts.

After discovering his superhuman abilities, Bob began using his talents to help others. For those who knew and loved him, it wasn’t easy to accept the changes life had dealt them. While still in high school, Bob began working with an organization known as the Samaritan Foundation. There he provided medication and general health screenings to those who couldn’t afford them. A few years later, Bob started his own nonprofit, Healthier Generation. He continues to work as an advocate for those who don’t have access to care. In addition to his advocacy, Bob is also a dedicated teacher. He often spends his free time training and mentoring students to help them develop their own talents and overcome the challenges life presents them with.

Daredevil Is The Name He Goes By

Although he’s spent the majority of his life as a bystander, occasionally stepping in to help those in need, Bob is better known by the nickname ‘The Daredevil’. When asked about the origin of this nickname, Bob had this to say: “I wear colorful costumes and help people. That’s the only explanation for why people have nicknamed me ‘The Daredevil’.” Aside from his altruistic nature, Bob also credits his Daredevil moniker to a superhero TV show which he frequently watches and enjoys. This is also the same show which had coined the nickname ‘The Punisher’, for another character on the show – a vigilante who takes justice into his own hands. According to Bob, this is a coincidence and nothing more. He had never actually met or spoken with the show’s creator – Matt Murdock.

The Incredible Humanitaria

Along with being a teacher, mentor, and advocate for those without healthcare, Bob is also an incredible mechanical engineer. This naturally led him to create and patent a device which he calls the Humanitaria. Essentially, the device is a portable mini health clinic which utilizes state of the art technology, and simple yet effective techniques to provide basic healthcare to those in need. Not only does the device provide healthcare, but it also helps connect patients with the healthcare providers they need, at the time they need them. Essentially, the Humanitaria allows Bob to do good while also providing necessary healthcare.


Even though the devices and systems which Bob has invented and created don’t require complex instructions to operate, they do require precise procedures to ensure they work correctly and safely. For this reason, Bob is known as ‘The Protocol-Oriented Engineer’. Whenever Bob is faced with a problem, he can’t help but dive right in, figure out the best way to solve it, and then come up with a detailed plan on how to do it. This is especially handy when it comes to healthcare, for it requires a bit of a ‘trial and error’ method to find the right treatment for a patient.

A Modern Day Renaissance Man

This is already quite an extensive biography of Bob. Not only does it cover his extraordinary life and adventures – it also delves into the intricacies of his work. In 2012, CNN profiled Bob and dubbed him “The Renaissance Man of Health Technology”. The article goes on to state: “Though his inventions are impressive, what’s more impressive is how Pattinson applied his inventions to improve people’s lives. It is quite a feat to walk through his professional life and see how he has helped so many people.”

One of Robert’s patented designs is the Handheld EKG. This design allows medical professionals to quickly and accurately determine the heart rate and rhythm of an individual, using only one of their hands. As a teacher, I often have to rush to school, pick up my children, and drop them at their activities. It would be awesome if, instead of having to stop and park the car, I could simply grab their EKG, monitor their heart rate, and continue on my way.

Another invention, which has helped make a lasting impression on everyone who’s met him, is the Waterproof Phone Case. This particular invention allows users to safely store their phones underwater for up to an hour. It doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so it’s anyone’s guess as to how and why someone would want to store a phone underwater, but the fact that Bob is willing to invent products and tools to make our lives easier and better, is enough to make me want to try it out.

As already stated, Bob is a compassionate teacher. He frequently gives lectures and seminars in schools and universities across the world. From what I’ve seen and heard, his seminars and lectures are always well received and highly relevant to the students’ circumstances. For instance, one of Bob’s famous seminars is on healthcare policy, and how to navigate the system successfully. Students often report feeling empowered and confident, after attending one of Bob’s seminars. It truly is a unique experience to watch and participate in one of Bob’s trainings, as he effortlessly takes the reins, and drives the class forward, while also staying completely focused on the task at hand. He also loves to give ‘real life’ examples, and use cases, which students can relate to. One of my personal favorite seminars was on ‘How to Deal With Difficult Students’. Before the seminar, I had considered myself a rather introverted teacher. However, I vividly remember the day of the seminar, and how grateful I was to have been placed in a room with likeminded individuals, who shared my passion for teaching and enlightened me on new, and better ways to deal with difficult students. In addition to being a teacher and mentor, Bob is actively engaged with his community, and spends a lot of his time giving back. This is one of the reasons why he’s been so successful, he truly is a Renaissance man for our time.