Ever since the release of the Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson has been on a quest to find his perfect look. And boy, have we seen a lot of changes! From bleached hair and weird makeup hacks, to veganism and macro-beads. We can’t keep up with all of his crazy looks, so here’s a round-up of all of his latest style tweaks and tricks.

Bleached Hair And Weird Masks

You may have seen that Bella Swan’s hair is dyed an unusual shade of light brown in the Twilight films. Well, after the release of the franchise, Robert Pattinson began experimenting with different hair colors. He started with a black belt in karate (which he earned back in 2007), then graduated to a brown one, before landing on his crowning glory: a glorious head of blonde hair.

Unfortunately, this new look didn’t last long. In 2015, he made headlines for shaving off his hair in a bid to look like a total different person. He told Vogue that the idea was to “try something new” and that he was influenced by Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio, who is bald. However, fans weren’t too pleased about the former Mr. Twilight’s drastic hair change, which coincided with the release of his solo album, Ravager. The album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200, selling 44,000 albums in its first week. Sadly, the album wasn’t promoted as much as he hoped, and fell off the chart the next week.

Thankfully, he’s since returned to his natural hair color and has been loving it ever since. In an interview with Vogue, he said that he sometimes hides his hair under baseball caps, adding that he finds comfort in his “regular hair.” He also shared that the new hair color makes him feel “so much stronger.” We can’t argue with that!

More Macro-Beads

Bella Swan’s fashion scene in Twilight wasn’t exactly accurate, but it did serve as inspiration for one of the film’s biggest makeup trends. In particular, the use of macro-beads. These are faux pearls that are the same size as real ones, and can be used in ways that natural pearls cannot. It’s a technique that’s been around for centuries, but was revived in the ‘70s and became popularized in the ‘80s. The use of macro-beads allows for greater versatility when creating a look, as you can move them around to fit your desired effect.

In the film, Bella is seen with a gold heart necklace, which is enhanced by the use of macro-beads. However, those who know a thing or two about style and clothing may recognize that this look was simply a coincidence, and not necessarily inspired by the film. Yet, this look would go on to become one of the most iconic looks of all time. The ‘80s were his boom-boom time, as he became the face (and body) of Dior. It was during this time that he started to experiment with veganism, which he still follows today. In fact, he was so impressed with the benefits of a plant-based diet that he dedicated a song to the lifestyle change, titled “Perfectly Imperfect.”

In 2018, we were given reason to believe that the song was more than just a dedication. In an interview with Vogue, he confirmed that he had indeed turned vegan. The singer/songwriter/director revealed that he had been following a vegan lifestyle for the past year, explaining that “it just feels right to be more conscious of what you’re putting into your body.” He shared that he had lost over 10 pounds as a result of the dietary change, which he credited to rosehip tea, that he had been drinking daily.

Despite the recent rise in popularity of veganism, macro-beads and shaved heads, Robert Pattinson has never been one to shy away from a good old-fashioned hair toss. Just last month, he was seen sporting a classic six-pack while vacationing with his family in Italy. If that ain’t bad taste good, we don’t know what is!

A Bit Of A Family Affair

Pattinson has long been an inspiration to many, but he has also inspired a notable amount of jealousy. One of his most famous fans is Lady Gaga, who once sued him for stealing the “looks, style, and sensuality” of her idol. In 2009, she filed a complaint against him in New York, charging that he had “misappropriated her likenesses and trade secrets in the creation of his multi-million dollar fashion empire.” She dropped the suit less than a week later, after reaching a settlement with Pattinson.

Gaga would go on to win the case, and she was awarded $45,000, plus 30% of his royalties from any future Lady Gaga or Joanne-related projects. However, the pop superstar didn’t stop there. She continued to work with Pattinson, inviting him to the creative process of her album, Joanne. This album was released in 2018 and serves as Gaga’s third studio album. It was named after her mother, the late Joan Crawford, who had an affair with actor Johnnie Lincoln. Joanie was born Joan Crawford Lincoln, and changed her name to match her lover’s. Joanne is the name she was given at birth, and is now used as her legal name. Lady Gaga tweeted that she was “overwhelmed” by the support she received from fans who identified with her on “such a personal album,” adding that it was “an especially significant moment for [her] and [her] family.”

Despite his legal woes, Robert Pattinson has never been one to shy away from a good night out. In the past, he has spent his free time traveling the world, enjoying some quality R&R. He has also been known to invite friends and family to his concerts, often performing songs for them before he launches into an encore. It’s clear that he still feels a close connection to his fans, and he makes time for the people who matter most to him.