It was only a matter of time before Hollywood jumped on the trend and decided to give it a spin. The latest craze sweeping the celebrity world is to cast Robert Pattinson in the role of Bruce Wayne (Batman), the billionaire playboy philanthropist turned crime fighter. While there is certainly some truth to the rumors, it’s not quite as simple as it seems. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and explore the evolution of this unconventional casting decision.

The Timeless Beauty Of Batman

The history of Batman is more than enough to make him one of the most recognizable figures in pop culture. The character’s popularity continues to this day, with many people viewing Batman as a timelessly attractive man. In order to find the perfect interpretation of Batman, Hollywood initially turned to the most recognizable face in contemporary photography, as the perfect template. That face is that of Robert Pattinson.

There’s an irony to all of this, because although Batman was originally inspired by the dark-haired Englishman, the casting of Pattinson as the caped crusader wasn’t supposed to happen. In an interview with the Associated Press in 2014, Pattinson discussed his initial reluctance to play the role, revealing that he had been approached about taking on the role twice before, and turned it down both times. He later changed his mind, however, after learning more about the character and his legacy.

While there is certainly a certain timeless beauty to Batman, this is definitely not the case for all the members of the famed superhero club. To borrow a saying from the world of fashion, sometimes you need to go big or go home. When it comes to casting decisions like this, size definitely matters. If you want to make sure your Batman is going to be as iconic as possible, you need to cast a big superstar in the role. For a more modern spin on the Batman archetype, try out Jared Leto, who is also renowned for being one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. While there is certainly an air of sexiness surrounding the role of Leto’s character, the Joker, there is also an element of tragedy to his appearance. It’s not often you get both the beauty and the devil in the same package, and that’s exactly what makes Leto’s interpretation of the character so special.

A Larger Than Life Ambition

Ambition is probably the characteristic most associated with Bruce Wayne. The billionaire playboy philanthropist is quite the character, showing an interest in just about everything. From taking up photography as a hobby, to building his own tennis court, to participating in charity auctions, Bruce Wayne seems to have an interest in just about everything. Even his choice of the Batman persona is a reflection of his larger than life ambition. At least, that’s what Alfred Pennyworth has to say about it in the famous novel, Batman: Year One.

In that particular installment of the comics canon, Alfred reveals that his employer had considered a number of other options before deciding to don the cape and cowl. The list of alternatives includes King Richard III, Howard Hughes, and even a young Steve Jobs. While many may consider Alfred’s opinion to be just that — opinion — it’s interesting to see just how much influence he had on Bruce’s decision to don the mask. In the end, it was Wayne’s larger than life ambition that led him to pursue a life of crime fighting and philanthropy, although he has always kept a secret identity nonetheless.

The Perfectionist Behind The Camera

If there is one characteristic that’s been consistently associated with Robert Pattinson throughout his career, it’s perfectionism. The actor is famously dedicated to his craft, often taking years off from career and personal life to cultivate his particular acting style. As a result, his characteristically meticulous approach to acting has helped make him the ideal choice to play the part of a super-genius inventor and photographer.

The actor’s previous role, that of an eccentric genius inventor in the movie, The Theory of Fear is a testament to his extraordinary talents. His character is particularly interesting because, even though he’s an inventor by day, he doesn’t exactly act like one. Edward Ferrars is the kind of person who spends his nights creating elaborate machines he hopes will one day bring him fame and fortune. While some may see his single-minded pursuit of perfection as a bad quality, it’s exactly the kind of quality that makes him the ideal choice to play the part of a genius inventor and photographer. With perfect hair and makeup, the actor will ensure that every frame looks like it was just taken. There aren’t many people in this world who can lay claim to having shot a film the same way Ridley Scott did back in the 1960s. Scott was the cinematographer on all of his own films, and still goes on set every day to make sure everything is just so.

An Unlikely Inspiration

One of the most interesting aspects of this entire situation is how it all came about. While Robert Pattinson is undoubtedly an incredibly talented actor, he’s not exactly best known for playing characters that are based on real-life individuals. The fact that so many people have taken a liking to Batman shows how attractive the character can be when played by someone other than an Englishman, and how well he can transcend national boundaries.

Bruce Wayne is a very unique and interesting character. He’s certainly not the most lovable character in the world, but there is something fascinating about the man who decides to don the mask and cape, mainly because he’s playing the part of a character that was based on a real-life individual. To this day, it is still uncertain as to whether Robert Pattinson or Marlon Wayans will end up being the better Batman. At least, we’ll never know because they’re both incredibly talented and handsome men.