Since discovering Kristen Stewart’s Twitter, Robert Pattinson has been inundated with compliments. But, as he continues to promote his upcoming movie, he will have to endure countless comparisons to his former flame. After all, Brando is the name many will be calling him.

In 2005, the English actor started a romantic relationship with Stewart after meeting her on the set of the romantic comedy, You’ve Been Dating My Sister. The couple got engaged and wed in a lavish ceremony in Italy a year later. Aspiring to keep the focus on his new bride, Robert dubbed his upcoming project, The Final Chapter. But, in light of the intense media scrutiny that surrounded the couple’s tumultuous marriage, the movie ended up being more of a sequel/prequel than a swan song.

Four years and one very public break-up later, the Twilight trilogy has come to an end. The actor has largely avoided the limelight since then, spending time with his wife and her two daughters. But, amid his self-imposed exile, the paparazzi have done their best to keep up with the former couple, documenting their every move. Recently, however, as an actor trying to establish himself in the Hollywood world, Robert has been making a concerted effort to engage with the public. And what better way to do that than by appearing in commercials. But it seems his newfound public awareness has brought with it unwanted attention. Since being paired with the renowned Calvin Klein, Robert has been subject to a barrage of inappropriate questions about his personal life and his ex-wife’s infidelity. And, although he has been open about his struggle with addiction and his continued desire to remain private, the constant questioning has taken a physical toll. In the video above, you can see Robert struggle to keep his composure as he attempts to answer questions regarding his divorce from Stewart. Clearly, the publicity surrounding his new association has made Stewart the priority for many fans, while Brando finds himself on the periphery. But, as the saying goes, there’s no love lost when two exes are in the public eye. And it’s fair to say that, in some ways, this dynamic has made Robert’s life more complicated.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their relationship, Kristen and Robert have rekindled their romance on-screen. Together, they will star in the upcoming film, Kissing a Rose, an adaptation of the famous French playwright, Pierre Corbin’s 1977 drama, Le Coup de Rose. Although very loosely based on the actual story of actress Catherine Deneuve and journalist Jean-Paul Belmondo, the movie will follow the couple’s courtship in the early 70s. And it’s safe to say that this will be one happy anniversary for the former couple. Not only has their love survived the test of time, but they have also managed to stay truly private, despite their ever-present admirers. It is testament to their enduring love that they have chosen to face the world together a second time. And, as always, the press will be there to document their every move. Maybe not quite as publicly as before, but, for close friends and family, this will be a very private celebration indeed.

Back to Reality

While some romantic relationships manage to survive the test of time, others don’t. But even those that don’t often end up being more successful than ones that were doomed from the start. And it’s a lesson that, for better or worse, Robert Pattinson is finally learning. Despite his fame and fortune, he is just another human being. With vulnerabilities and flaws like everyone else. And just like everyone else, he deserves to be happy with the person he loves.