After more than six months of waiting, the day of the premiere of the latest Batman installment finally arrived. Fans of the Dark Knight had been patiently waiting for the chance to see Robert Pattinson in his role as the Caped Crusader, and in a way, they were not disappointed. While the movie did not live up to the expectations of ardent Batman followers, it still offered some excellent moments.

Let’s take a look at what happened on that spectacular night, starting from the very beginning. The movie begins with a very familiar scene: a big party happening at the Gotham Plaza. We see Batman arriving in a black cape and cowl, and the crowd goes wild. He then proceeds to tell them that he is not the real Batman, but someone dressed up in his clothes. As you may have guessed, this is a rather obvious set-up to make the audience laugh. And it works like a charm. Even those who have not read any comics probably know the story behind this particular bit of comedy. This is also one of the rare occasions where an action movie will actually make you laugh out loud. It also sets the tone for the rest of the movie, which is mostly built around gags and one-liners. There is also a running joke where everyone keeps asking Batman if he is going to save them. This happens a few times throughout the film, and each time, the look on Batman’s face is priceless. He clearly does not want to save any of these people, but he does not have any other option. He is a man of his word, as usual.

An Exciting Opening Scene

It was almost time for the premiere, and the audience was about to enter the theater. As usual, the fans were going crazy. They had been waiting months for this day, and now that it had arrived, they were determined to make the most of it. To start things off right, the movie opens with a bang: a big fight scene between Batman and the Joker (who is, again, making a cameo). The Joker attempts to destroy Gotham City by blowing up various locations and killing many people. In return, Batman puts on a massive fight, which eventually leads to both of them falling off the roof of a building. This is one of the most exciting scenes in the entire movie. It’s not just that the Joker is one of the most famous villains in the universe and has been a major part of the Batman mythos for over seventy years. It’s also that it is the first time we have seen these two great characters interact on-screen in such a passionate and exciting way. We have all seen their fights before, but this one will definitely leave an impression. And it’s not just about the action packed action scene, either. The banter between the two characters is superb, and it adds even more weight to their fight. This is one of the most memorable showdowns in cinematic history.

A Great Joker Appearance

The Joker is one of the most recognizable villains in history, and it’s not hard to see why. He had an amazing ability to shock and to amaze audiences with his many crazy and creative looks. It’s almost as if the more times you see him, the more he will surprise you. In a way, this is reminiscent of the early days of Batman, when the Joker would regularly change his appearance to trick the police. His makeup for the premiere was no exception: it was an incredibly striking depiction of the Clown Prince of Crime. The prosthetics alone are worth a thousand words. They allowed the artists to completely transform his appearance and portray a younger, more jovial Joker.

The Joker is one of the most influential villains in history. His crimes are often attributed to his insanity, but what is often overlooked is his remarkable fashion sense. He was known for adapting his looks to that of the times, and this was often used to great effect. The Joker’s look in this movie will especially surprise and delight fans of the character. It is a very striking fashion choice, and it will no doubt prove to be one of the highlights of his stellar cinematic résumé.

The rest of the movie is more of the same. We have a ton of great comedy, with the standout being the scene where Alfred falls off the horse. This scene will be recreated at the end of the movie, and it will make you howl with laughter. There are also some genuinely exciting fight scenes, mostly between the Joker and Batman, but there is also one with the Dark Knight facing off against several of the Joker’s henchmen. And then there is that other scene…

…where Batman faces off against a giant rat.

This is a rather obscure scene, and perhaps this is why it stands out so much. A giant rat walks into a bar and asks for a drink. The bartender gives him one, and he then proceeds to chow down on some fries. The next thing we know, the rat has gotten large, and he is eating the entire restaurant. He then walks outside and proceeds to wreak havoc by tearing down buildings and killing people. As we mentioned before, none of this will be particularly new to those who have seen the previous movies. It is a very surreal and nightmarish sequence, although admittedly, rats do appear in the Batman mythos from time to time. This was actually one of the more realistic scenes in the movie. It doesn’t hurt that the special effects team did an amazing job with this creature either. This is one of those scenes that stand out because it is different from what we expect from the franchise, but it also works within the context of the story, which is what is important.

A Good Solid Performance By The Cast

The rest of the cast also gave solid performances, particularly Robert Pattinson. He took on the role of Batman relatively late in life, so it was a big step for him to tackle such a large and iconic role. He really had to grow into the part, and it shows in the results. Most notably, he conveys a great deal of humor and charm in the film, qualities that are often associated with the Dark Knight. It is not just that he is playing Batman either. Pattinson actually portrays a younger Bruce Wayne/Batman, which is very impressive for someone who has not even acted before. He also makes the character his own, and it shows in the results. It is a mark of great acting when you make the part your own and personalize it. This is something that many greats before him have done, and it certainly does not hurt that his performance is one of the highlights of the movie.

A Disappointing Sequel To A Great Saga

This is not to say that the Batman franchise is not going to continue. There are already rumors swirling that a Suicide Squad movie is in the works, and it will no doubt be amazing. However, after six incredibly successful films, it is fair to say that it is time for a change. People who love superhero movies will not get the same thrill from a sequel. It is often said that superhero movies do not age well, and this is most certainly the case. The general public has gotten used to laughing at superheroes and does not see them the same way anymore. This is why, if there is going to be a sequel, it will most likely be a completely different story.

If you are a diehard fan of the Batman franchise and have been waiting years to see Jason Todd, the Joker’s former protegé, become the new Batman, then 2019 is going to be painful. It’s almost as if somebody told Warner Bros. that people actually like seeing superheroes these days and that they should make something different.

So, what happens next? Let’s take a look at the reviews.