When Robert Pattinson was a kid, he always had a passion for drawing. He spent most of his spare time sketching and painting. One of his biggest childhood dreams was to become an artist. Unfortunately, his parents didn’t approve of his decision and they sent him to New York to pursue his studies. Fortunately for us, he fulfilled his childhood dream and he became an acclaimed artist.

Here is a short story about the talented Mr. Pattinson. We hope you enjoy reading about his incredible life as much as we enjoyed writing it.

The Youngest Of Three

Robert Pattinson was born on September 20, 1986 in London, England. He is the youngest of three children of Kate and David. His older brother William is also an actor and his older sister Lily is an author. In 2007, after the three of them graduated from university, they decided to pursue their dreams of becoming actors. So far, so good, they all landed bit roles in TV shows and films and now, ten years later, they are still acting.

In 2016, Lily published her first novel. It was a bestselling debut and it became a TV movie that same year. As for Kate and David, they decided to grow their own organic vegetables and produce their own natural and organic food. They call their business Whole Foods Market, which is a brand owned by American billionaire John W. Hendricks.

Starting At The Spare Room

The spare room in any home is usually the biggest room in the house. It is usually not used for sleeping but it is where all the junk is stored. If you have a lot of storage space in the house, you can fit all the junk in there. It is often the location where the kids’ toys, sports equipment, and other miscellaneous items end up. It is often the largest room in the house because it has the least decoration in it. This is where Robert Pattinson grew up. He had his first taste of fame at the age of 10 after he uploaded a drawing of a magician to the internet. It went viral and it gave him a taste of the spotlight.

He decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps and study at the prestigious New York Art School. While there, he learned the basics of graphic design and illustration. From there, he moved to Soho in London to continue his studies. He became close to the fashion industry and he even landed a job at Burberry in London.

A Self-Taught Artist

Being self-taught is a common theme when it comes to famous artists. Many of the greatest artists in the world never studied art in college. They learned on the job or from watching other artists. Michelangelo was tutored by the Renaissance masters. He apprenticed under a professional sculptor for several months before he began his own work. He even stated that he learned more from watching others than from studying in college.

The same goes for Robert Pattinson. Even though he had some training, he mostly learned from trial and error. It wasn’t until he reached his mid-twenties that he began to get the opportunity to showcase his work. At first, he sketched celebrities and movie stars. Then, he moved on to do portrait commissions for some of the biggest businessmen in England. Nowadays, he mostly does movie poster artwork. He has become known for his unique take on movie posters. Most of them feature unique and bizarre Halloween costumes for the main characters. You can see some of his work in the gallery here.

A Passion For Art

One of the reasons why this article is about Robert Pattinson’s childhood is because of the overwhelming passion he had for art. It was so strong that he spent most of his time drawing and painting. He even had his lunch break at work taken up by his art hobby. It wasn’t until he reached his mid-twenties that he decided to study art formally. Even though he didn’t have the best teachers, he still studied hard and he eventually managed to get his diploma. Now, ten years later, he is still studying and improving himself as an artist.

Being a self-taught artist is not a bad thing as long as you have the talent. Many great artists, like Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera, never studied formal art education. However, they honed their craft and became famous for their artworks. Having a formal education isn’t necessary if you have the talent. Robert Pattinson certainly has the talent and he is continuing his education. It is just a matter of time before he becomes one of the greats of the art world.

In the meantime, it’s good to see an artist continuing their education even after they became successful. It shows that they are not sitting on their laurels but are actively trying to improve themselves and their craft. You can see some of the highlights from Robert Pattinson’s career in the gallery here.

A Real Renaissance Man

Even though he is just thirty-two years old, Robert Pattinson already has an outstanding career behind him. He started out as a fairly unknown artist in 2008 and now, ten years later, he is one of the most recognizable and sought-after artists in the world. It is quite an incredible achievement for someone of his age to have such a fruitful career. It truly does show the potential that artists have these days. All they need is the chance.

Now is certainly the perfect time for Robert Pattinson. He has the talent, the education, and the opportunity. If he wants to make the most out of this chance, he will have to work hard and showcase his talent. He has the potential to become one of the greatest artists of our time. It is truly an honor to have known him and to have seen his work.