People are often curious about the current state of affairs of their favorite celebrities. Not only do they want to know what the stars are up to nowadays, but they might also like to know what is going on in the public eye. Fortunately, there are people out there who are happy to answer those questions. One of those people is Robert Pattinson, whose life and career you’ll now discover on reading this article.

Personal Life

It’s been almost three years since Robert Pattinson ended his relationship with Vanessa Hudgens. Although they had a joint court date in January 2020 related to child support payments for their daughter, Luna, they appeared to put their differences aside and started a family together. They wed in a gorgeous ceremony in Scotland in August 2019, and have since remained happily married.

The couple’s engagement and subsequent wedding were major news stories around the world. They had met a few years earlier when she was a presenter on his TV show, and their romance continued until they settled down to wed. A source close to the couple revealed that they had been discussing their future together for some time, and knew that the right moment had finally arrived.

The insider added that the wedding was a ‘celebration of their enduring love and commitment to each other and their families,” and that both families were ‘extremely happy and over the moon” about the union. The bride’s parents, Deborah and Peter, gave a speech at the wedding ceremony that was praised for its ‘bravery’ and ‘beauty.’ The groom’s parents, Michael and Tracey, also shared anecdotes about their son’s childhood, revealing a happier and more carefree time than usual for the young celebrity. When the wedding photos were released, they went viral, receiving over a million likes on Instagram alone.

Robbie’s Career

Since the end of his marriage to Vanessa, Robbie has enjoyed a steady stream of movie roles. Since 2018, he has starred in the hugely popular Netflix series, ‘The King’s Daughter.’ Although the first season of the historical drama only covered a small part of the King George VI’s life, it was a major success, airing to over 13 million viewers worldwide. In the UK, it was the highest-rated Netflix series ever, and in America, it beat out ‘Black’s’ fifth season. While the second season is yet to be released, it was announced in January 2020 that he would be making a movie with Emily Blunt and John David Washington, titled ‘A Crazy Rich Man.’

Another project the actor landed in 2019 was ‘The Batman,’ a biopic about the legendary detective, which he played alongside Robert De Niro. The movie was a critical and commercial failure, grossing only $45 million at the box office, and receiving a score of 45 out of 100 on Metacritic, indicating ‘mixed or average reviews.’ While it’s unclear if Robbie will take part in any more movies after ‘The Batman,’ he will appear in several upcoming films, including ‘Joker,’ ‘The Goldfinch,’ and ‘Bombshell.’

In The News

In addition to his TV and movie work, Robert Pattinson has kept a relatively high media profile since his split from Vanessa. The publication of his biography, ‘Vanessa: A Life,’ in 2018 seemed to confirm this. The star was often spotted in the company of journalist Kate Middelton when he was in London, and it was rumoured that he would soon be opening a restaurant there. The pair were later photographed at a wedding together in October 2019.

While in Scotland for the wedding, the actor made several media appearances, including on ‘Good Morning Britain’ and at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. He also participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, answering questions about his work and new projects. One of the most popular topics was his relationship with Vanessa. One user asked how the two were getting along, and Robbie responded that he and Vanessa ‘have had a very open and honest relationship’ and that they had ‘been through a lot together.’ In another question, the user wondered if the pair would ever consider reconciliation, and Robbie said, “I think it would be so great to have that open relationship again and see what happens. It was such an important part of my life and I wouldn’t lose that for anything. I miss that side of things.”

Net Worth

The year 2019 was a good one for Robbie, with major success at the box office and on social media. His net worth grew by 28% in 2019 alone to £65 million.

In 2020, thanks to a string of high-profile movies and TV shows, the ‘King’s Daughter’ star’s net worth is projected to be somewhere between £75 and £80 million. He’s now one of the most recognizable faces in the world, with his keen eye for fashion also attracting attention from the general public. With a degree of anonymity long since gone, Robbie is now truly one of the world’s most eligible bachelors.