Well, we can’t all be perfect, especially when it comes to our looks. While some of us are blessed with perfect genetics that dictate our appearance almost without effort, for others, it takes a bit more work. In the case of actor Robert Pattinson, it seems like his incredible efforts are paying off and we can see the results in the most recent issue of Vogue.

The publication unveiled the 35-year-old actor’s dramatic transformation in a stunning picture shoot, documenting his journey from scruffy to smooth in just over a year. Between taking steroids, starving himself, and working out obsessively, Pattinson shed over 20 pounds in order to play the part of the tragic Harry Potter in the upcoming Warner Bros. adaptation.

The result is nothing short of incredible. Although most of us would never admit it, for those of us who are striving to improve our looks, there is a little bit of us that really admires the way that Robert Pattinson has turned out. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible things that the Twilight series star has done in recent months and years to get his gorgeous look.

Clean Eating

Eating healthy is something that Robert Pattinson has been keen to promote in recent years, particularly since he began focusing on his body and fitness in search of his ideal weight. If there is one thing that we can learn from the actor it is to respect your body and what it needs. And the fact that he’s had such positive results from focusing on a healthy lifestyle should be all the incentive we need to give it a try.

In the most recent issue of Vogue, we’re treated to an incredible transformation story as the actor reveals his journey to get to the style-conscious, vibrant, and incredibly handsome man we see in the photographs. While we’ve seen the actor eat healthily and work out as part of his routine in the past, the level of detail and intrigue surrounding his personal life has never been this exciting.

On the subject of nutrition, Pattinson seems to be sticking to a strict regime of low carbs and high fats as he implements rules that he’s found to be the key to his looks. The actor has confessed to Glamour magazine that he avoids gluten, dairy, grains, and any foods that contains them as part of his diet plan. As a result of this lifestyle change, his skin glowed, his muscles looked perfectly sculpted, and his hair grew quicker and healthier as well.

The only foods that Pattinson consumes on a regular basis are fish, meat, and eggs, with the star telling Vogue that he also avoids artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated fats. Although it’s difficult to keep all of these foods to yourself when you’re out with your friends and family, making sure that you don’t eat anything that isn’t nutritious is the key to getting the body you want. So don’t be afraid to try and find foods that help you achieve your optimum weight, and make sure that you tell your doctor about any allergies that you have so that he can prescribe you the right supplements.

Steroids, Alcohol, and Smoking

While we’re used to seeing celebrities stick to a healthy lifestyle and work hard to maintain their looks, sometimes they need a little bit of help from time to time. And as we’ve learned from the many articles and studies on steroids, taking them doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get results that you’re looking for. For those of us who are striving to improve our appearance, it’s an open secret that celebrity is often bought and paid for, with famous faces often taking supplements, drinking alcohol, or using steroids to achieve the looks they desire.

In the case of Robert Pattinson, he’s been open about his need for supplements, particularly male enhancement products, in order to maintain his peak performance as an actor. It wasn’t that long ago that the star was seen struggling with performance anxiety, which he’s spoken about openly in the past. For those of us who are constantly striving to improve our performance, it’s reassuring to see that the star has found a solution that works for him and has remained committed to using them on a regular basis.

As for alcohol, we’ve learned over the years that consuming it regularly can cause rapid weight gain, along with many other health complications. While some people manage to maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol, it’s something that the star has openly spoken about in the past and has now decided to give up, with Vogue reporting that he’s cut back on his alcohol intake and is even abstaining from it altogether. It would be great to see more celebrities follow his lead and decide to give up alcohol entirely, particularly since so many of its’ effects can be easily reversed.

On the subject of smoking, it’s well known that tobacco can cause serious damage to your health, particularly when used in excess or combined with other substances such as alcohol. However, some people claim that it’s also the best cure for asthma, leading some to question whether or not they should be prescribed or allowed to purchase it on their own. While we’re not suggesting that you give up your daily smokes, it’s important to realize the damage that they can cause and identify the reasons why you need to quit.

Working Out

It’s no secret that working out regularly can help to improve your overall looks and health, as well as give you a feeling of self-confidence that comes with sculpted and muscular limbs. However, it’s not always easy to find the time to work out, particularly if you have responsibilities such as a job or children that you need to look after. And when you do find the time, it can be difficult to know what equipment to use or where to go for personal training.

In the case of Robert Pattinson, he seems to have found the time thanks to his newfound priority on his health and fitness. The star told Vogue that he now works out 6 days a week, with the results clearly showing in the incredible photographs documenting his journey to transformation. While it’s often said that working out helps to boost your mood and confidence, it’s also true that the end result from all of this hard work is visible and can have a dramatic impact on your self-esteem. So it’s not just about losing weight, it’s about being able to see the changes that you’re making and feeling better about yourself for it.

The fact that the Twilight series star has found a way to work out and eat healthy doesn’t just benefit his physical appearance, it can also help with his mental health as well. Studies have shown that regular exercise can boost your mood and prevent depression, so it’s no wonder that Robert Pattinson is so committed to his workout routine.