I know what you’re thinking: Who the hell is Robert Pattinson? I’m guessing you’ve heard of the Twilight series, in which he plays Edward Cullen, the charming, gorgeous, and increasingly popular star of the popular vampire series. If not, then maybe you’ve heard of his role in the major motion picture The Lost Legend,or that he’s set to star in the big-budget remake of the iconic 1971 film King Arthur.’Or maybe you even know that he’s the son of actress Elizabeth Taylor and film producer Marcus Taylor.’ So it would seem that everyone knows who this ginger-haired Englishman is.

But have you ever really thought about what life is like for Pattinson outside of the limelight? And what do his choices mean for the future of the actor–more importantly, the industry as a whole?

I found myself pondering these questions after reading several interviews with the actor in which he discussed his decision to step back from public life for a bit and pursue a less hectic schedule. In an interview with The Guardian, Pattinson said that he took a break from acting to “find [himself] again,” and the timing of this new phase of his life has certainly made sense. Not only has 2019 been a landmark year for the actor, with the year coming to an end on a high note with the release of his highly anticipated third feature While You Were Sleeping, but so has his personal life. He has been very active on Instagram in the past year, posting a series of revealing black-and-white portraits – most of which have been shot in intimate settings by famed photographer Peter Lindbergh. Even more significant was the revelation in September 2019 that he had settled down with longtime love and creative partner, Italian-born actress and singer Rosabella “Ro” Amato – the mother of his unborn child. (Pattinson and Amato were first linked in 2017 but did not officially confirm their relationship until this year.)

Why Now?

The timing of Pattinson’s decision to step back from acting could hardly be more perfect. Not only is the year 2019 a big one for the actor, but it’s also the 100th anniversary of his great-grandmother, the iconic actress Norma Talbot, who started a tradition of acting passed down from mother to son that continues to this day. (Pattinson is a great-grandson of Talbot.) In his own words, he is “honored and grateful to be a part of this incredible family legacy, and [he is] looking forward to each new phase of [his] life as [he] discover[s] new things about [himself] and the world around [him].”

What Does This Decade of Quiet Mean For Pattinson?

It means a lot, especially now that he’s coming to the end of it. As we’ve established, this past year has been a remarkable one for the actor, and it appears that his efforts to reevaluate his life, work, and priorities have paid off. While While You Were Sleeping has received widespread praise for its script and Paddy Considine’s (Barry) direction, the international premiere took place in London, not New York City. Similarly, the premiere of the actor’s second film, The Lost Legend, an epic historical drama set in the early 1800s, was moved from the States to the United Kingdom due to fears over the COVID-19 pandemic.

And what a loss it would be if these two major motion pictures, which have received glowing reviews, do not make it to American cinemas in the near future. With his newfound freedom and privacy, it would appear that Pattinson has found that perfect balance between working hard and letting loose, and judging by his Instagram posts, he is clearly enjoying himself. (Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what kind of projects he gets pitched next year.)

What Does This Decade Of Rerun Mean?

While he may not have been as visible as in years past, it would seem that behind the scenes the Twilight star has been working hard to ensure that his time spent away from the movies does not mean he has been idle. Even in the absence of fresh projects, he has not been idle, having signed on to star in The Greatest Showman, directed by Simon Curtis and produced by Working Title – the company behind the Grand Budapest Hotel and the upcoming Cleopatra – with a cast that includes Hugh Grant, Jeremy Irons, and Olivia Colman. (Release date at this time unknown.)

This year, too, has seen Pattinson make several TV appearances, including guest spots on RuPaul’s new show, Beat Shazam, and Victoria Beckham’s fashion program, Victoria Beckham: The Workshop, the latter of which saw him charm the fashion world with his debonair charm.

What Does This Mean For The Industry?

In a sense, it means that the industry does not need to cater to his every whim and desire, as much as it did four or five years ago when he was seemingly a permanent fixture in gossip columns, social media feeds, and fans’ imaginations. But it also means that we should not write off the actor just yet. With a bit of time off, he may have found his creative, professional, and personal ‘niches,’ and it would be a shame if we did not take the time to see them. (If we are to believe the rumors, he may have also found a way to combat his infamous temper, too.)

So yeah, it would seem that the decade of quiet may have been exactly what the doctor ordered for Robert Pattinson, and this has not gone unnoticed by those around him. Just yesterday, he released a statement through his publicist, “I am honored and grateful to be a part of this incredible family legacy, and [I am] looking forward to each new phase of [my] life as [I] discover[s] new things about [myself] and the world around [me].”

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Of course, this is not an attempt to make a definitive assessment of the man or his future. This is simply a look at the questions that came up, and at some of the answers that have been provided. (There were so many!) What do you think? Are you looking forward to a new career phase for Robert Pattinson? What do you think of his choices? Were you surprised to learn about his decision to take a break from acting? We’d love to hear from you!