It’s been a while since we heard from Robert Pattinson. The former vampire star wasn’t seen at all in 2018, and it looked like his next movie, Skyscraper, might be his last. But since then, he’s returned with a bang, filming the new James Bond movie and embarking on a world tour with his band, The Rainmakers.

But it’s not just his solo work that’s gotten him back in the spotlight. He’s now joined forces with Zoe Kravitz, the famous model-actress daughter of celebrity real estate mogul, Max. The couple has been spotted out and about in New York City and is thought to be engaged. We take a look at the speculation surrounding their relationship.

Is It True That They’ve Been Seen Filming A Documentary?

Yes, it’s true that Zoe has been documenting her father’s documentary titled, The Last Word, which follows the rich and famous as they grapple with the covid-19 pandemic. But that doesn’t mean that they’ve been documenting their romance. Indeed, Zoe and Robert have been keeping a low profile as they’ve been busy working on the documentary. They’ve also been seen filming in New York City, often with their cameras rolling as they explore the skyscrapers.

Zoe and Robert have been spending a lot of time together in New York City, mostly in the city center. They’ve also been spotted walking around the Brooklyn Bridge and going for drives in a vintage car. While it’s not unusual for documentary filmmakers to be accompanied by their subjects, it doesn’t mean that there’s necessarily something romantic going on.

So, is it true that they’re dating? Well, the answer to that question is: it depends.

On One Hand…

If you look at their Instagram feeds, you’d believe that Robert and Zoe are an item. The couple’s accounts are stuffed with photos of them together. You’d think that they’d been dating for years and were just keeping quiet about it because nobody could compete with Zoe’s famous family. Or at least, that’s what you’d believe if you didn’t know any better.

But Robert isn’t one to do things by half. As we’ve established, he’s kept a pretty low profile since his Skyscraper role came out. He rarely shows any signs of life on his Instagram account and hasn’t done much in the way of interviews since the beginning of the year. So, it comes as a bit of a surprise to see him bustling about with Zoe on Instagram, appearing to be completely at ease with her family legacy. And it’s not like he needs the extra attention. His Instagram following is already in the tens of thousands.

On the one hand, there’s no denying that Robert and Zoe look incredibly happy together. They appear to be getting along famously and their posts are filled with photos of them cuddling and kissing. It’s easy to see why Max would want to document this moment in history. But on the other hand, Robert has been incredibly private about his personal life, and it’s not yet clear if he wants to make this relationship public. So, for the time being, the question remains: is it true that they’ve been dating?

…But On The Other

While Robert’s Instagram feed is filled with shots of him and Zoe, his latest venture on TikTok is a different story. Here, he’s been engaging with his fans, sharing snippets of his own life and showing off some of his work. It’s easy to see why he’d want to be on TikTok. As the social media world shifts to entertain people who need something to amuse them while also keeping in touch with the fans who’ve always loved and supported him, he seems to be finding the perfect platform. So, while we wait for more information, it’s worth keeping an eye out for any further clues about this intriguing pairing.