As the magazine market becomes less attractive, more and more brands are turning to influencers to carry their brands. Although the influencer market has not been without controversy, companies can gain a lot from partnering with popular bloggers, photographers and social media influencers.

Increasing Visibility

Influencers can bring a lot to the table when it comes to increasing brand visibility. When choosing who to work with, companies should look for someone who is already influential in their area of expertise. This way, a partnership with that individual will not only be successful but also highly beneficial to the company.

Working with a top influencer can give a brand exposure that would otherwise not be possible. They have the power to make or break a product’s reputation, and with great influence comes great responsibility. For those seeking to work in social media, this is a path to rapidly grow their platform and establish themselves as a go-to expert in their given field.

Cross-Platform Visibility

With so many platforms vying for one’s attention, it is essential that an influencer’s content spreads across as many platforms as possible. The more platforms that their content appears on, the more likely it is that their audience is going to be exposed to their brand.

Working with an influencer who has a large and engaged audience across platforms will give a brand an advantage in terms of attracting potential customers. If someone’s target audience is mostly on Instagram, for example, then it would be wise to work with someone who has a similar following on TikTok or another similar platform.

Attracting The Best Audience

The best part of working with an influencer is that they can attract and engage an audience that would not normally be interested in a brand’s products. This is important because it means the consumer is more likely to be engaged with a brand and its products as a result of the influencer’s involvement.

A key component to a successful collaboration with an influencer is being able to properly measure the results of that collaboration. To find out how influential an influencer is, companies should look to analytics tools like Google Analytics or Hootsuite to get a sense of their growth trajectory and engagement with their followers.

How To Work With An Influencer

To work with an influencer, a brand should first determine what they are seeking to achieve. This can be anything from getting more Instagram followers to exposing their products to a new audience to increasing their social media presence.

Once the objective has been set, they can start to think about the different methods they may use to achieve it. From there, they can craft a strategy and plan out a plan of action.

It is a good idea for brands to work with an experienced PR agency as they can help with media training, plan and execute marketing campaigns and provide regular analysis of performance, reaching and engaging new audiences.

Working with an influencer is a tried and tested way to gain exposure and grow a brand. With the right influencer, it can be a powerful tool to draw more customers, gain credibility and influence social media users.