It was back in January 2012 when the world found out that Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe had met while filming The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Few celebrity couples get such a huge media boost immediately after their first date, but that’s exactly what happened. The celebrity couple became an immediate media darling and were followed by paparazzi wherever they went. They even got a front cover of a national newspaper just for dating. It was quite an event and one that helped pave the way for many others to follow.

The Making of a Celebrity Couple

It’s safe to say that Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe are now synonymous with celebrity. Back in 2012, they were just two unknown actors who had become quite the talk of the town. The media frenzy that followed their Valentine’s Day date definitely helped establish them as a celebrity couple and made countless headlines. But how did they become such a popular couple? And what are their lasting contributions to Hollywood? Let’s examine the facts.

Their Film Career

It was only a matter of time before the world discovered that Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe had met while filming The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The London-born actor had appeared in several British films before moving to Hollywood, where he became one of the most in-demand leading men of the 2010s. After playing the eponymous detective in the 2014 heist movie Straight Outta London, he went on to appear in the Ocean’s 13 (2013) and American Hustle (2013) films, leading up to his role as a werewolf in the highly anticipated The Twilight Saga: The Dark Tower film, which was released in August of 2017. In 2018, he signed on for the Marvel Studios blockbuster, Black Panther, in which he plays T’Challa, the film’s star-spangled protagonist. Since 2010, Robert Pattinson has appeared in eight films, the most recent being October’s Gucci Mane’s Prisoner, starring Viola Davis and Woody Allen. He also has several releases this year, including The Lighthouse and the Sea, co-starring with Cate Blanchett and released in June, and the crime comedy Night School, with Joel McHale, which hits theaters August 14th.

Their Personal Lives

From the very beginning, it was clear that Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe were a celebrity couple to be reckoned with. The media coverage that followed their famous meeting was dominated by speculation about their personal lives. It started with a report that they had been spending a lot of time together, followed by revelations that they had been dating since March 2011. A month later, it was announced that they had gotten engaged and would wed in the fall of 2017. And a few months after that, it was revealed that they had secretly bought a farmhouse in the country.

A Brief Overview Of Twentieth Century Fox

It was in 1921 that 20th Century Fox first became involved with film production, distributing and exhibiting movies throughout the United States. The studio has since become one of the most prestigious companies in Hollywood, having released some of the most iconic films of all time, including Avatar, Titanic, Alien, and Star Wars. Though primarily known for its blockbuster films, Twentieth Century Fox also has a strong television division that has produced some of the most popular series of all time, including The Simpsons, Gotham, and Friends. In 2012, Fox released The Simpsons movie, which became the highest-grossing film of all time. The following year, the studio released two of the year’s biggest hits: The Wolverine and Deadpool. In early 2019, Fox announced that it would be moving its headquarters from Los Angeles to New York City, further establishing its foothold in the city.

A Lionheart

Lions in sheep’s clothing? No, it was actually the other way around. In 1908, Ernest Augustus, later King George VI, was inspired by the legend of William Wallace after seeing a performance of the Scottish play, Braveheart. In the film, William Wallace (Richard Harris) leads his people in a valiant but failed revolt against the English. On his deathbed, William Wallace instructs his son, Robert (George VI), to carry on his crusade and protect Scotland from the English. So it is that King George VI is sworn in as the Prince of Wales and, a few months later, as the ruler of a new United Kingdom. It was an event that inspired many subsequent British monarchs. The film’s climaxes with a climactic battle between the citizens of Scotland and England that is reminiscent of the War of the Roses, a fourteenth century conflict between the Lancasters and the Yorks. (Which, yes, is also the name of a TV show about a modern day family featuring the descendants of the historic rivals.)

A Diamond Reception

As a celebrity couple, Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe were naturally expected to have a glamorous reception upon their wedding. The media went into overdrive, speculating about what kind of wedding cake the famous couple would choose, as well as reporting on the venue and the guest list. The wedding was held in a private chapel at London’s Windsor Castle in October 2017 and drew a large crowd, including hundreds of paparazzi. Two days later, the newlyweds held a reception at London’s iconic Claridges Hotel. Their nuptials were marked by yet another extravagant display of fireworks and a baton-passing ceremony that was capped with an elaborate fair isle wedding cake. Both weddings were broadcast live to hundreds of thousands of fans across the world via the internet. It was a momentous day for the couple and their celebrity-sphere followers. Many a kiss was stolen as camera phones and paparazzi were held aloft to catch the historic event on film. (And some even went so far as to propose.. .) After years of focusing on his acting career, Robert Pattinson has now taken on a more traditional (but no less active) role as a husband and father. But his public appearances, both on and off screen, remain as popular as ever. His charm and easygoing nature have made him an adored presence amongst fans and fellow celebrities alike. His Instagram account currently boasts over 5.2 million followers, while his Twitter account has more than 7.3 million followers. He also has over 434 thousand followers on Facebook.

Fame, Fortune, And Friendship

For many celebrities, fame and fortune are often quite literally synonymous. But for the members of the Hollywood elite, there is a difference. True friends are hard to come by in Hollywood, especially amongst the powerful film studios and award show circuits that the industry operates within. As a result, the famous usually stay true to their word and stand by each other through thick and thin. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership that has lasted over a century and allowed the members of the Hollywood elite to stay in touch and remain “peers.”