It’s been a while since we celebrated a double wedding, but boy has 2019 been a big year for the positivity and love. As the world celebrated the bond between John and Kate’s union, we couldn’t help but feel excited for another couple’s big day. Sure, we’re still in the early days of this year, but it’s not too early to start planning your celebration. If you’re looking to add some glam to your special day, consider the services of a personal stylist to make sure your hair and makeup are on point.

Last year was a banner year for celebrity weddings, and while some had truly unique and romantic themes, others were just pure cash grabs. That being said, one of the most memorable and unique ceremonies came from none other than Mr. Pattinson himself. The proud papa took the time out of his hectic schedule to walk his down­low son down the aisle in a breathtaking sunset ceremony at an English country estate. It was such a special moment to see the father of your soon-to-be bride walk you down the aisle. And did we mention that the wedding made international news?

While we wait patiently for the next celebrity wedding, let’s rekindle some of 2019’s most unforgettable moments through some amazing celebrity style.

Robert Pattinson’s Wedding Style

Pattinson’s stunning sunset ceremony was a celebration of sorts of elegance and glamour. The actor/singer looked incredible in a black dress and matching hat. And what a breathtaking view. We can’t think of a more romantic and fitting venue for a sunset ceremony.

Since the wedding was such a big news story, it was only natural that people would start comparing notes and sharing their own unique experiences. As is the case with most notable events, social media users flocked to comment on the wedding and its unique style.

Cate Blanchett’s Daring Red-Carpet Style

The Aussie actress looked utterly stunning as she arrived at the ceremony dressed in a daring red dress. We can’t think of a more breathtaking way to put an exclamation point on a daring dress style.

And that’s not all Catie had to offer. As soon as the ceremony commenced, she began the tradition of tossing off miniature American accents as she addressed the audience. From the very beginning, the audience seemed to dig it and joined in. For a while, it felt like Emily had sprung forth from Victoria and not New York.

Victoria Beckham’s Timeless Vintage Look

Even the most casual of observations concerning the Beckham clan leads us to believe that they have a very special connection. And it’s not just because of their surname. Victoria Beckham has a look that is all its own. It is a combination of classic and vintage pieces that she wears with such élan that it makes an impression on everyone who sees her. 

Whether she’s wearing a bold patterned dress, covered in pearls, or donning a beautiful white coat, the fashion legend always makes an impression. She is, after all, a woman of many moves and surprises. The unique thing about Beckham’s style is that it is always fresh and on theme. But you wouldn’t necessarily know it from looking at her. She is such a discreet and classy personnel that it is hard to put your finger on why she commands such attention and respect. Perhaps it’s the fact that she never seems to age or get sickly. Whatever the reason, we can’t help but be drawn to her and her style. And that style always seems to make a statement.

Emma Watson’s Succinct Sense of Style

Emma’s unique style is apparent even when dressed in plain black clothes. She always manages to make her outfits stand out even more. It’s not often that a woman can pull off such sheer elegance and still remain so modest. 

The English beauty always keeps us guessing. It seems that she is a mixture of classy and casual. Like Victoria Beckham, she possesses a sense of vintage style combined with a more modern flair. We see a strong link between Emma and Kristen Stewart. The two are also good friends and frequently team up in the pages of celebrity magazines. It would not be a surprise to see them walk down the red carpet together one day. Or perhaps even team up for a fashion collaboration. Anything is possible, really.

Tamara Drewe’s Antique Jewelry And Handbags

What a treasure hunter! You’d think that after discovering a priceless gem, Drewe would sit back and enjoy her amazing find. But no! The British actress is constantly in search of the next big find, which is precisely why she keeps such amazing pieces of art in her collection. Not for show, but for safekeeping. As incredible as these pieces are, Drewe wears them with such humility that it is easy to forget that they are actually works of art. Even more impressive is the fact that she wears the same rings for years on end, which speaks to her devotion to the items within her collection.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Tamara Drey is constantly on the lookout for the next big discovery. She doesn’t keep what she finds to herself but instead shares her amazing finds with the world. If you want to get a glimpse of what she’s digging up, check out her latest Instagram posts. She usually shares photos of the unique pieces of art that she finds, as well as of the glamorous friends that she meets on the way. With thousands of Instagram followers, it’s easy for Drewe to connect with potential buyers who wish to purchase a piece of history for themselves.

As magnificent as these individuals look on the red carpet, it’s only when you get to know them that you realize how much they give up just to maintain their place in the spotlight. It’s an incredible story, and one that we’ll never get tired of hearing.