After years of dating, breaking up, and then getting back together,
Robert Pattinson and Twilight’s Kristen Stewart are finally tying
the knot. The happy couple announced their engagement back in March
and have since been treating fans to sneak peeks at their blossoming
union through various wedding blogs. The dress designer for the
wedding will be Giorgio Armani, and the venue is set to be
Venice, Italy.

The wedding will be held in May next year and is sure to be a
beautiful celebration. With summer now officially upon us, it’s the
perfect time for Brides to start planning for their big day. With a
wide range of wedding dresses and bridal boutiques around the
world, it’s never been easier for a woman to find the perfect
outfit for the big day. When it comes to men’s suits, it’s a
different story. With so many different styles to choose from, it’s
a struggle to find the perfect suit for the big day. Luckily, with
this in mind, Brides can find the perfect suit for their groom, no
matter their size or shape.

Here, we take a look at the top wedding planning tips for brides
and grooms to ensure they get the most from their outfit

Ensure Style And Comfort

Wedding days should be memorable events as a celebration of
commitment and love. For the bride, comfort and style should be
paramount considerations. After all, this will be the most
important day of her life. When selecting her outfit, she wants to
feel empowered and gorgeous, and ensure that everyone looks their
beautiful self.

When it comes to the groom, safety should be his top
priority. After all, he’ll be making an important declaration
before friends and family soon. Also, the suit should be
comfortable, not constricting or awkward. When choosing a
suit, ensure that both bride and groom feel that this is something
that they can both feel happy and proud to wear on their special

Consider Venue And Weather

Another important aspect to consider is the venue and
its weather. If you are lucky enough to get married during the
summer, you can enjoy the beautiful sunshine and temperatures that
make you feel energized and happy. However, if you get married in a
place with bad weather, you may feel a little less inspired and
wedding day weather conditions should be taken into consideration.

Venues that are known for their beautiful outdoor
settings and ability to compliment any type of outfit should be
considered. Think of the wedding ceremony as a chance to showcase
your lovely marriage to family and friends. With picturesque
Venice as the venue, it’s a beautiful opportunity to create some
unique and memorable portraits for your very own wedding album.

If you get married in a place with really bad weather,
you may want to consider postponing the ceremony or having it
rainbow lighting style reception. Also, during a particularly
cruelly cold winter, grooms can feel especially uncomfortable in
stuffy suits. Postponing the ceremony or having it as an
evening event can be a wonderful way to protect everyone from the
nippy weather and bring joy to your wedding attendees.

Choose An Attire That Suits Your Theme

The wedding day should reflect the theme and aesthetic
of your special day. This is a chance to infuse your vision and
creativity into your wedding day and ensure that everyone feels
comfortable and confident in embracing your wedding theme.

For the bride, this will be her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
to show off her sensual and curvy side. After all, what is a
wedding dress but a beautiful way to showcase curves? When
choosing your attire, think about your theme and the overall
atmosphere of your wedding. This is a chance for you to
paint a portrait of yourself as a bride that will serve as an
inspiration to other brides-to-be.

For grooms, safety should be a top priority. After all, he’ll be
representing the ‘law’ on your wedding day. When it comes to
men’s suits, it’s a struggle to find the perfect fit for everyone.
If you’re blessed with a tailor who can create some bespoke
attire, this is a luxury that every man should be able to
experience at least once in his lifetime. Not only does it feel
great to wear your own shirt, it’s a great conversation starter
amongst your wedding party and guests.

Avoid Blanket Purchases

When selecting wedding attire, it is always best to go for
individual items that complement each other instead of purchasing a
blanket suit. This is because you’ll feel more comfortable being
yourself and don’t feel like you’re impersonating someone
else. When going for a suit, ensure that the overall look is
neat, clean, and classic, but also try and avoid purchasing a
suit with too many buttons or coats. The more sleek and
minimalistic the better.

Wedding days are memorable events as a celebration of
commitment and love. This is a golden opportunity to be
yourself, showcase your unique style, and feel empowered and
glorious on this very important day. With comfort and style as
your top priorities, Brides can find the perfect wedding outfit
for their groom, no matter their size or shape.