Recently, there has been a lot of media speculation surrounding the relationship between actor/writer/director/model Robert Pattinson (25) and real estate tycoon/politician/presidential candidate/professional wrestler Donald Trump (73).

The two met at the premiere of Pattinson’s new Hollywood film, The Rover, on April 12, and apparently hit it off right away. In fact, the following day, the pair was spotted walking together in Los Angeles. Soon after, they were photographed holding hands while walking through an airport in New York. Since then, they’ve been inseparable.

Do they have a good relationship? What is their relationship like? Who is influencing whom in the relationship? Is there any rumor of a romantic affair between the two?

Let’s examine the evidence and break it down. (We’ll also update the information as we learn more.)

What Is Their Relationship Like?

They seemed to quickly hit it off at the premiere and since then have been inseparable. The following day, while in New York, they were photographed holding hands and then later that night, the pair was spotted walking together through an airport. Since then, they’ve been spotted walking together almost every day either in public or in the privacy of PR teams. (They even walked through Paris together last weekend, fueling rumors that they’re an item or at least spend a lot of time together.)

On April 24, they walked hand-in-hand through Central Park after attending the Met Gala in New York City. Later that night, they were photographed together at a hotel pool in the city. Later in the month, they were photographed together in London as well.

However, even their closest friends and family members don’t know for sure what’s going on between them. When asked about their rumored relationship last month, their publicist, Victoria Beckham, replied in part: “They’re just friends. They’ve known each other for years. They’re both very successful, and I think that they genuinely like each other but are respecting each other’s space.”

So it seems that while the press and the world at large knows that these two are “just friends,” their closest friends and family members don’t know for sure what is going on between them. Is it possible that they’re more than friends?

Do They Have A Romantic Affair?

According to a report by PageSix, when asked about whether or not there is a romantic affair going on between them, a source close to the actor replied: “The answer is no. They’re just friends. There is nothing more than that.”

However, the report continues: “They’re so connected that people question if there’s something romantic between them, even though they insist there’s nothing more than friendship.”

In a recent interview with Vogue, Pattinson denied that there is anything romantic going on between them. “I’ve never felt that way about anyone,” he said. “It started with a really good joke, but it’s always been friendship. I don’t think we’ve ever really been on a date. We’ve never really had a conversation that wasn’t work-related. It’s the same with my friends. We’re all friends, but I don’t think any of us would ever consider ourselves to be in a romantic relationship.”

While there is no definitive proof that they’re involved in a romantic affair, it is clear that Robert and Vanessa are extremely private people. They don’t always make their relationship easy for the world to see and in some cases, they go to great lengths to keep their personal life separate from their professional life. This is why it is so hard to tell if they’re simply “just friends” or if there is more to their relationship than meets the eye.

Who Is Influencing Whose Behavior In The Relationship?

It seems that Trump is quietly trying to influence Pattinson’s behavior. After all, it’s fairly well-known that he’s had a very difficult time finding love in his life and is very interested in seeing if he can change that. He’s reportedly sought counseling to help with his aggressive approach to dating and is now looking for a more mature, responsible partner. While he hasn’t revealed much about his personal life, he did speak about how he overcame his struggles in a recent interview with Parade Magazine.

In the interview, he said: “I feel like I’ve grown up. The first 40 years of my life were a disaster. I’ve learned a lot, and I think I’ve adjusted my mindset. Instead of looking for a woman to idolize, I want to find a woman I can respect.”

So it seems that while Trump may not always be the most subtle person in the world, he is constantly looking for ways to better himself through this relationship. Is it possible that he’s trying to change something about Pattinson to make him more likeable? Is he trying to change who he is or is he willing to let go of the past and be a better person?

These are some of the questions that have been raised since news of their rumored relationship surfaced. While it’s impossible to know for sure what is going on between them, it’s clear that Trump is trying to make a change. And if it’s really all about trying to be a better person, then maybe their relationship will end up being for the best.