Actor Robert Pattinson was recently asked whether he has ever been tempted to kiss his costar, Alicia Vikander, on the mouth during the filming of their latest movie, The Light Between Us. “I mean, she’s a beautiful woman. She’s a fantastic actress. It’s not like we’re in a romantic comedy. This is a very realistic love story,” Pattinson replied. “So, it’s not like she’s going to be acting in a romantic comedy. So, I don’t know. I mean, maybe if she was playing someone who was more like a Disney princess, or someone who was not my type. I don’t know. I mean, I’m not going to kiss Alicia Vikander. It’s not going to happen,” he said. The actor has previously admitted to being “nakedly obsessed” with his costar, which led to some passionate acting moments on set. But now he seems more focused on maintaining his own identity apart from her character in the film. “I feel like I’m dating myself, in a way. I feel like I’m with myself. I’m like, you know, I’m the smart one. I’m the funny one. I’m the serious one. And she’s the pretty one. She’s got that girlish, preppy charm. And she can act, too,” said Pattinson in a recent interview.

Pattinson’s comments came as part of an interview with Entertainment Tonight about his upcoming film. The actor recently spoke with GQ, and explained how he drew on his own personal experiences to create the character of Cosmo Todorov. “It was important for me to find a way to put myself in the film,” Pattinson said. “The more I read about the subject, the more I realized that it was a real problem. There were a lot of things that I could have based it on. I could have based it on my relationship with my father. I could have based it on my relationship with my mother. I could have based it on any kind of family struggle. But the truth is, none of those things were specifically mine. So, I had to find a way to put myself in the story and make it my own.”

A Change in Focus

While it’s always exciting to see your favorite celebrity’s work, it’s disheartening when their focus seems to be elsewhere during the filming. In the case of Robert Pattinson, it seems like he’s finally putting attention on himself instead of his co-stars. He admitted in a recent interview with Marie Claire that he’s a little nervous about moving back home after filming wraps on The Light Between Us. “I love being on set. I love the people I work with. I love the people I play with. But at the same time, I want to have my own life. And being back in London, or in a city, doesn’t feel right,” Pattinson said. “I want to figure out what I’m doing. I don’t want to feel like I’ve got this nagging feeling that I have to be doing something for the movie. I’ve always loved the idea that a week goes by and you don’t think about the movie. And that’s what I’m looking for. I want to be able to step back and be like, ‘Oh, that was fun. I loved being with that girl, you know? It was a really good week.'”

The 34th Rule

What is the 34th rule? It’s a question that has been circulating the internet since 2015, when Reddit user /u/thedoubleknothome noticed a pattern among some of Hollywood’s most popular actors and actresses. One that seems to consistently surface in their movies and on social media. When an intimate scene is shot between the leads, it almost always seems to occur at a certain place: the beach. This led the user to suggest that there is an unspoken rule among celebrities that stipulates they must always shoot scenes on the beach, or by a water source. The theory was quickly picked up by the internet, with many fans claiming that they have found similar situations in celebrity couples’ movies and on social media. (And, for the record, the beach has never been a requirement. Just look at James Bond. He’s never been to the beach. He doesn’t even swim.)

Why is it Unspoken?

Perhaps it’s because shooting on the beach is actually a really fun environment for a movie. You can’t beat the sound of waves crashing, or seagulls circling overhead. But there’s also something about the beach that makes it easier for the leads to be alone with each other. To pretend that they’re just a couple of regular people on a lazy Sunday. To unclutter their minds and have a complete mental block while filming. This is the key difference between shooting on the beach and other places. On a rooftop or in the countryside, the location could possibly be used for other plotlines or scenes later in the film. But on the beach, it’s just…beach. There’s really no other choice but to focus on each other. To stop what they’re doing and be with each other. To want each other. To need each other. To not want to spend a night apart. (Which is, let’s be honest, how most people feel about being in a relationship anyway.)

If we take a look at some of Hollywood’s most popular couples, it seems that a lot of their movies follow this same pattern. James Bond always works in the field. Or at least, we see him working in the field. We never really see him in his underwear. He always seems to be wearing a suit. Even in his first movie, Dr. No, we never once see him completely naked. The only time we see him in his underwear is when he’s either going to bed or taking a bath. It’s the same with Batman and Robin, which was one of the first big-budget superhero movies. (Also, Batman has never been to the beach. Or at least, we don’t think he has.)

What is the Connection?

It would be easy to jump to the conclusion that since so many of Hollywood’s most popular couples seem to have an unspoken rule about shooting on the beach, that there must be something about the beach that encourages lustful thoughts and romantic moments. Something about the white sand and the salty air that makes the heart grow fonder. (Although, we should point out that James Bond’s secretary, Eve, does work in the field, and her underwear is shown more than once. (She even wears black lace underwear in one scene.) So maybe it’s just a rule that applies to women.)

How This Changes Things For Fans

While we’re always excited to see our favorite celebrities, it’s frustrating when they don’t seem to be putting much effort into promoting their work. It’s one thing to be selective about what you promote and engage with your fans. It’s another thing when you don’t even seem to want to be reached out to by the press. (Which, let’s be honest, is a lot more common than you’d like to admit.) If your goal is to entertain your fans, then you’ve probably done enough. (And, let’s face facts, most celebrities’ fans are basically zombies. They click on anything and everything because that’s how the machine works. They’re not going to seek out a film that they know nothing about.)

Now that we know this about some of Hollywood’s most popular couples, it makes us want to see more from them. To be able to experience their chemistry and love story as the artist intended. To be able to step back and enjoy a romantic moment without any distractions. (Just like those on the beach.) Hopefully, this article will help to inform and excite your future romantic endeavors. Or at least make you think about them a little more than usual. (Just like those on the beach.)