They’re both international celebrities, and over the years, they’ve collaborated on a number of projects together. But recently, they’ve been at the center of pregnancy manipulation rumors. Here’s the truth about their latest adventures.

An Unexpected Pregnancy

While filming the fourth installment of the Pokémon movie franchise in Japan, Taylor Momsen learned that she was pregnant. The actress hadn’t been feeling well, so she decided to visit a pediatrician for a checkup. While there, she mentioned to the doctor that she was expecting, and the doctor asked if she was planning to have the baby in Japan or America. Taylor replied that she was hoping to have the baby in America, and the doctor said, ‘Well, don’t do that. Have the baby in Japan. It’s much better for the baby.’”

As it turned out, it was no ordinary pregnancy. The couple had been trying for a child for a long time, but were unable to get pregnant. After the Japan trip, they headed to New York City for the Oscars, where they planned to attend the premiere of Pattinson’s latest film, Good Time. After the premiere, they went to a children’s clothing store in Midtown Manhattan, where Taylor had her baby boy, Bear, in a private room. In March 2019, Bear’s father, Rob, tweeted a photo of his kid, writing, “[Bear] is in good spirits and loves being a father. We are so lucky to have such a good son.”

A Girlfriend Experience

Two months after Bear’s birth, the actress and the singer met for lunch in New York City. The discussion turned to their romantic prospects, and it was at that point that Taylor mentioned that she was looking for a girlfriend. “I want a girlfriend experience,” she said. “I want to find someone who can hang out with me and my son, and bring us both some happiness.” To which Rob replied, “That’s what I’m looking for too.”

The idea wasn’t entirely new. The couple had previously discussed having a more traditional marriage, with Rob expressing concern about how difficult fatherhood would be while Taylor pursued her career. “How are we going to have a relationship and be together if you’re always busy with your son?” he asked. The answer was simple: they would have a girlfriend experience. Taylor would find a partner who could be both a wife and a mother to her and Bear. One person who seemed to fit the bill was Priyanka Chopra. After their lunch meeting, the couple spent a lot of time together, and before long, they were a couple again. In September 2019, it was announced that Chopra and the couple were engaged. They will wed in the summer of 2022.

A Last Dance

In March 2019, Taylor and Rob were walking through a New York City park when they spotted a wedding party. The couple stopped to watch as the couple waltzed with each other during the ceremony. “Look at them,” Taylor exclaimed. “They are so happy. They are going to have a good life together.” Rob agreed, adding, “They look like they are having a blast. I’m really happy for them.”

The couple’s publicist confirmed that this was indeed the case. A few weeks later, the happy couple went on a honeymoon trip to Italy together. While in Venice, the duo went to a jeweler’s and had a custom ring made, with an inscription on the inside to symbolize their union. In early April, they attended the Met Gala in New York City as a couple. That same month, they were both honored with the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres at the French Embassy in Washington, D.C., for their contributions to cinema.

Looking back, Rob told W magazine, “I was a little nervous about doing something on such a grand scale, but it was so worth it. The last two years have been incredible.” Taylor added, “Going to the Met Gala was such a special moment. It was amazing to see everyone in one place. I guess it’s because we’re both Brits that we always say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ and hold each other’s hands on our walks now.”

The final installment of the Pokémon movie series, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, hit theaters in December. It would appear that this is the end for Taylor and Rob. However, who knows? Maybe they will change their mind about having children, and together, they will raise a family.