It’s been an eventful year for celebrities, and for those who love them, it’s been a golden year. We’ve been thrilled to see so many of our favorite stars shine bright this past year, and we can’t help but shower them with love and kisses! It’s been an emotional year as well, with many of our favorite stars experiencing some form of tragedy, whether it be a loved one dying, or a loved one being taken away. We’ve lost many bright stars this past year, and it’s left us feeling a little darker and more confused. It seems as if love and happiness are not what we want this year more than anything else.

It’s been a tough year for many, but it’s also been a brilliant year. We can see so many wonderful things happening. We’ve been overwhelmed with kindness and generosity from our fellow man, and it makes us feel happier and blessed to share our joy with the world. This year has been incredible, and it’s only the beginning.

The Year Of The Snake

It’s been a rough year for snake lovers. Far from being sweet and cuddly, they’ve been the source of many gruesome scares this year. Whether it be a snake charming or trying to eat its way out of a can, it’s been an eventful year for snakes. It’s not been one particular snake that’s caused all the problems, but they’re all good snakes and we need more like them. They’re mysterious and fascinating creatures, and it’s been great to see them onscreen this year.

It’s been quite the year for crocodiles as well. They came out of their habitat to terrorize us in movie theaters, only to be captured by authorities and taken back to their natural home. It seems that all those years of them scaring the bejesus out of us onscreen has not been a complete loss. We’ve learned to fear them and it’s been fun to fear them again.

The Year Of The Monkey

It’s been a strange year for monkeys, too. While many of them have been helping us to save the environment as part of their “green” initiative, they’ve also been getting in trouble with officials. They’re not just causing trouble for themselves, either. It seems that they’ve learned how to exploit human weaknesses, and it’s not been pretty. We’ve been seeing way too many incidents this year where angry monkeys have attacked and injured civilians. It’s quite the predicament that many people are in because of these creatures. We need to be aware of our surroundings when around them, and it’s quite a frustrating situation when you need to be on your guard all the time.

It’s been a bizarre year for dogs as well. They rose in popularity as pets after celebrities like Oprah and Kate Middleton touted their calming effects. It seems that the general public has taken a liking to these animals, and they’re appearing everywhere from commercials to print publications. While it’s great that so many people are seeking out dogs as pets, the fact that so many are unable to properly care for them is quite another issue. Many people are finding themselves in shelters because they lack the funds to provide adequate care for their animals. It doesn’t look like things are going to get better for dogs anytime soon.

The Year Of The Tiger

It’s been a good year for tiger lovers. Not only have they been able to see their favorite animal in all its beauty, but they’ve also been able to celebrate the beauty of these creatures. We’ve seen many a beautiful tiger this year, and it’s been an honor to share their beauty with the world. They’re one of the most magnificent creatures there is, and we’re thrilled to see them receiving all the attention this year.

It’s been a strange year for bears as well. They started off the year as usual, mauling and killing people left and right. It seems that their natural instincts are taking over. The worst came in April when a bear attacked and killed four people in Yellowstone National Park. Since then, things have been relatively quiet. It’s not been a good year for bear lovers, but it’s also not been entirely bad. The fact that the majority of these animals are behaving in a more natural manner is promising.

The Year Of The Water Dragon

It’s been a rough year for water dragon fans. The reptiles, which are actually freshwater mussels, have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. It seems that they’re becoming overly dependent on humans, and are frequently found infesting homes and businesses, causing thousands of dollars in damage. People are irate about these creatures and are doing whatever they can to rid their homes of them. We’ve seen many a water dragon this year, and it’s been heartbreaking to watch them suffer. It’s not just the harm they cause, either. The noise that they make is awful, and it’s been keeping people up at night. Everyone’s been frustrated by these creatures this year, and it looks like it’s only going to get worse.

It’s been a strange year for alligators as well. While many homeowners are doing their best to keep these animals out of their backyards, others are going above and beyond to ensure that alligators have enough space to thrive. It seems that some people are unable to distinguish between an alligator and a crocodile, resulting in many a misunderstanding and tense encounters with police. This has caused many homeowners to keep their distance, resulting in fewer people being injured or killed by alligators.

The Year Of The Electric Eel

It’s been an eventful year for electric eel fans. These fish, which can grow to be over eighteen feet long, have been causing major headaches for power companies all over the world. It seems that they’re becoming more and more efficient with each generation, and it’s causing many power outages. It appears that nature is finally answering their prayers for better living conditions, and it will be fascinating to see how they adapt to their new surroundings. While we’re excited about the prospect of more comfortable living conditions for these animals, many people are also struggling with the idea of living alongside such an efficient and powerful predator. It doesn’t seem right to keep these creatures in captivity, as they were created to live in the wild and do what they do best. There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding electric eels this year, but it’s also been a fascinating year for these strange creatures.

The Year Of The Owl

It’s been a strange year for owl fans. They’ve been in the news a lot this year, but not for the right reasons. It seems that they’re frequently mistaken for birds of prey, and are attacked and killed when they’re trying to be affectionate. They’ve been mislabeled as scary and ferocious creatures, and it’s been heartbreaking to see so many of them die. We’ve seen many a brilliant hoot this past year, and it’s been an honor to share their beauty with the world. While we’re sad to see so many of these animals die, it’s also been an educational year.

It’s been a strange year for many different creatures. It seems that nature is finally answering our prayers for better living conditions. There have been some terrifying creatures this year, and strange and unusual sightings all over the place. It’s been a golden year for many animals, and we can’t help but shower them with our love and our tears.