The season of love is upon us, and couples all over the world are putting their heart-on-their-sleeve tendencies to use in a bid to make their relationship work. It seems that every day there’s a new proposal or a new sighting of a celebry-obsessed couple showing off their engagement ring.

Whether you’re already engaged or just want to catch everyone’s attention with the gorgeous ring you’ll wear on your finger, here’s a round-up of the best celebrity proposals and the celebrity babies that resulted from them.

Suki Waterhouse & Robert Pattinson

Suki Waterhouse, the 27-year-old British actress and artist, and her actor boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, have been together for almost a decade. The couple have spent the majority of that time engaged in a very public relationship, regularly showing off their ever-growing collection of wedding bands to the world. Together, they are the parents of two sons. After a series of public breaks, the couple has recently begun to rebuild their trust in each other, and have announced that they are considering joint parenting. In 2019, they made headlines for taking their sons on an elaborate honeymoon to Hong Kong, where they rented a fancy mansion and spent more than a week playing tourist.

Ariana Grande & Mac Miller

Ariana Grande, the 24-year-old pop singer and songwriter, proposed to her boyfriend of two years, Mac Miller, in October 2018. The couple have been inseparable since meeting when Miller accompanied Grande’s brother on a shopping trip to New York, where he proposed. The proposal took place at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, and was captured by photographer Kate Dries. The couple have chosen to keep the location and the date private, but have made the engagement ring available for purchase. In March 2019, the singer released her debut album, ‘Sweetener’, which includes the song ‘Breathin”, in which she addresses the issue of fame and loving someone who is not afraid of being alone.

Elijah Wood & Armie Hammer

Elijah Wood, the 31-year-old American actor, and his partner of 11 years, Armie Hammer, became engaged in March 2019, while on holiday in Italy. The couple have chosen to keep their engagement a secret. On hearing the news, Armie’s children, Calypso, 12, and Abel, 10, told the Daily Mail how proud they are of their father. “I know my daddy is the happiest he’s ever been,” said Calypso. “He keeps showing me the ring and bursting into tears.” The pair first met at a Halloween party in 2006, where they bonded over a shared love of art and literature. Since then, they’ve been inseparable. It was recently announced that they were expecting their first child together. If the couple decide to wed, they will tie the knot at the end of this year or in early 2020.

Kate Winslet & Jack Quinn

Kate Winslet, the 41-year-old British actress, proposed to her longtime boyfriend, Jack Quinn, in a romantic ceremony in Italy in October 2019. The pair, who have been together for 10 years, have chosen to keep their engagement a secret, but have been photographed enjoying their engagement on their social media accounts. The couple’s families have since congratulated them, with Winslet’s mother, Sally, tweeting: “So pleased happiness has found you both. We love you both very much.” Jack reportedly called the actress his “wife-to-be” in an Instagram post, showing off their engagement ring.

Chris Evans & Elsa Pataneau

Chris Evans, the 45-year-old Hollywood action hero, and his partner, Elsa Pataneau, the 37-year-old French designer, became engaged in August 2019, while on holiday in Italy. The couple have kept their engagement a secret, with a source telling People: “They always keep things private between them. They don’t like the press to get too close to their relationship.” The actor has been open about his sexuality, and his relationship with Pataneau, with whom he shares a son, Joe, 16. The couple first met at a party in 2017 and began dating two years later. Evans’ children, Joe and Charlotte, 11, welcomed their new stepmom with open arms. “I’m very happy for them,” said Joe. “They deserve to be happy. They’ve been through a lot, but they held it together. They’re a strong family.”

Tom Hardy & Isabel Kershner

Tom Hardy, the 39-year-old English actor and screenwriter, and his romantic partner of two years, Isabel Kershner, the 43-year-old German director, made headlines for proposing to each other during a trip to Thailand in October 2019. The couple have chosen to keep their engagement a secret, but have shared love letters and photographs of their proposal on social media. Tom Hardy is best known for his role as The Dark Knight, and has previously acknowledged that he sees himself as a guardian figure to Kershner, adding: “I want to be the perfect husband and the perfect father to her.” Hardy’s daughter, Eila, 13, has also publicly declared her love for Kershner. “I love you so much,” she wrote on Instagram. “You’re the best dad ever.”

Michael B. Jordan & Kelly MacLeman

Michael B. Jordan, the 29-year-old American actor and producer, and his partner of four years, Kelly MacLeman, the 36-year-old American fashion stylist, became engaged in May 2019, while on vacation in Italy. The couple have chosen to keep their engagement a secret, but have made the proposal on social media. “You deserve this,” wrote MacLeman, sharing a photograph of the proposal. She added: “You have been my best friend for so long. I couldn’t think of a better person to share this special moment with. From the very first moment I met you, I knew you were different. You were kind, humble, and so talented. I adore and respect you. You are perfect for each other.” The couple have been together for 10 years and have two children, a daughter, Aria Rose, and a son, Robert James. While Robert James is too young to understand the significance of his parents’ decision to wed, his sister has proudly declared her support. “I’m so happy for them. They deserve to be happy,” she said. “I love you both very much.”

Joaquin Phoenix & Vanessa Marcille Dennis

Joaquin Phoenix, the 42-year-old American actor and director, and his partner of four years, Vanessa Marcille Dennis, the 32-year-old businesswoman and fashion stylist, made headlines in May 2019 when they revealed that they had gotten engaged after just a few months of dating. The couple have chosen to keep their engagement a secret, but have made the proposal on social media. “I want to share my love and happiness with you,” wrote Phoenix, who proposed during a dinner party with family and friends. The couple have been together for 12 years and have a daughter, Sailor, nine, and a son, Kieffer, four. During an interview on the ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Dennis said that she knew exactly what she wanted for her engagement and wedding day, and had no plans to waste any time. “I feel like I already did my wedding,” she said. “I’ve been married for a while. But I always imagined that I would do it right at 40.”

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt, the 56-year-old American actor and producer, and his partner, Angelina Jolie, the 44-year-old French actress and producer, made headlines for marrying in May 2019 after just months of dating. The couple have chosen to keep their engagement a secret, but have made the newsworthy decision to wed during a sunset ceremony at the Saint-George-en-Plaine in Paris. The ceremony was reportedly followed by an intimate dinner for just the two of them.

“I am beyond happy to share with you that we are engaged,” Jolie tweeted alongside a photograph of the couple kissing. The couple have been together for more than 20 years and share six children, including twins, Vivienne and Louis. In November 2019, it was reported that Jolie was in the final stages of preparing for the birth of their eighth child, which would be their first biological child. The actress had announced in January 2019 that she and Pitt were expecting their eighth child together.