It’s no secret that the members of the K-pop group BTS are huge fans of the Twilight movies. The seven-piece band took the stage at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards and dedicated their performance to Edward Cullen and the rest of the gang. They even dressed as Edward and Bella for Halloween, performing in the stunning costumes at this year’s Halloween Ball in London.

It seems that the influential group is also big fans of Robert Pattinson, the actor who plays the vampire in the Twilight movies. BTS revealed that they were guests at the actor’s birthday party in 2018 and that they even performed for him. The group dedicated a song to their special guest, and the birthday boy had a special present for them. The members of BTS then walked down the aisle to commemorate the momentous occasion in Hollywood.

The Wedding Was Spectacular

On Saturday, February 23, the couple exchanged vows in an “up-close and personal” wedding that was described as beautiful and emotional by observers. According to reports from the wedding website, the ceremony was attended by close family and friends, as well as an array of Hollywood celebrities.

The bride wore a custom-made dress designed by the legendary Catherine Martin and a diamond solitaire earring that belonged to late Elizabeth Taylor. The dress was inspired by Taylor’s famous yellow dress from the 1960s and was made with an ivory satin and lace. The bride’s mother, Doria, was her matron of honor, and her father, Joe, gave a speech about his daughter and her husband.

“I have known Jay for a long time, and they have always been a strong, committed couple. They have done a lot for each other, and they deserve to be happy and honored with each other. I can’t think of a more fitting celebration than their wedding,” Joe said. The groom wore a suit by the British designer Giles Deacon, and he was accompanied by his younger brother, Luke, on his wedding day.

The ceremony took place at the L.A. Temple, a church that was established in 1873 and is known for being the first in America to offer marriage guidance seminars to couples. The church is located in the middle of the Miracle Mile and is surrounded by beautiful flower decorations, tables, and chairs. The Reverend Dr. Steven L. Beckerman presided over the ceremony, and he also officiated at Jay and Doria’s prior wedding in 2007.

A Private, Intimate Ceremony

It was an intimate ceremony, and guests were kept at a distance by ropes that had been strung up around the perimeter of the church. There were no photographers allowed inside the church, so attendees were restricted to viewing the ceremony via live stream.

The couple exchanged their vows, which were heartfelt and very moving, before the audience of close friends and family. After the ceremony, guests were treated to an alfresco cocktail reception at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Garden Terrace, which provided some stunning views of the city. It was a truly beautiful wedding.

An Iconic Venue

The couple wed at the L.A. Temple, which has been the site of some incredible events throughout its history. The church was originally established as the Hollywood Presbyterian Church in 1927 and then rebuilt in its current form in 1960.

Past attendees of the church have included some of the most prominent names in American history, most notably President Woodrow Wilson, who delivered a “war message” from the steps of the church in 1918. Other famous figures who attended or addressed the congregation include Katharine Hepburn, Lucille Ball, and Barbara Hutton.

The venue has also been the site of some truly unique and memorable events, such as when the actors Edward and Robert Edwards (no, not that Edward) got drunk on Scotch and quarreled with each other in front of the entire congregation.

An Exciting Year For The Wedding Industry

This year has seen an increase in the number of celebrity weddings as the ‘wedding season’ — defined as the months between December and April — continues to grow. According to a 2019 global wedding trend report by the Wedding Industry Summit, 45% of couples got engaged or wed this year, compared to 38% in 2018 and 33% in 2017. The number of weddings scheduled for the last quarter of the year is already nearly 100% higher compared to the same period in 2018.

The report also revealed that couples planning weddings in Europe and the U.S. are choosing the destination seasonally — with more people getting hitched in the winter — while those in the Middle East are bucking the trend and opting for a summer ceremony. Furthermore, attendees at wedding parties are also changing, with fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen and more female and mixed-sex parties.

The demand for weddings has led to a rise in the number of wedding venues, and the luxury wedding market in particular has seen an increase in demand. According to a 2019 global wedding venue report by the wedding planning platform Hush Hush, couples are now able to choose from a variety of stunning venues, ranging from luxurious hotels to vineyards, football pitches, and even swimming pools. The report also noted that venues are becoming a bit more creative, with pop-up restaurants and bakeries popping up around the world.

A Beautiful Dress And Bridal Set

While the wedding cake was a simple three-tier affair with pink and white roses, the attendees were treated to an array of stunning dresses and bridal sets. According to reports, the bride’s dress was designed by the Oscar-winning fashion designer Catherine Martin and made with a mixture of silk and satin. It was inspired by the color blue, and many guests described the dress as “stunning,” “unique,” and “amazing.”

Some guests even went as far as to say that the dress made the bride look like an “angel.” The dress was followed by a gorgeous ball gown worn by the bride’s mother, Doria, and a traditional floor-length white dress worn by the groom’s sister, Mary Grace.

Wedding dresses have become a bit of a style trend this year, with many famous designers releasing stunning dresses that newlyweds have worn on their big day. According to a 2020 survey by the Wedding Industry Summit, 77% of couples said that they would choose a designer dress for their wedding day, followed by 54% who said they would opt for a vintage or classic dress.

Sophisticated Guests

The attendees of the big day were described as very sophisticated, with many wearing designer goods and sparkling accessories, such as diamonds and gold jewelry, as well as Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and Givenchy items. One guest even noted that the attendees were “more dressed up than I’ve ever seen them.” It certainly looked that way, with a number of celebrities wearing elegant gowns and spectacular diamond jewelry. One of the star attendees was Suki Waterhouse, who recently celebrated her 29th birthday. The fashion model and artist wore a custom-made dress by the designer Rachel Roy and a diamond and platinum bracelet. The bride’s younger sister, Madison, also looked stunning in a white dress designed by the renowned designer Ralph Lauren.

Other notable guests included Emily Blunt, who wore a simple black dress by the designer Rachel Roy for her big day; Priyanka Chopra, who attended with her husband, Nick, and the designer Emilia Wickham; and the actor Jim Carrey, who wore a casual gray tee and jeans for his wedding ceremony and a stunning burgundy dress with matching stilettos for the wedding reception.

It’s fair to say that 2020 was a monumental year for the wedding industry. The demand for weddings has continued, and venues have adjusted their schedules to meet the demand. What’s more is that new forms of celebration, such as the virtual wedding, have proved to be popular, as has getting hitched abroad. However, as the ‘wedding season’ winds down, it’s time for couples to start thinking about their post-wedding life together.