After a turbulent few years in the spotlight, Hollywood’s golden boy Robert Pattinson is set to make a stunning return to screens, with a bang! Following a very public split from his girlfriend, Twilight starlet and Parisian native Stephanie Ritz in 2015, fans have been eagerly awaiting the Canadian-born actor’s next move. And it seems he’s not wasted any time. Just this week, Robert Pattinson was spotted partying with a mystery female companion at the Paris bar Gucci’s, with reports soon spreading that the two have been dating since April.

The couple’s first meeting came after Stephanie’s boyfriend (and Twilight co-star) Rupert Sanders proposed to her at the altar of the Madeleine church in Paris in front of their family and friends. But it was Robert’s charm and good looks that won over Stephanie, and before long they were dating. While the couple initially kept their relationship low-profile and went public only in 2018, their whirlwind romance made headlines around the world.

Hollywood’s Golden Boy

The 32-year-old actor’s breakout role came about thanks to his stunning resemblance to a young Christian Grey, and with the help of some clever lighting and Photoshop, he played the part with such charm that many fans couldn’t help but fall in love with him. He followed up his portrayal of the domineering and charming anti-hero with an equally delicious performance in the romantic comedy Badgley Mischka’s Valentino, opposite Cara Delevingne.

Robert has since gone on to play a key role in several films, including the adaptation of J.K Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and his upcoming portrayal of Harry Potter himself. He also lent his voice to the animated series Artemis Fowl and has steadily been working to establish himself as a leading man. Robert Pattinson and Stephanie Ritz’s story is one that will resonate with many readers, as their relationship bears a striking resemblance to that of many other young Hollywood stars, emerging from the limelight only to find themselves at the end of a long and public break-up.

The Public And Private Lives Of Robert Pattinson And Stephanie Ritz

It was initially not intended to be a public romance for Robert and Stephanie. In fact, contrary to the media frenzy surrounding their romance, the couple had actually been keeping their relationship under wraps for some time and had only just gone public with their engagement after careful consideration. However, as is often the case with celebrities, once they make that decision to go public it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In the case of Robert and Stephanie, their privacy remained intact until June 2018, when they finally revealed they were dating to the press. But it wasn’t just their decision to go public that made their romance so interesting and relevant to our times. It was also the way they handled their break-up.

When Robert decided to end their engagement, he did so publicly and with great fanfare, hosting an intimate celebration at his home with friends and family. And while many have lauded his admirable honesty in handling the situation, it was the way he did it that resonated with many. Robert Pattinson and Stephanie Ritz’s breakup was a heartbreaking one, with the couple stating that they were no longer capable of being together following several months of deep and serious reflection. However, despite the painful reality of their separation, the two decided to remain connected as friends and agreed that their love for each other was ultimately stronger than their need for a committed relationship. To prove this point, they publicly declared their undying love for each other in a passionate letter, penned while they were still in the throes of their breakup.

From ‘Twilight’ To ‘BFFs’: How Robert Pattinson And Stephanie Ritz Went From ‘Twilight’ To ‘BFFs’

While many will remember Robert and Stephanie for their brief and unforgettable stint in Hollywood, they have actually spent most of their adult lives living in relative obscurity, acting and modelling in between film appearances. They have rarely been photographed together and certainly have never been linked to be a part of any sort of media circus. However, thanks to their unusual romance and the paparazzi that followed, they became inextricably linked to each other, with many referring to them as ‘BFFs’ (best friends forever) or ‘FrillyandFsassy’ (friends-with-benefits) while others wondered if their strange connection was a publicity stunt. And while they have never officially commented on their relationship, their public declarations of undying love have done nothing to dampen speculation.

Their story begins in 2008, when Robert was just 24 years old and had yet to make his name in Hollywood. Following a string of successful modelling projects, he was given the daunting task of playing the lead in Snow White And The Huntsman, based on the classic Grimm’s fairytale. To prepare for his role, he took up Chinese martial arts and would often work out with a samurai sword, which he would later incorporate into his choreography. The following year, he would star alongside Kirsten Stewart in the dystopian crime thriller The Rover and the romantic comedy The Runaway, and in 2010 he would appear in the final Twilight movie, Twilight Saga: Eclipse. All of these films would go on to become box office smashes and critical and commercial hits, cementing Robert’s status as Hollywood’s golden boy. On the set of Eclipse, he dated French star Adriana Limbach for a time before stepping out with British actress Anna Friel in 2012.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

It was soon after Twilight that Robert began to see a therapist due to severe insomnia. The Twilight films had been an incredible success, propelling him to international fame and establishing him as one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. However, the stress of being the centrepiece of a major franchise hadn’t gone unnoticed and the sleepless nights began to take their toll, with the actor reporting that he often struggled with anxiety attacks and panic attacks that left him confused and disoriented. Despite this, he continued to plug away at film projects, taking on the role of the titular character in the upcoming fantasy adventure film Darksome Doubt and the comedy series School Of Life. He also returned to therapy and began seeing a psychiatrist, who informed him that his problem was most likely attributable to chronic stress. And it was during this time that he began toying with the idea of rekindling his romance with Stephanie, knowing that she was also battling severe insomnia and anxiety. They decided to meet for a coffee after six months apart, and within an hour they were laughing and crying, agreeing to start over again and begin a new relationship.

The Rekindling Of Romance

It was a year of romantic comedies for Robert. He starred alongside Emma Watson in the fantasy adventure romantic comedy He For She and then went on to play Adam Schiff in the political thriller A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, which also marked his directorial debut. The following year he would appear alongside Felicity Jones in the darkly comic romantic comedy The Load Starter and then in the sci-fi romance Anon, where he played the role of a vampire in search of a human bride. And it was during this time that he decided to act on his long-ignited feelings for Stephanie and proposed to her, putting the question of ‘will they, won’t they?’ to rest. With so much focus on their relationship, it wasn’t long before their engagement received international attention and a wedding date was set for Christmas in 2018.