If there’s one thing Hollywood is good at, it’s promoting celebrity marriages. And when it comes to promoting a celebrity marriage,
they usually go big or go home.

Take a look at some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrity marriages, and you’ll start to see a pattern.

Whether it’s Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd, or Richard Simmons and Elizabeth Taylor, or Marjorie Merriweather and John Merriweather,
or even Elizabeth Taylor and Stan The Man, the marriages that Hollywood promotes typically end in tragedy.

So it shouldn’t come as a great surprise that one of Hollywood’s biggest power couples, Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller, would also fall into that pattern.
Not when you consider all the media attention that they’ve been getting over the past year. 

And yet, for as long as they’ve been together, Robert Pattinson & Sienna Miller have managed to stay relatively under the radar.
Which is quite the feat, considering they are the most famous people who have ever been linked to
each other on this planet. 

But even their most devoted fans probably didn’t expect the news that came out of Australia earlier this year.
When it was revealed that their son, Cosmo, had been born with Marfan syndrome, a genetic condition that affects the body’s connective tissue.

The news took the Hollywood world by surprise. Not only is the condition rare, but so is the combination of Marfan syndrome with an athletic build.

It’s a combination that usually doesn’t occur, at least not in a newborn. And certainly not in Australia, where the weather is harsh and temperatures can be extreme. 

According to reports, after a difficult and harrowing delivery, the young mother, Sienna Miller, could only bring her son, Cosmo, home with her due to complications that arose from the extreme heat and the strain that the delivery placed on her body. 

That’s when she decided to isolate herself from the world, putting her career on hold while she recovered. 

Luckily for us, the world is a generous place, and while Miller was away, she made sure that we didn’t
lose touch of her and her family. 

And just as she was preparing to come back, Robert Pattinson dropped the bombshell that they were expecting another baby.

So the tables had turned. We were anxiously waiting to hear more about what had happened during Miller’s absence,
and now, it was Pattinson’s turn to shock us with the news that she was going to be a mother again.

It was an incredible turn of events, and one that made headlines around the world. 

Even before Pattinson and Miller had made the announcement, rumors had been swirling around Hollywood
that they were thinking about expanding their family. With Pattinson’s adventurous streak and Miller’s desire to keep fit,
it was only a matter of time before they decided to add more children to the mix.

The couple’s desire to have more kids has been a hot topic ever since. And although they’ve been fairly private about the topic,
the temptation to spill the beans must have been too much for them. 

On New Year’s Day 2018, it was revealed that Miller was pregnant. And just like that, her public life returned,
with her sharing an Instagram video of herself in a bikini, proudly showing off her growing baby bump.

It seems that after all these years, being a famous couple has finally started paying off for Robert Pattinson & Sienna Miller.

Their union has been nothing short of a celebrity romance, complete with a fair share of ups and downs. 

And although they’ve managed to stay relatively under the radar, it seems that the news of their son, Cosmo, and Miller’s return has lit a fire under their popularity.

The couple has steadily been gaining support online, with fans praising Miller for returning to acting and continuing her career after suffering such a tragic loss.

The attention that she’s been getting has undoubtedly helped her get back on her feet.
And although it’s still early days, it seems that the mother-to-be is determined to make the most of her second chance at motherhood.

Pattinson and Miller are still a couple to this day, and although we don’t always hear about them, they continue to be an inspiration to other celebrity couples who are struggling to make it in Hollywood. 

One thing is for sure, being a famous celebrity couple is no easy feat. Just ask Cece Winch, who recently opened up to Parade about the trials and tribulations of being married to a celebrity.

“I think that the hardest part about being married to a celebrity is just being able to live your life,” Winch said. “I mean, you have so much attention, everyone knows who you are with, everywhere you go. It’s hard to break out of that bubble and live your own life.”

So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are thinking about dating a celebrity, or even being with one, keep in mind what they went through,
and try to consider their marriage a lesson in humility and perseverance. Because at the end of the day, despite all the pressures that come with being
a famous person, or at least a celebrity spouse, they still managed to navigate their way to love and loyalty, as we all saw with our own eyes.