The summer of 2019 was arguably the most romantic summer in history. From big Hollywood blockbusters to smaller independent films, the love stories were numerous. In August alone, we had a romantic comedy, a war film, a comedy, a drama, and an action flick – all featuring happy endings!

The most romantic summer of all, though, was arguably just earlier that year, when the romantic comedy Summer 2029 opened in theaters across the country. Set in a dystopian future where social distancing is the new normal, the film follows a young couple, played by Robert Pattinson and Selena Gomez, as they spend their summer months falling in love and trying to figure out how to live in a post-pandemic world.

Released on August 13, 2019, Summer 2029 received almost universally positive reviews, with critics praising its romantic message and charming leads.

The story, which takes place over the course of one summer, is set in a future where social distancing is now a way of life, and couples must spend more time apart. The film opens with Robert Pattinson’s character, David Kenwright, waking up in bed with his new partner, Amy Jellicoe (played by Selena Gomez). David, who is an optician, is distressed to learn that it’s been six months since he and Amy last saw each other. David is a type-A workaholic who has been traveling regularly for work, and hasn’t had much time for himself or his new girlfriend, who is struggling with her own lack of confidence.

From there, the film follows the romance between David and Amy as they try to work things out in the wake of the pandemic. The script, by Peter Ackroyd and Daniel Blake, does a wonderful job of capturing the stress and anxiety that come with a break up during a time like this. It’s not easy to navigate the emotional chaos that comes with living in a pandemic world, but the script handles it with such nuance and depth that it feels like a true effort of art.

The romantic comedy Summer 2029 is directed by Jesse Peretz, who also helmed two episodes of Netflix’s mega-hit series The End of the World, and the drama series The Goldfinch. Having worked in both drama and comedy, the director brings an important nuance to the romantic comedy – that it can be both funny and serious, and doesn’t have to be one or the other. The results are stunning. With its dark humor, incredible social commentary, and nuanced performances from its young leads, Summer 2029 is a film that will stick with you long after you’ve left the theater.

Robert Pattinson and Selena Gomez: A Powerful On-Screen Duo

Robert Pattinson is arguably the best actor of his generation, with a career spanning over a decade and a half. The British actor is best known for his collaborations with J. J. Abrams, having starred in the director’s TV shows, including Lost and Cloverfield. He was also one of the stars of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the last installment of the franchise.

Pattinson, who was born in London in 1981, started his acting career in the early 2000s, and earned an IMDb rating of 8.3, which is considered extraordinary for an actor’s first feature film. He’s since gone on to star in such major films as the World War II thriller What Lies Beneath, the indie gem The Manderville Hoard, and the sci-fi comedy 22 Jump Street. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in the drama Bird Box, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for playing the title character in the Broadway adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery.

Among his many credits, he’s acted in some genuinely great films, including Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner, which he followed up with a string of critically acclaimed performances in Garden State, Shakespeare in Love, and The Birth of a Nation. However, he’s also turned in some awful performances, namely in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the upcoming Joker.

Despite his obvious talents, it’s only recently that we’ve seen Pattinson carry a film, with 2019 being a breakout year for the actor. He starred in some genuinely great movies, including the acclaimed indie comedy Wonderstruck and the drama Shadow, and even took on an iconic role in Peter Jackson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. He earned good reviews for his performances in the war film The Way Back and the romantic comedy The Long Sleep, and even scored a perfect 10 on the IMDb rating scale, which is incredibly rare for an actor.

Pattinson, whose films are characterized by their British charm and quirky sensibilities, was always a favorite of mine. It’s interesting to see the evolution of his performance through his various collaborations with Abrams, starting with an innocent young boy in Super 8 and graduating to an emotionally mature young man in the upcoming Joker? I really do believe that every generation has a Bruce Wayne in it, and it just so happens that this generation’s Bruce Wayne is Robert Pattinson.

Selena Gomez Is The One To Watch

Selena Gomez is probably best known for her role in the Disney series Maleficent, but the actress has been having an incredible run lately, having recently starred in a superhero film with Robert Pattinson, The Cape, and having racked up critical acclaim for her work in the acclaimed Netflix series Stranger Things and the acclaimed indie film Never Have I Ever.

In 2020, Gomez will star in the upcoming Disney+ series Brightlands, alongside Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. She previously starred in the series Drybones and The Suite Life of Zack & Abby, and was the voice of the titular character in the Despicable Me film series.

Gomez has also proven herself to be a powerful collaborator, having worked with such notable directors as Sofia Coppola and Guillermo del Toro. She has a special gift for bringing an artistic sensibility to the screen, and her work has an important aesthetic component that draws on her background in fashion.

The young actress, who was born in South Florida in 1992, has an incredible eye for design, and her favorite fashion designer is undoubtedly Marchesa. With its unique and vivid color combinations, eclectic prints, and glamorous fashion house, Marchesa is an important brand for Gomez, and she has collaborated with the French luxury label before, appearing in a commercial for their clothing line in 2014. In 2019, Marchesa and Gomez collaborated to create a capsule collection, which was inspired by the actress’ favorite colors – red, white, and blue – and she has also modeled for the brand’s runway show. Marchesa is also a partner in the women’s wear division of the luxury apparel company Vetements, and Gomez has a signature piece from the collection (a shirt with an unusual collar). It seems that Gomez’ fashion roots have not only influenced her acting choices but also her romantic relationships. She previously dated Justin Bieber, before meeting the actor, and has previously said of him: “He’s the best partner I could ever want. He’s wonderful. He’s so sweet and kind, and he makes me feel so happy and cared for.”

Gomez earned her law degree from Georgetown University, where she was previously a member of the Georgetown Law Review. It was at Georgetown that she studied politics, economics, and law, and she subsequently worked at the international law firm, Greenberg Traurig, before moving to New York to pursue her acting career. She has also said of her studies at Georgetown: “I feel like I’ve gotten a real taste of what my education at Georgetown has prepared me for. It’s given me the confidence to pursue my dreams and follow my instincts. I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned.”

Gomez’ powerful on-screen presence makes it seem as if she were able to channel all of this energy and enthusiasm into her romantic life as well. The actress dated artist and musician Shawn Mendes for a little while in 2018, and she subsequently dated actor and singer Adam Levine in 2019. Their relationship status, however, is still listed as “single” on Gomez’ LinkedIn page as of February 2021.