While we’re on the subject of celebrities’ love lives, let’s have a rummage through their public appearances to find out what’s trending. If you’ve been paying attention to the media in the past year, you’d know that Hollywood’s most gorgeous couple, Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough, have been living it up and enjoying the fame their romance has brought them. From attending film festivals and premieres to jetting around the world on honeymoons – and even getting married! – their lives have been nothing short of amazing. But what is all the fuss about? Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most memorable moments from this celebrity couple’s year of romance.

Wedding Plans

In April 2019, the couple got hitched in a romantic ceremony in Italy, with their guests including Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and Meryl Streep. As the wedding photographer George Maloney put it: “I think for this couple, romance and marriage were intrinsically linked. They saw their relationship evolve over time, and they wanted to make sure it started off on the right foot. They both come from a strong Catholic family, and I think it resonated with them both.” The wedding reception was held at Dorsia Estate, an extravagant English manor, with an aisle decorated with flowers and ferns, and a four-person wedding cake made by celebrity baker Lisa Sugar. The dress code was “formal-chic,” and guests were welcomed to the ceremony in “relaxed-chic” attire. According to the couple’s publicist, Harper Beckham, the bride’s choice of dress was inspired by the 1920s and the Great Gatsby era, with a bit of a romantic whimsy twist: “Riley wanted something that was feminine, but still had a bit of a vintage feel, so she chose this gorgeous cream-coloured dress with a high-waisted belt. It’s such an elegant, timeless choice, and something she will truly feel happy to have chosen when looking back on her wedding day.”

While it was an intimate affair for the couple’s closest family and friends, the celebrity wedding generated headlines around the world. The sheer magnitude of the event served as a clear demonstration of the international status the couple have achieved as a result of their relationship. But as the photographer for the ceremony, Annie LeBlanc, put it: “I think it’s fair to say that the wedding did not go as everyone had anticipated. There were a few glitches here and there that were not ideal, but in the main, the event unfolded beautifully.” Some of the “glitches” that became a trending topic on social media included:

  • Annie LeBlanc’s dress wasn’t the only thing that got messed up. The singer Haddie’s dress was designed by Victoria Beckham and was supposed to be worn by the bride’s father, Sir Richard, as a touché, but he had a problem with his suit, which meant Haddie had to step in.
  • Despite planning to walk down the aisle together, Richard and Haddie walked down the aisle separately. As a result, the wedding ceremony was slightly disjointed, with the bride walking out first, then the groom following. A video of the incident has racked up more than 15 million views on TikTok.
  • Harper Beckham had to step in and save the day as the couple’s mother, Angela, was taken ill a few days before the wedding. She was diagnosed with acute leukemia and underwent chemotherapy treatment. The ceremony had to be postponed.
  • As the wedding day approached, it became clear that the bride wasn’t exactly over the moon about her big day. She got up close and personal with the microphone and narrated her wedding day in a series of emotional speeches. “I’m so happy to share this moment with you, because I’ve wanted to share this moment with you since we first got to know each other,” she said. “Thank you for giving me the best day ever. I love you.”

Romantic Getaways

Just like the rest of the world, the couple have been extremely private over the past year, and despite numerous stories about their romance, they’ve chosen to keep their intimate moments to themselves. One of the reasons why they’ve remained so mysterious is because they’ve been jetting off on romantic getaways to far-flung places like Italy and Portugal, where they’ve rented out the entire villa for the duration of their trip. In August 2019, the couple were spotted on a double date with Tom Hardy and his girlfriend, Charlotte Moore, near Venice. The same month, a vacationing Pattinson was photographed with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, shivering deliciously in a bikini on a beach in Ibiza.

While we don’t know for sure, it’s safe to assume that the couple’s love of privacy has been partly motivated by their desire to keep their personal life as private as possible, given the intense media scrutiny they’ve endured over the years. In 2021, the paparazzi even tried to sneak a peek at their upcoming wedding night via a “security cam,” but the attempt failed miserably when the photographer tried to zoom in on the couple’s hotel room. When the zoomed image of the room’s décor went viral, it became clear just how determined the couple are to safeguard their romance. They’ve even hired bodyguards to ensure their privacy on their wedding day – a detail that was revealed when one of their guards was photographed with a handgun, which he was licensed to carry.

On a lighter note, the famous couple have also been spotted at a number of red-carpet events over the past year, from the SAG Awards in November 2019 to the Met Gala in May 2020. At the SAG Awards, guests were treated to a special performance by Lady Gaga and Amy Schumer, with the latter making a poignant speech about the couple’s influence. “There’s been a lot of talk about the so-called #CoupleOfTheYear and who they’re going to choose, but tonight, I want to talk about another important couple,” she said.

Schumer then went on to name-check a number of famous faces, including Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough:

“Tonight, you’re going to see a lot of eyes checking out Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough. But let me ask you: whose eyes are you going to be checking out?”

Lady Gaga followed up Schumer’s speech with a performance that was as extravagant as it was passionate. The singer stormed out onto the stage in a gold-sequined slip dress and took the microphone. She proceeded to narrate the climactic scene from her 2019 album, ÷(Ω), where she plays a dual role. During the scene, Gaga mimics a number of famous people, including Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor.

The following month, at the Met Gala in May 2020, Lady Gaga took the opportunity to dress the part of a ballerina for a specific scene in her upcoming film, White Swan. Dressed in a classic white costume with black dots, she skirled and whirled her way through the ballroom in a passionate performance that was as dazzling as it was terrifying. “I wanted to put a little spin on my outfit tonight,” the singer said before the performance. “I know that many of you are big fans of the ballet, and this is my way of saying thank you for all your support. This is also a dress that is a symbol of female strength and bravery. I hope you feel as beautiful as I do tonight.”

While we’d like to think that the intense media scrutiny that comes with being a celebrity sweetheart would make the couple more discreet, it’s actually had the opposite effect, safeguarding their private life rather than exposing it. It seems that, for the couple, romance and celebrity are inextricably linked. As the famous saying goes, “show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a fabulous hotel.” From the exclusive five-star resorts and first-class flights to the bespoke tuxedos and luxurious lingerie, these celebrities have made millions through their glamour – but it seems that their fame has also become their fortune, as some of the brands they promote are extremely expensive to buy.