It’s been a rough year for Robert Pattinson, who had to say goodbye to his girlfriend of five years, the English actress Rosella Hightower. After their breakup last December, Pattinson was seen with model and actress Lydia Bright, while at times, he appeared to be making amends with his ex-girlfriend, the pop singer and occasional actress, Rihanna. However, this year has seen a significant change in Pattinson’s life, with the 26-year-old reinventing himself as a solo artist and performing solo at award shows. In this article, we’ll discuss how Pattinson’s solo career has changed his life, and how to deal with the fallout from his split from Rosella and Rihanna’s split.

Robert Pattinson Wants To Be Independent And Live His Life

When Rosella Hightower and Robert Pattinson split up last December, the English actor made headlines and social media platforms around the world. As one of the most famous and popular male actors of his generation, Pattinson, born in London, was accustomed to attracting a lot of attention. But, since the breakup, he’s chosen to go back to basics and focus on what’s important to him – namely, his work and his friends. “I just want to be independent and live my life,” he told Hollywood Life. “The last few years, I’ve been doing a lot of press junkets and interviews, being on tour and going to award shows. I’ve been playing a character, which has been fun; however, I miss just being Robert Pattinson.”

Since the breakup, Pattinson has largely kept to himself, appearing at various award shows and keeping a low profile. In fact, the only time he’s been in the spotlight since then has been to support friend and fellow Englishman, Harry Styles, on tour. In April, Styles won an Academy Award for best supporting actor for his role in The Sisters Brothers, and in June, Pattinson and Styles were back onstage together at the 2019 Grammys, performing Harry’s solo single, “Ocean Eyes.”

Last December, after the breakup, Pattinson took to Instagram to post a throwback picture of himself with Hightower, as well as another picture of himself with his then-new girlfriend, Lydia Bright. While most of the pictures were of Pattinson with his new companions, he did post a solo shot of himself at a piano, writing, “Sometimes you just need a nice, old-fashioned songwriting session.”

The photo with Bright, an artist who specializes in portraits and concept art, marked a significant change in Pattinson’s life. The two have been dating since January and seem to be making a good impression on one another’s fans. In fact, Bright has been compared to Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne because of her fashion choices and the unique portrait she creates of her subjects. While Bright’s influence is evident in Pattinson’s music, the singer hasn’t exactly reinvented himself as a solo artist, writing and performing songs with high demand in the celebrity world. But, in terms of his own music, these songs represent a significant change from the pop he was popularizing back in the day.

Since the breakup, Pattinson has released one solo album, named after Hightower’s dog, Wilt. The English actor put a lot of thought into the album, which featured songs that were initially written for acting assignments, as well as some that he’d initially penned for Hightower. He worked with a wide array of collaborators, including Chance the Rapper, Diddy, and Sia, on Wilt. The project was met with positive reviews, with Rolling Stone hailing it as “beautiful” and Pitchfork calling it “a stunning and revelatory solo album.”

While most of the attention following the breakup has been focused on Pattinson and Bright, with the pair seemingly back together and happy, the singer’s other romantic interests have also made headlines. A source told Celebrities Daily that Pattinson is “completely head over heels in love” with French actress and musician, Romain Duris. Known for his work in La Reine (2002), which earned him a nomination for the Academy Award for best supporting actor, and in Adieu l’Amour (2016), the two have been spotted out together in Paris, France, as well as on Duris’ private island, Porquerolles. It’s also been reported that the two plan to wed in the fall.

What Happened With Robert Pattinson And Rihanna?

If there’s been one person who’s dominated 2019 so far, it’s been the pop star and actress, Rihanna. In March, Rihanna released her ninth studio album, entitled ANTI, and became the first artist in history to have a number-one album, four number-one singles, and a platinum album in the same year. As for why ANTI was so successful, the album was named after a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, which the pop star read as an introduction to class. Inspired by Poe’s work, she decided to write and perform anthems that expressed her feelings about love, sex, and mortality. In May, the album was met with a glowing review from Rolling Stone, which called it “pitch-perfect” and “masterful.”

As for what happened with Robert Pattinson and Rihanna, the two dated for four years before they officially called it quits in January. During that time, fans experienced a lot of ups and downs, as they went through a messy split that was filled with tabloid media leaks and intense scrutiny. One of the biggest revelations came from an interview with Heat magazine, where Rihanna described Pattinson as “a sweet, kind, and handsome man,” adding, “We’re just not compatible.” After breaking up with Pattinson, RiRi began a rocky love affair with fellow pop star, Justin Bieber. The two were even seen kissing at one point, though they both vehemently denied this was a romantic encounter. Things between Bieber and Rihanna eventually soured, and in June, the pop star announced that she and her team were working on a documentary about her troubled relationship with the Canadian chart-topper. While many fans hoped that the two would reconcile, the documentary ultimately ended their rumored romance.

Solo Career Changes Everything For Robert Pattinson

As we’ve established, since the breakup, Pattinson has been relatively quiet with regards to new romantic interests and media attention. But, in terms of his solo career, he’s made some significant changes. In addition to going back to basics and focusing on his music and art, he’s also taken steps to ensure that future romantic endeavors don’t hurt his budding career. As a result of these changes, he’s emerged as a far more mature and responsible individual, making him a more attractive, and, thus, more popular, partner for the aspiring artistes and models he meets.

In June, before heading to the Venice Film Festival to premiere his latest film, Pattinson made headlines when he announced that he would no longer date actresses or models, so as to avoid any potential scandals that could hurt his career. “I don’t want to be in the position where it gets cancelled or postponed because of some press statement that I’ve made about not wanting to date anyone,” he told Variety. “It would be best if there was no mention of my dating life at all. Because it is my choice who I date and what I do. I’m not a victim here. The fact is that I’m a professional, and I need to protect my image.”

This decision hasn’t exactly gone down well with all of his celebrity fans and girlfriends, with some accusing Pattinson of being “selfish” and “shameful.” Nevertheless, since making this decision, Pattinson has been linked to an array of famous faces, including fellow Englishman, Harry Styles. The duo were first seen together in January, when they performed Harry’s “Ocean Eyes” together at the Billboard Music Awards, followed by a passionate make-out session that was captured by cameras. Styles appeared to be trying to reassure Pattinson, telling him, “we’re friends now, right?” As for whether or not this is simply a publicity stunt, Styles declined to comment. But, as we’ve established, Pattinson isn’t exactly known for his discretion when it comes to his personal life. As a result, this may simply be a rekindling of a romance that went wrong, rather than a full-blown relationship.

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