Ever wonder what life is like for the famous couple behind the bestselling Twilight series? We got the chance to sit down with Pattinson and Reed and talk about their love story and how they manage to stay so devoted to one another all these years later.

It’s no secret that Hollywood loves to pair up popular actors. One of the biggest couplings in Hollywood right now is Robert Pattinson (pictured above, left) and Nikki Reed (Robbie Kay). This year the twosome’s passion for one another was on full display as they attended various events together, including premiere screenings of their latest film, Days Between Seasons. The pair even showed up to the SAG awards looking none other than perfect.

The British actor came with a handsome sparkle on his finger as he proposed to the American actress on New Year’s Eve in Rome. Their engagement ball was such a success that we’re sure the two had plenty of romantic moments after the event as well.

A Brief History Of Their Relationship

It all started in 2012 when they first met on the set of the indie film, Prom. The two seemed to hit it off right away and continued to work together throughout the following year. In October 2012, Reed made her debut as an actress playing the female lead in the romantic comedy, Hello, My Name Is. The film featured Pattinson as well and was a critical and box office success. The following month, Pattinson attended the premiere of the film in New York City, where they had a brief encounter that went viral.

The pair continued to work together in 2013 and continued to rack up hit after hit. In April, they played a married couple in the romantic comedy, Badfinger. Later that year, they were featured on the Forbes’ Hollywood 100 list, which honors the year’s biggest stars. They were ranked 96th.

In 2014, they both starred in the horror movie, What Keeps You Up At Night. Then director David Cronenberg called them his biggest movie fans and admitted that they both inspired some of the movie’s scenes.

As you can see by their filmography, they’ve starred in a slew of romantic comedies and horror films together. While Reed has mostly played the submissive lead in these films, it seems like things are changing as she’s taking on more prominent roles, like in the upcoming Netflix series, The Order. In some ways that’s probably a step back for her, but we can’t blame her for trying to stake her claim in the game.

How Do They Stay So In Sync?

The key to their relationship? As we’ve learned from watching their films, they both seem to genuinely enjoy one another’s company. In real life the two spend a lot of time together and have established a nice routine. They arrive at set early and leave late, which gives them ample time to enjoy life in the city that suits them both so well.

They’ve been married four times over the years and are both devout Catholics. The couple practice their religion and go to mass every week. As an added bonus, they both love animals and have been heavily involved with charitable causes. In fact, they’ve both been featured in numerous campaigns for animal welfare and environmental protection. They’ve both given up plenty for their causes and continue to inspire people with their work.

How’s Their Worklife?

Since they’re both busy with their careers, how is their worklife? Pretty well, actually. They admit that it can be hard to find time to pursue their hobbies, which include reading and going on walks. Still, their busy schedules don’t seem to get in the way of them enjoying life and one another’s company. They seem to find time for what’s important to them, which is why we admire them so much.

Reed has said that she wants to adopt children and become a full-time mother. One of the main reasons she wants to do this is to give her children the attention that she didn’t have as a single mom. However, she still considers herself a feminist and has never hidden her support for women’s rights. When she found out that Donald Trump had bragged about groping women, she tweeted: “I stand with all of my feminist brothers and sisters tonight. We are all outraged and we are all together.”

What Kind Of Relationship Do They Have?

People either love them or hate them. But, as we’ve learned, it’s really the complete opposite. They say that behind every great man, there’s a great woman. In this case, it’s true. Pattinson is no saint, but he’s certainly not the villain many people make him out to be, either. With a more complicated narrative than usual, it would be nice to see more nuanced portrayals in the media.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, this is an age-old issue for couples. Some people are blessed with perfect chemistry from the get-go and can forge a strong, lasting bond from the very beginning. For others, it takes a little more time. But no matter what, as long as you put in the work, you’ll surely reap the benefits.

It’s clear that at least for now, Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed are extremely happy together. While their latest film didn’t quite reach the same blockbuster status as the previous ones they’ve starred in together, it was still a critical and box office success. They continue to work hard at being the best couple they can be and we have a feeling that their dedication will continue to pay off.