There’s no question that Hollywood’s most in-demand couple, Robert Pattinson and Margot Robbie, are one of the most popular and successful sets to hit the big screen in recent memory. The love story between the two began back in 2011 with the release of the hit comedy film, Get Him to the Greek, and since then the world has been keeping up with their whirlwind love affair. From breaking up and making up to attending separate weddings, the couple has kept us entertained as they’ve worked toward building their relationship and today, they’re better together than ever before.

The Good Natured Brighter

The first piece of news to grab our attention was the revelation that Robbie was set to marry her husband, filmmaker, and friend, Gil Kenney, just a few short weeks after they exchanged vows. Just 18 months later, they would become the proud parents of twin girls. The happy news came just in time for the August 2017 premiere of their romantic comedy, Blockers, marking yet another important milestone in their blossoming relationship.

The film follows the mismatched adventures of a bachelor party involving a group of friends who have to deal with the bachelors’ antics and the complications of a wedding schedule. As one might imagine, a lot can go wrong on a wedding day, and hilarity ensues as these men, who have no idea what marriage is really like, try to navigate the ups and downs of marriage and parenthood. From the nervous groom, played by John Leguizamo, to the overzealous best man, played by Ed Helms, the laughs are plentiful as these foursome learn what they’re really getting into. (In case you’re wondering, the film is also the last time Margot Robbie and Ed Helms will ever appear together.)

The Proposal

After nearly a yearlong engagement, the couple surprised fans and followers by eloping to Venice, Italy, in a gorgeous sunset ceremony late in 2018. It was a memorable event that drew numerous celebrities and important figures from the entertainment world. One of the most honored guests was none other than Oprah Winfrey, with whom Robbie has long been admired and who attended the ceremony as a guest of honor, along with her speechwriter and producer, Betsy Steinberg. The newlywed couple has chosen to keep their wedding details private, but an insider reveals to us that the happy couple opted for a traditional Italian wedding, complete with bride’s maids, white wedding gowns, and elaborate decorations. The ceremony itself was followed by a reception, with many beautiful speeches and toasts. Following the glamorous and romantic ceremony, the newlyweds retreated for a private honeymoon in Italy, where they were joined by a small group of friends and family for a luxurious getaway filled with laughter and unforgettable moments.

The Kids

Three months after their romantic wedding, the couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy they named Edson Patrick, in February 2019. The happy parents-to-be are already showing off their offspring, proudly displaying his beautiful cream colored curls in their Instagram feeds. The child’s godparents are Adam Levine and Tamara Driscoll, with Bella Thorne and Ryan Seacrest as his honorary grandparents. While we’re certainly happy for the couple and their growing family, the birth of their son surely did not come without its challenges. After all, even the most well-oiled celebrity baby machine has its limits, and it’s no secret that childbirth is a physically demanding process. However, the parents have remained resolute in their commitment to each other, buoyed by their unwavering faith and support network. (We’re definitely keeping an eye out for any news relating to their son!)

Healthy & Active

The year 2021 will mark the first anniversary of the couple’s elopement, and while they have yet to share any health scares or new challenges, they have both maintained active lifestyles. Robbie, who grew up playing sports, has continued her passion for golf, and she credits her training for her role in the upcoming romantic comedy, What Game Next, in which she plays a golf instructor who becomes a mentor to an underprepared rookie golf instructor (played by Pattinson). In addition to golfing, the fitness-savvy star jogs and rides her bike and works out with friends and family at the gym. Like her, Pattinson has remained busy throughout the years, working on the set of his films as well as pursuing his acting career. Additionally, he has traveled the world, visiting every continent except for Antarctica, and has even braved the icy cold, hitting the ice sheets for a spot of ice fishing. In 2021 he will continue to work on expanding his repertoire, with upcoming films including The Meg, about a gigantic reptile terrorizing a small town, and The House with the Clock in It, in which he plays a detective who unravels a mystery involving a young girl’s disappearance. In his spare time, Pattinson supports various animal rescue and welfare organizations, using his celebrity status to draw attention to critical causes.

Romantic & Affectionate

The duo continues to amaze with their intimate displays of affection. In December 2022, they were spotted attending one of the most famous and luxurious nightspots in the world, the Blue Train, which hosts some of the most popular jazz musicians and has a renowned jazz room. With a backdrop of mood lighting and live music, the two were shown dancing and flirting throughout the evening. A little more than a week later, they were spotted holding hands as they walked through London’s Covent Garden. At the time, their rep’s shared, “They had a lovely time and enjoyed spending quality time together. They are very affectionate with each other and look to cherish each other’s company.” As the year goes on and their romance continues to inspire envy and delight, it’s important to note that while their love story is filled with Hollywood magic, they continue to face the same challenges that other newlywed couples do. Like many other newlyweds, they are learning to adjust to life together and to each other’s schedules as a busy work couple while also trying to build a family, which includes caring for their joint baby boy, who was born in the spring of 2021.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from them, but based on their social media activity and the amazing things we see on the big screen, we’d have to say that it seems like their relationship is working out just fine. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Are Robert Pattinson & Margot Robbie officially dating?