What happens when you match an international superstar and a global fashion icon against one another? You get an engagement that draws as much attention as it does enthusiasm. So it was when singer, songwriter, and producer, Robert Pattinson, and social media superstar, Kylie Jenner, announced their engagement. Their fans – and society at large – could not get enough of the romantic news.

The couple exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony held at London’s St. Pancras Church earlier this month. Just hours after the ceremony, the hashtag #PattinsonKylie was one of the top trends on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. People across the world were celebrating and sharing their joy over the newlywed couple’s perfect match.

The event garnered such interest that it was covered by nearly every major news outlet. CNN, New York Times, and USA Today were just a few of the publications that featured the celebrity wedding. Access Hollywood even went so far as to call it the “most romantic news in years.”

The couple’s celebrity extends beyond their engagement. The “Believe” singer-songwriter has been on a quest for love for years, and in 2018 she finally found it with the Twilight franchise star. The couple celebrated their first anniversary by releasing a romantic album, entitled “Kylie and Robert.” The album features some of their most romantic songs, such as “Waterline” and “Lust for Life,” and it serves as a reminder of the unique and special connection those two have.

While it’s fair to say that the media’s treatment of their story has been positive, there have been allegations of troubled relationships between the couple. A rep for the singer denied that the pair was experiencing any problems, calling the claims “totally false and simply manufactured to create publicity.” And while there have been no public allegations of mistreatment, the media scrutiny and public speculation that surrounds the pair’s every move continues to this day. Are they really doing this Hollywood thing right? What does the future hold for this celebrity couple?

They’re Made for Each Other

From the very beginning, it was clear that Robert and Kylie were made for each other. The pair became friends while filming the 2005 movie, “Hotel California,” in which they played lovers separated by circumstance. They continued to cross paths professionally, with Robert initially being credited as a producer on many of Kylie’s records. The pair became even more closely linked while working on the soundtrack for the 2006 film, “Confessions of a Shopaholic.”

Kylie took to Instagram to recall the first time she met the Twilight actor. “I remember being really nervous,” she wrote. “It was the first time I met him in person and I just felt like there was this immediate connection. I felt like I knew him already.”

The pair officially began dating in 2011, and in 2015 they announced that they were expecting their first child together. Their daughter, Stormi Webster, was born in January 2016.

In the years since their romance was first announced, the two have managed to keep their relationship in the spotlight. They frequently post about their daughter’s adorable antics, and Robert even penned an emotional Instagram post about Kylie shortly after their daughter’s first birthday.

The media couldn’t get enough of the celebrity couple’s adorable pictures of Stormi, and in the years since her birth they’ve become firm fixtures in the tabloids. In 2018 alone, “Love Story” was splashed across the media in some shape or form more than twenty-five times. A recurring joke on the Married to Mia meme page is that “Robert and Kylie’s daughter stole the spotlight at Cannes 2019.”

While it’s easy to see why their daughter’s birth would continue to captivate audiences, it’s also crucial to recognize that Stormi is not the first person who’s ever occupied that spotlight.

An Unexpectedly Beautiful Family

What would a 2019 media recap be without some kind of mention of the ‘Kardashian family’? With the prominent placement of Kourtney Kardashian’s upcoming wedding to Scott Disick in 2020 and her children on the cover of almost every major magazine in the country, it is clear that the clan is more influential than ever. Thanks to their status as global ‘It’ girls, the Kardashians enjoy a level of celebrity that is not often granted to families of this size.

Although Stormi was born into this media spotlight, she is no ordinary baby. The toddler social media stars ‘grams of herself on a regular basis, and she has even caught the attention of famous faces. Last year, Stormi became the subject of a meme on TikTok after putting on a flawless imitation of her parents’ wedding dress, complete with the bride’s veil and sparkly accessories. She also stole the show at her grandma’s funeral with her own unique rendition of “My Grandma’s Dead.’” At just two years old, Stormi is already showing signs of her unique style.

The Pressure Is On

The last few years have been a whirlwind for the celebrity duo. Since their first anniversary, they’ve managed to balance motherhood with high profile jobs, romantic outings, and frequent Instagram posts. Needless to say, the pressure is on to keep the media interest hot, and the couple continue to live their best lives to keep up with the demand.

Kylie recently admitted that she finds the spotlight “difficult.” She told Wonderland magazine: “I can’t help but feel like the more I do, the more they want. Is it wrong to want more? More than what? Is it wrong to want my own identity? Is it wrong to want to be known for me instead of what they want me to be known for?”

It is clear that the pressure is on to keep the public interested in this celebrity story, as well as to ensure that it stays a happy and positive one. Although Robert and Kylie’s wedding was met with an outpouring of joy, it is also important to note that this is a marriage built on considerable pressure. The stakes could not be higher: if this union fails to live up to the public’s high expectations, it could seriously damage both their careers.