Is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s romance just a love-live or is it a true story-karma come full circle?

The on-again, off-again couple started dating in 2010 and then went their separate ways for a bit. While they were apart, they confirmed their love for each other and got engaged. After an incredibly popular proposal, the pair decided to hit the road once again, but this time as a married couple.

The two have been open about their desire to be parents and have had plenty of opportunity to share their joys as well as new challenges in parenting. However, since their daughter, Meadow, was born in 2012, it seems the young family may have changed their relationship.

The couple is often compared to Harry and Sally due to the fact that both began their relationships relatively late in life and decided to make it a family, despite having seemingly incompatible personalities. Yet, they stuck together through thick and thin and are still married today. Perhaps that is why so many think they will work things out this time around.

New Romances

In 2018, it seems like new romances are emerging for the 2020 season. While many predicted a slow romance revival after the pandemic, it appears that the desire to be with someone and build a family has spurred countless young couples to explore their desires. There are those who believe that the world is a lot more open and understanding today than it was in decades past, and it certainly seems that way. The rise of online dating has made it easier for anyone to find a partner, regardless of location. This could explain why the divorce rate has declined and more people are opting for a more traditional, long-term commitment. Those who want to settle down with a partner and start a family may be finding that it is no longer difficult to do so.

Long-Haul Reruns

It’s no secret that Twilight was a cultural phenomenon and paved the way for many subsequent vampire-themed franchises. But while the appeal of these vampire stories may have been rooted in nostalgia for the golden age of Hollywood, it seems that the story of struggling human and immortal predator has never been more relevant. For decades, Hollywood has told us that vampires are cool, but now more people than ever are seeing the beauty in them. If anything, the pandemic has heightened our appreciation for all things paranormal.

A Dark Twist

It’s fair to say that nothing in Hollywood is straightforward. Few relationships in Hollywood are, and it’s rare that what we see on the big screen is exactly what we’ll see on the small screen. Case in point: while many assume that HBO’s 2001 series, The Sopranos, is loosely based on real-life mobster, James “Jimmy the Gent” Frondelli, we now know that the show is actually a semi-fictionalised account of the the rise of New York’s Italian-American mafia in the early twentieth century. Even the actors’ portrayal of the characters on the show are mostly based on real people.

Similarly, while most think that the Showtime series, Penny Dreadful, is based on the iconic horror novels of William “Frankenstein” Frankenstein, there are those who believe that it is more of a retelling of Mary Shelley’s The Last Man He Killed Was Himself. In any case, much like in the movies, the world of Penny Dreadful is one that we are familiar with but will never truly know. It is a strange, mystical place where monsters are a part of everyday life and Sherlock Holmes and Dracula regularly battle it out for supremacy. It is a place beyond logic and traditional morality and its inhabitants are not always what they seem.

The Importance Of Procreation

In many ways, the importance of procreation is a theme that extends beyond the world of entertainment. After all, we recently heard that 66% of American couples cited financial stability as the number one quality they look for in a mate, while 58% want someone with a steady job. Perhaps it is the lack of traditional male/female roles that has caused a shift in the priorities of today’s young adult generation, making them more open to exploring alternative family structures. While the stigma surrounding single motherhood may be lessening, it still remains a more traditional route to parenthood.

As more and more people are seeing the beauty in being single and child-free, it seems that the stigma surrounding having children alone will become less important. After all, being a single parent is no longer a choice, but a necessity for many. For those who want to build a family but don’t necessarily want to go down the traditional route, they may find that it is more difficult to do so without the support of a partner. While this may be disheartening for some, it is ultimately an opportunity for those who are open to pursuing alternative family structures and living their lives how they see fit.

The Divorce Rate Is On The Decline

It’s no secret that the cinema house is now seemingly more of a place of solace than a place to escape from. During times of crisis, we retreat to the comfort of our screens, watching fictional character adventures as we wait for the world to return to normal. While many people may still prefer to hide in their homes during this time, it seems that the need to escape the chaos of everyday life has led to a climb in the divorce rate.

According to the American Institute of Stress, “[b]ad news and worrying about the economy are the biggest sources of stress for American workers.” It would appear that many people are turning to their screens to take their minds off their problems, as evidenced by the fact that Netflix is currently the UK’s sixth most popular streaming service.

New York, Here We Come

One of the main reasons that people cite for wanting to get married is the desire to have a traditional, nuclear family. Yet, while many cite the financial stability that comes with being married, the desire to explore new places and new things often trumps this. In 2020, it seems that New York is the city that everyone wants to visit. It is the cultural mecca of the twenty-first century and many people in search of a life partner are heading there in search of that perfect engagement ring.