When it comes to celebrity relationships, few pairings are as iconic as Rob and Kristen. Since their on-screen romance began in 2007’s The Twilight Saga, the young couple have become a symbol of true love and loyalty. But did you know that behind the scenes the couple have been through a lot? Not only have they faced an on-and-off-screen romance that made the tabloids, but they also had to deal with the loss of a child, the pressures of being famous, and even rumors of a break-up. Here’s how their love story unfolded.

Early Days

Before Rob and Kristen’s relationship was even publicized, the young actor had won the heart of multiple female fans when he played the sympathetic love interest in 2005’s Veronica Mars. But the actor broke some hearts when it was revealed in 2006 that he had cheated on Veronica Mars’ actress girlfriend, Kristen Bell. The news broke in the middle of Veronica Mars’ most famous episode, which also acted as the series finale. In the aftermath, Rob’s reputation was tarnished and fans turned on Kristen, who they felt abandoned them. Still, the two remained together, and in 2007 they appeared as Edward and Bella in the Twilight Saga, which became a worldwide phenomenon.

New York City Life

While the media frenzy surrounding Twilight was at its height, Rob and Kristen were still focused on their professional careers. The couple appeared in multiple blockbuster films including The Avengers, and the following year they played a version of themselves in the comedy Booksmart. In 2019 they’ll appear in the James Gunn-directed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3; before that, however, Gunn revealed that the pair would not be appearing in the third installment of the franchise because “they are enjoying their privacy.” Even so, the film will mark their first major appearance since the release of Avengers: Endgame.

Despite their busy schedules, the screenwriters of the Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer and Elizabeth Reitman, revealed in 2016 that they’d received permission from Rob and Kristen to write a book about the couple. The resulting novel, Palo Alto, was released a year later, and it focuses on the relationship between Rob and Kristen after the events of Twilight. The novel also features cameos from some of Rob and Kristen’s famous friends including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, and Emma Watson. Like the book itself, the film adaption is a romantic comedy, and it won’t just be about the ups and downs of their off-screen romance. According to the press release for Palo Alto, Rob and Kristen’s “celebrity status proves that there is still an audience for their unique brand of humor and honesty, which will be evident in this film as they navigate the ups and downs of a new relationship.”


After the phenomenal success of Twilight, it was only a matter of time before tabloids began publishing stories about Rob and Kristen’s purported split. The couple first addressed the rumors in 2015, when they released an adorable joint video titled “We’re Still Best Friends.” In the video, Rob and Kristen admitted that they’d had a falling out but promised that they’d still be best friends. They also revealed that they’d recently completed a film called The Gucci Girls, which explores “the complicated relationship that develops between a famous fashion house and a group of young female stylists.”

The following year, Rob and Kristen starred in a Netflix adaptation of the musical Cats. In this adaptation, which takes place in an alternative universe, they play rival felines Madame Tabby and Lady Sally, who team up to save the life of a fashion house executive (Jim Carrey). While the film received mixed reviews, it was still a success and boosted Rob and Kristen’s celebrity even further. Ultimately, the film won the couple loyal fans among the fashion world. After a rough patch in their professional and personal life, it seems like Rob and Kristen are finally on the right track. In a recent interview with GQ, the young actor revealed that he’d like to explore his sexuality and would love to work with director Taika Waititi on his next project.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re either a fan of Rob and Kristen or someone who knows one. And if you’re a fan, then congratulations! You’ve undoubtedly been waiting for this day for a long time. Now that it’s here, the pressure is on to keep the fans happy, and that means keeping up appearances on-screen and in real life. But as long as they remain true to themselves, it’s unlikely that Rob and Kristen’s fans will grow tired of their iconic status, especially since they continue to evolve as a couple in real life.