Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had a very intimate and private affair, which was the cause of much speculation. The couple kept their romance hidden from the public and guarded their privacy fiercely. But now that they are officially a couple, there have been numerous photos and publications that revolve around their gorgeous relationship. The two were spotted in a number of bazaar-style (read: romantic, soft-focus) outfit combinations, which we’ve collected here for your convenience.

The Proposal

In the year 2014, Robert Pattinson proposed to his girlfriend Kristen Stewart with a luxurious engagement ring. It was the product of two years of courtship and an engagement that was relatively uneventful. The couple exchanged the happy news via social media, posting a picture of their stunning rings and a warm message to their loved ones. It was a sweet moment, and it seemed that their love was just as genuine as everyone suspected. In the picture, both Pattinson and Stewart are beaming with joy. While it’s been reported that the wedding date has yet to be set, we can only hope that it goes as smoothly as this engagement did. Hopefully, the couple will remain happy and healthy for many years to come.

The Glow

Let’s just say that when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were first spotted dating, they definitely caught the eyes of not one but two handsome princes. The combination of the English actor and the American model was a breathtaking one, and it wasn’t long before fans were fighting for the chance to get a glimpse of this magical celebrity couple. While most of their interactions were shot using magic lights that enhance their beautiful faces and give them an ethereal glow, it’s safe to assume that not everything about them was created using computer graphics. Their natural beauty has always been breathtaking.


The couple has been relatively private ever since they started dating in 2013. But in the past few months, they’ve been spotted in some rather casual outfits, which makes us think that maybe they’re breaking their public reticence and are willing to let their guard down a little. While we’re not suggesting that they’re losing their famous good looks, it is safe to assume that they’re not wearing traditional celebrity glam on their wedding night. The choice of Rob’s and Kristen’s respective mothers as their wedding guests surely proved that there’s more to this couple than meets the eye. We can’t wait to see what other surprises they have in store for us.