Is Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart a match made in Hollywood heaven or are they simply using each other for their celebrity? The couple first sparked romance rumors when they were spotted getting cozy at a Hollywood premiere in November 2013. Since then, they’ve been photographed looking deeply in love and showing off their growing affinity for each other with a series of lavish public displays of affection.

They were married in May 2015 in a lavish ceremony at Edinburgh Castle. The couple has since been showing off their love for each other through serene Instagram photos and sweet videos of their new baby son, Bingham. But is their marriage a reality shine or merely an illusion created by the media?

Marriage Is A Mismatch For Hollywood Celebs

While many of us may be willing to forgive Robert and Kristen for shunning the traditional ways of old and embracing alternative lifestyles, it seems that Hollywood has a different take on things. The couple’s wedding quickly became the focus of media attention, with outlets reporting on every little detail of their big day. Photographers camped outside the castle in the hopes of getting a peek at one of Hollywood’s most exclusive events.

Bingham’s godfather, Donald Trump (@realdonaldtrump), was one of the first to congratulate the newlyweds. “I wish them all the happiness in the world,” he said.

The following day, hundreds of fans gathered outside the castle doors to glimpse the famous couple. Among them were Tiger Woods and Johnny Depp, who both sent their best wishes to the newlywed.

Although Robert and Kristen appeared to be in love, their marriage may not be as lasting as it seems. The couple’s decision to marry outside the faith of their families may have alienated many longtime friends and fans, and it’s possible that the marriage could collapse under the strain. (In December 2018, a divorce filing was reported to be forthcoming for the High School Musical star.)

According to reports, Robert and Kristen are already experiencing fundamental differences and have been fighting over the couple’s shared home. The Scottish Gardener claims that the couple have already separated and are living in haves and have-nots. (The Guardian did not attribute the marriage rumors to any particular news source and noted, “It is not known if the story has any merit, but it has certainly done the rounds, particularly on Twitter.”)

A ‘Hollywood Fairytale’

The speculation surrounding Robert and Kristen’s romantic history began long before they ever met. The Twilight stars were born to famous actresses Drew Armenteros (Luthor) and Patti Armenteros (Armenteros), and the pair became best friends during their formative years. (Drew’s mother, Estelle, was also an Armenteros actress.)

While Kristen enjoyed a privileged upbringing and attended some of the finest establishments in the UK, Robert became close with ordinary people while growing up in North Lincolnshire. He describes the difference in his upbringing as “being raised in a huge mansion with a butler and a maid serving breakfast in bed,” rather than “growing up in a tiny house with a foster mother.”

The couple’s professional relationship dates back to 2007, when they both starred in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, a major motion picture adaptation of the Harrison Buffett children’s novel. (The film is directed by Alex Ross and is set for release in June 2020.) That same year, they also made their television debut on the Disney Channel’s Agent Carter, playing frenemies and later becoming friends.

In 2009, the couple both won academy awards for their roles in the romantic comedy The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The following year, they came together for the first time in public at the 2009 Golden Globes celebrating the best in film and television. The twins quickly became best friends and often showed off their bond on Twitter, where they would frequently tweet back and forth at each other.

Their bond with Armenteros seems to be influencing their choice in spouses. The actress, who previously dated Tom Hiddleston, tweeted that she is a “big fangirl” of the couple, adding, “I am a total Sage Babylonian Mummy to my bffs, Robert and Kristen.” Armenteros later followed up with, “And my dearest friend is the most beautiful woman I have ever known. Not just to me but to everyone she ever meets. She is an honest brilliant soul searching for love & truth and always willing to share both.”

Robert and Kristen’s bromance blossomed into a romantic relationship, and the couple spent many private and public hours together on schedules and at conspicuous social events.

Their couple status was confirmed in 2012, when they were finally pictured together for the first time. That same year, they starred in the romantic comedy The Way Back, where they played former lovers struggling to reconnect after a break-up.

In 2014, they were both nominated for the Best Actor award at the Academy Awards, with the former winning for his role in The Grand Budapest (directed by Wolf Chamberlain and is set for release in May 2021).

A Sage Babylonian Mummy

While Armenteros spoke highly of Robert and Kristen in her tweet storm, others are less willing to shed a pitying tear. (Although many celebrities in the US wish them all the happiness in the world, the couple has also been the target of haters on Twitter. The following are just a few of the remarks that they have been called out on by fans and haters:

  • “#KrisStewart IsOverPartyTrained”
  • “#kristenstewart is a gold digger”
  • “#RobertPattinson should be afraid of kris stewart”
  • “#kristenstewartthinks she’s the only one that matters”
  • “#TIMBERLAKE is a cancer”
  • “#kristenstewartis a gold digger”

Although fans may feel betrayed by the couple’s decision to get married outside the faith of their families and friends, they should not be surprised by this choice. As Armenteros later tweeted: