It has been a rocky road for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart since their first meeting in 2010. They had a huge falling out in the middle of the year that saw them spend six weeks apart. Since then, they’ve managed to work through their issues and, according to reports, are now considered to be great friends.

A Road Trip That Transformed Their Relationship

The break up between the “Twilight” stars turned into a beautiful friendship. In August 2016, they took a road trip across the country together and got the chance to catch up on six years of lost time. They visited both of their homes along the way and reminisced about their adventures. They also discussed their hopes and dreamed for the future. The trip arguably changed their relationship for the better.

Since then, they’ve been photographed together at several key events. They’ve been spotted at the Cannes Film Festival, the Met Gala, and various concerts and music festivals. While many of their public appearances have been solo ones, they’ve also been photographed holding hands. And, in March, they were even spotted holding hands and skipping together during a performance of Ben-Hur in London.

A Happy Ending?

The last few months have seen repeated sightings of the “Twilight” stars holding hands and cuddling up beside each other. In September, they were photographed together at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Global Champions’ Summit in New York City. The same month also saw the publication of the heavily-puffed-up love letter that Edward Cullen wrote to Bella Swan. In it, he reminisced about their time together, confessed his love for her, and begged for a second chance. It was, indeed, a very romantic letter.

In November, their appearance at the Met Gala saw them walk the red carpet holding hands. The following month, they were again photographed on the carpet, this time arriving at the after-party separately. After a day of speculation, it was finally confirmed that they had been dating since June. While it’s been well-documented that Rob is a romantic at heart, he’s previously shied away from discussing his private life. However, with the announcement of their relationship, he opened up about his feelings for Stewart. He gushed on social media that she is his “best friend” and that he sees her as a “senshi” – a Japanese word describing a person who understands and can interpret the language of animals.

“I love you my senshi,” he posted on Instagram. In another post, he wrote, “Kristen, you are my best friend, my soulmate. You are beautiful, intelligent, and a wonderful dancer. I love you with all my heart.”

While many of their fans were ecstatic about their romance, it wasn’t without its controversy. In March, The New York Post reported that while some had accepted the pair’s relationship, others saw it as a marketing ploy. A petition was even started voicing their concerns. The petition’s organizers said, “They are using their platform to promote their agenda which is selling a lifestyle and not addressing real issues like climate change and discrimination.”

But it’s not all bad. The two have been vocal about their opposition to climate change. They’ve attended several climate change rallies together. They’ve also been photographed holding hands while participating in a school walkathon to raise awareness for environmental issues. They’ve also been spotted participating in several skydiving events to promote their new joint venture, DMC Adventures. While this adventure sport may be something that brings them closer together, it is, undoubtedly, dangerous. Skydiving without a parachute can be extremely deadly. The pair also jumped from an airplane without a parachute for the opening credits to their most recent film, “Jupiter Ascending.”

What Is Their Relationship Like?

Despite their rocky past, the “Twilight” stars seem to have found their way back to each other. According to their friends, they’re both intelligent, compassionate individuals who wish to make a difference. The few photos that have surfaced of their romantic interlude suggest the same as well. In a picture posted on her Instagram in April, Stewart can be seen wearing a velvet dress with a high-waisted floral pattern. The photo, which was taken by her friend and director Victoria Beckham, shows her wearing the dress as she leans against a wall with a very relaxed and happy look on her face. It suggests that their romance has improved their relationship and made them more comfortable with showing their affection for one another in front of the camera.

In another revealing shot from their “Met Gala” outing, the two can be seen holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes as they make their way towards the cameras. While not as romantic as their previous photographs, it’s still a pretty romantic gesture. Their hands and arms are both bare in the photo, which was taken by photographer Stephanie Rack and appears to have been chosen deliberately to show off their engagement ring. It seems they’ve found a way to make their relationship work and are determined to keep it private for as long as they can.