At the 2019 SAG Awards, Kristen Stewart and her ex-fiance, Robert Pattinson, gave a memorable performance of “Doing it Again,” the duet they recorded for the 2019 film, “Twice.”

The two previously performed “Doing it by Mistake” for Pattinson’s 2015 film, “Remember Me.” The moment they reconnected on screen was genuinely moving, as they both expressed their love and longing for one another while falling into another loving kiss. The reaction on social media was nearly universal: people either shed tears or shouted “WTF” at the screen, as USA Today put it.

The embrace felt genuine, but it was also a carefully choreographed moment. The pair have clearly been working hard to master the art of off-screen romance, and it shows: the audience may have been moved by the performances, but they were also captivated by the scenic and costume design, cinematography, and editing of the film.

“Twice” is the sequel to “Doing it,” which was directed by Anna Kendrick and featured an ensemble cast that included Billie Eilish, Olivia Cooke, and more. Set in New York City, the film was released in theaters on May 10.

The Romance Begins

The first image we are presented with upon entering the drama is a slow motion shot of a wedding party, preparing to exchange vows. As the camera slowly pans around the guests, we see the bride, Estelle, wearing a white dress and holding a bouquet of red blossoms. Behind her, the newlyweds, Jack and Lucy, stand in a white wedding dress with flowers in their hair. The slow motion effect was used to great effect in “Twilight,” where we first met Edward and Bella as they prepared to wed. In the years since, the scene has become iconic, and it is regularly used by fans to show how they feel about Edward.

In “Twice,” Jack is a New York City art dealer who meets the lovely Lucy while browsing through an old gallery he is restoring. When the pair start courting, the romance is charming; they keep details from their previous relationships (including their previous partners) and make each other a priority. While Lucy is initially wary of commitment, Jack slowly wins her trust and devotion, as he proved in the first film. He is also incredibly supportive of her career; she even credits him with giving her the courage to step out of her comfort zone and pursue her dreams.

For her part, Lucy is a fashion designer who has recently been thrust into the spotlight. She is protective of her friends and family, but the admiration she feels for Jack is evident. The two share a tender moment as he comforts her after her mother admits that she still loves her father, even though he walked out on the family a long time ago. It is clear that a wedding between these two would be a celebration to behold.

A Performance To Remember

The chemistry between Stewart and Pattinson is unquestionable, and it is on full display during their duet. There is an easy connection between the two, and they both seem to be having a blast playing off of one another; the audience can feel the love and affection they are pouring into the stage and into the song. The choreography between the two is seamless and effortless, as they trade romantic lyrics while moving in unison and with such precision that it seems rehearsed.

It is only when they break character that the audience realizes how truly genuine their connection is. After the performance, their fellow attendees rush up to the stage to congratulate them; they are clearly moved by the emotion they portray on screen. On the red carpet, Stewart and Pattinson looked dazed and delighted as they received endless praise for their on-screen chemistry, and for Stewart, the honor of being the first ever actress to be awarded the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role.

It would seem that the stars are finally aligned for true love to shine. Between “Twice” and “On the Beach,” Stewart’s most recent film, she and Pattinson have two powerful and emotional performances, both of which are filled with longing, love, and passion. Whether they are singing or dancing, Stewart and Pattinson always seem like they are having fun on-screen, and the audience can clearly relate to their chemistry.

Pattison has proven he can be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the ladies; in general, he has had an amazing ability to attract the fairer sex. In 2017, he made headlines when it was announced that he is set to wed fashion designer, Bella Hadid. In November of that year, they were spotted getting matching tattoos to commemorate their commitment to one another. As for Stewart, the most recent reports have her on the market. Some have even suggested that she and Pattison could end up back together. If so, Hollywood would certainly have a queen.