It seems like only yesterday that Robert Pattinson was making headlines as the cute guy palling around with Taylor Lautner on the set of the Twilight franchise. Since then, not only has he starred in another blockbuster franchise but he’s also dated some of our favourite Hollywood celebrities.

Kristen Stewart had a stint as the It Girl of the moment when she was linked to the similarly talented Hugh Jackman. As the pair’s careers soared, so did their celebrity – they even got married in an extravagant ceremony. But just as their fairytale began to take shape, their relationship hit a speed bump. They went through a nasty battle over who gets to keep the puppy they adopted together and finally called it quits after just 20 months of marriage. Though they have since worked through their issues and rekindled their love, it seems like they’re still battling the “baby bump”. As they near the end of their third decade as a couple, here’s a roundup of everything we know about their relationship.

Robert Has A New Toy

One of the first peeks into Robert Pattinson’s married life came during the spring of 2017 when he announced the arrival of his son, Bingo. The baby’s name is a nod to his grandparents, who gave him his nickname of ‘Bobby,’ as well as a reference to the child’s favorite TV show, Winx Club.

It was an adorable moment for the 35 years old actor as he shared a sweet snap of the baby wrapped in a fuzzy pink robe with his wife on the family “He’s a real ray of sunshine,” Pattinson gushed the following month during an interview with Vogue. “He’s a really happy baby, he lights up every room he walks into. He’s completely charming and gorgeous. It’s an absolute delight to be a father.

The Actor And The Model Unite

While most of the world was still in awe of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson’s on-screen chemistry, it was largely Kristen Stewart and Hugh Jackman who were keeping busy with their off-screen relationship. The brunette beauty was first linked to the Australian actor in 2014 and a year later, they were spotted dining together at the London Film Festival. They later became engaged after getting matching tattoos of each other’s initials on their wrists. Since then, they’ve mostly kept quiet about their relationship – the couple officially confirmed their engagement in October 2017 and were wed just 12 months later.

It wasn’t long before tongues began wagging about how Robert Pattinson had rekindled his romance with Kristen Stewart. In August 2018, photos of the actor and the model kissing and hugging each other made headlines around the world. Despite their romance being made public, the pair have actually been dating for months – as Stewart revealed in November 2018.

They Worked Through Their Issues

It started innocently enough – a series of sweet snaps of the cute pair on a stroll through the city. But it wasn’t long before paparazzi got ahold of the photos and the story started to spread like wildfire. The couple worked through their issues and came back stronger than ever.

In a stunning interview with Elle UK, Kristen Stewart opened up about her tumultuous history with men. “I’ve been hurt so many times,” she said, “first by my dad and then by the men I’ve dated. So many times I’ve thought, ‘This is it. This is how it ends.’ But then something would happen and I’d have to remind myself that his was just a bad experience — that I’m better than this.”

It seems like the actress was referring to Robert Pattinson when she reiterated, “Sometimes it takes a little bit of experience to realise that it’s not really about you… You can’t put your desires first all the time. You have to put your partner’s desires first sometimes. You have to learn to be a good partner.”

They’re Still Going Strong

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, but they’ve been keeping busy. The actor has been filming David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Don Quixote alongside Pedro Pascal and has been spending a lot of time with his family (he even has a new baby boy with wife Vanessa Paradis).

Meanwhile, Stewart has been keeping busy with her numerous fashion campaigns – not to mention the occasional Hollywood role – and is now one of the most sought-after women in Hollywood. She’s also continued to support her friend and fellow Australian Miranda Kerr in her successful career.

Though their careers have taken off, the pair haven’t forgotten about their beginnings and credit their time apart for pushing them to work harder. “[Our time apart] made us realise how much we loved each other,” Stewart said. “I feel happy and grateful to have found someone who makes me laugh and who I can share my love of films with.” As for Robert Pattinson, he added, “We’re both really proud of what we’ve accomplished. It’s been a crazy ride, but we’ve both learned so much and grown as individuals.”