The strange case of the Twilight stars is back in the news. This time, it’s not about their love for each other, but about a nasty feud that has been brewing for a while.

The 33-year-old Scottish actor and model was forced to deny a recent claim that he had cheated on 31-year-old Stewart with 23-year-old Slovenian artist Katja Kassar. The alleged affair was said to have taken place when Stewart was in Los Angeles last month, and was documented on CCTV. Kassar also claims that Pattinson filmed a sex tape with her, which he denies. What’s more, a sex tape that allegedly shows the actor and Stewart having sex was leaked online earlier this month. However, this tape has been widely discredited, with a number of sources pointing out that it was probably edited and that Stewart’s face was obscured by a towel.

The Full Story

The truth is that we don’t know anything for sure about what is going on behind the scenes of these two legendary celebrity couples. What we do know is that each member of the Twilight cast has reportedly been unfaithful to the other before. For example, Stewart cheated on Pattinson with British composer Stephen Wight, and Wight has since moved on to date another member of the Twilight cast, Anna Kendrick. Director David Fincher also had an affair with his star and producer Jennifer Jason Leigh, and the list goes on.

A Love-Hate Relationship

It is safe to say that neither Pattinson nor Stewart are particularly happy in their marriages. According to a close friend, Pattinson’s marriage to Twilight co-star and girlfriend Emma Watson has been tense for a while, and it wasn’t until recently that they even started dating again. When they do see each other, which is once a week at least, their interactions are “tumultuous,” says the friend. “There’s always a lot of tension; the relationship is complicated.”

Stewart’s marriage to French director Luc Besson has also been plagued by rumors of infidelity. Not only does Besson openly admit that he is not monogamous, but he has also been linked to a host of famous women. The latest being his rumored new mistress, 22-year-old Swedish singer and rapper Elin Nordstrom. The pair were spotted together in Italy earlier this year, fueling speculation that they could be an item. When asked about their relationship status, Nordstrom coyly replied, “What’s the point in lying about something that isn’t true?”

However, Stewart insists that their marriage is “perfect” and that they are both devoted to each other. “We have been together for over 12 years, and I feel like we are the perfect example of a happy couple,” she said earlier this year. “We both understand each other’s ups and downs, and support each other in whatever we do. We have always been there for each other, and I feel like we will continue to support and be there for each other as long as we live.”

Why Did This Happen?

The story behind this most recent bout of cheating on the part of these two pop icons begins a few years ago, when they both decided to leave their individual careers after the success of Twilight. Since then, they have both focused on their personal relationships, and tried to be more mature as individuals. Whether or not this was a calculated move on the part of Stewart and Pattinson to create some buzz before the release of the new Batman movie is unclear, but it certainly worked. A number of fans, potential fans, and even some of Stewart’s ex-boyfriends have accused her of using her marriage to Besson as an opportunity to pursue a luxurious lifestyle, and to shield herself from the pressures of being a famous actress. Besson is usually by Stewart’s side while she promotes the movies they produce together, lending further weight to these rumors.

Who Is Responsible?

It is not uncommon for celebrities to hire private detectives to track down any indiscretions on the part of their spouses. However, the interesting thing about this case is that it seems as though the tabloids might be responsible for uncovering these affairs, rather than the converse. It was recently reported that a video showing the alleged infidelity of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had been shopped to at least seven different media publications. It is unclear if any of these publications decided to run with the story because they thought it was newsworthy, or if they were simply too lazy to seek out the truth themselves.

What Will This Mean For Batman?

It’s not clear what this means for the upcoming Batman movie, but it definitely doesn’t bode well for the Dark Knight’s chances with Catwoman. Ever since the casting of Anne Hathaway as the famous feline’s role-model, Selina Kyle, rumors have swirled about her possible affair with the caped crusader. As it turns out, it wasn’t just a rumor. Following rumors that Hathaway and Adam Levine had been spotted on a date in Paris, Levine was asked about the status of their relationship, and he coyly replied, “If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have to take a rain check on that. I’m sorry. It was really nice to meet you. I’ll see you around.” Whether or not the two ended up seeing each other again is a matter of speculation, but their first date definitely turned out to be their last. As it happens, Hathaway is not the only famous female star who has gone on a date with Batman. Back in the 1950s, Elizabeth Taylor dated the Caped Crusader before marrying her third husband, Richard Burton. Taylor and Burton would eventually divorce, although they remained friendly until Taylor’s death in 2012. During that time, Burton would often visit her while she was in hospital, and she would ask him to stop by and visit her kids as well. The two were also famously connected through mutual friend Marjorie Merriweather Post, who often hosted luncheons at her Washington, D.C. mansion for the two of them.

How Is This Affecting The Movie?

There is one thing we know for sure about the upcoming Batman movie. It will be the first major studio release to be distributed by Warner Bros., and in light of this, it stands to reason that the film’s marketing team might be a little bit more experienced than usual. Whether or not this means that Batman will live up to the storied legacy of Batman & Superman is yet to be determined, but one thing is for sure: this is going to be fun to watch.