Rumors have been swirling for a while that Kristen Stewart is seeing someone, and now it seems like the speculation may be true. According to recent reports, Robert Pattinson is the mystery man behind Stewart’s sudden blossoming romance with Twilight co-star Charlie Bean.

The two were photographed canoodling in New York City on Tuesday, August 22nd, leading to widespread speculation about their true nature. While it seems unlikely that Stewart would dare defy fan-favorite Bella Swan by cheating on her with any of her co-stars, it seems safe to assume that this couple’s blossoming romance is more than just a publicity stunt.

Has Stella Arnoé Finally Confirmed They’re Dating?

In light of the newfound speculation that Stewart is indeed seeing someone, it seems only right that we should finally learn the truth about her dating life. On Thursday, August 24th, Stewart’s PR rep reached out to ET and confirmed that the Love Story actress is indeed dating someone but wouldn’t disclose any further information about her private life.

“Hi Erica,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on Kristen’s private life. All I can say is that she’s very happy and content at the moment and looking forward to whatever comes next. She’s been very open and honest about her relationship status and the fact that she’s not expecting any time soon, so I think it’s important that we respect her privacy at this stage. All the best, and thanks for reading.”

What About The Twilight Saga’s Future?

Even though the world is still reeling from the recent Twilight Summit that took place in Los Angeles over the weekend, it seems that the event was just what the franchise needed to restore its waning spirits. While the film’s stars may have publicly stayed mum about their experiences at the confab, behind the scenes, the film’s crew must have been over the moon at the enthusiastic reception their latest creation received. Audiences were given the opportunity to see as much as they wanted of the final installment in the Twilight saga and reportedly left the theater in awe. Now that the dust has settled, the question is: can the Twilight franchise really be saved or is it now officially dead?

The franchise’s future is certainly looking up as the final installment has reportedly surpassed every other film in the series to become the fourth highest grossing of all time. Furthermore, Summit made over $30 million in just 4 days with an estimated worldwide total of over $60 million since its premiere in early July. With another major movie event just around the corner, the franchise’s future seems more promising than ever.

Who Will Be Showing The Most At Robert Pattinson’s House Party?

With both Pattinson and Stewart being in the public eye since their earliest days as child actors, it’s amazing that they’ve managed to keep their relationship under wraps for so long. Even more impressive is that they’ve avoided having their children grow up together which makes for an extremely well-kept secret. As one of the most talked-about celebrity couples of the moment, it’s only a matter of time before their romance spills into the public eye. While we wait for that inevitable moment, let’s take a quick look at who will be showing up to Robert Pattinson’s house party this fall.

Family And Friends

It’s safe to assume that Pattinson will want to invite his family and friends to his homecoming so they can all get to know each other better. Considering we’ve never seen any of his friends portrayed on-screen before, it will be interesting to see who he chooses to bring along. The actor is seemingly at ease in front of the camera and has never been afraid to show off his humorous side, so it will be fascinating to see how he acts with his friends around him. This aspect of his life will be one worth watching.

Matching Mummy And Me

While we’re on the subject of interesting trivia, it’s worth noting that both Pattinson and Stewart are matching mum and me fans. Not only do they share the same mother, Emma, but they share the same maternal grandparents as well. So, even if they were to get hitched, we’d still be able to see a lot of the same relatives on their wedding day. It certainly seems that the stars are drawn to each other because they both have a strong maternal connection; perhaps their connection runs so deep because they’re both looking for someone to mother them? Regardless, it’s an interesting coincidence that both stars have a keen interest in family and want to keep their loved ones close by. It’s a connection that seems to be connecting them both and bringing out the maternal in both.

It’s A Match Made In Heaven

It’s clear that both Pattinson and Stewart have found each other’s match and are happy to be spending time together. The couple has been inseperable since they first played a child Romeo and Juliet in a film in 2004 and have gone on to play supporting roles in a string of successful movies. While the two have kept their romance under wraps for so long, it’s not been for lack of trying on Eve’s part. She’s been doggedly pursuing her man for over a decade and finally seems to have got her wish.

Stewart has been married 3 times before and has 2 sons from her first marriage. Despite her previous relationships, she’s always kept her promise to be with her man no matter what and has managed to do so while staying true to her cinematic roots. With her mania for work coming at the cost of her private life, it was only a matter of time before rumors about her romantical escapades began circulating. While there’s still a long way to go before we know if or when this steamy affair will come to an end, it seems that it’s only a matter of time until we learn the answers to all our burning questions about this celebrity couple’s true nature.