Most people know of, or have at least heard of, the scandalous Hollywood couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The British actor/model and the American actress are both extremely recognizable, especially after their recent break-up and eventual reconciliation. Between the media frenzy, the passionate fans, and their hectic schedules, it’s no wonder they’re both minted multi-millionaires.

The pair recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, which was marked by a lavish party attended by hundreds of their fans. They also released a holiday album, which featured songs sung by both partners, and donated £100,000 to charity.

Fans of the Hollywood couple have amassed quite the collection of autographs. If you’re wondering how much your favorite pop celebrity’s signature on your vinyl or CD actually worth, the answer is a lot! Since breaking up, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have both reestablished themselves as individuals, which has resulted in a significant increase in their personal celebrity. They now command premium prices whenever they appear at celebrity auctions, charity events, or pop culture festivals.

The British actor’s signature is currently valued at around £30,000, while the American star’s is worth around £36,000. This makes their combined autograph a veritable financial windfall. However, these prices seem to have dropped a tad compared to their previous levels, which were often in excess of £100,000. If you want to own a piece of Hollywood history, now is the perfect opportunity to do so. Never mind the cost–the emotional attachment and memorabilia value will be worth it.

Here we’ll take a closer look at how much these and other celebrity signatures are really worth, by breaking it down into three categories: memorabilia value, historical significance, and celebrity status.


If you’re wondering what will make your signed item of memorabilia worth money, it’s the fact that most people (and hence collectors) will want to own it. It could be a movie poster, a music CD, a photograph, or even a vinyl record. The key is that the item must be valuable to someone else. For instance, if you have an Elvis Presley or The Beatles autograph, they may be highly prized by fans of those iconic artists, but it’s unlikely that anyone else will ever want to own them.

The chances are that, at some point, you or someone in your family may have liked or worn the item of clothing, hung out with the person who signed it, or listened to the music that was recorded in the presence of that celebrity. Those are the kinds of connections that can make your item of memorabilia valuable. It’s not just about the ‘Omnes’ and the ‘Verbum’ inscribed on a famous wine bottle, or the fact that Michael Jackson signed it. It’s about the fact that there is a story behind it.


Just as with many other items of popular culture, the historical significance of a celebrity’s signature can make it valuable. This is especially the case when the item of memorabilia dates back to a significant historical event or person. As we’ve established, most people will value an item highly if they believe it was connected to someone famous. One classic example of this would be a piece of artwork or a sculpture that was created in the likeness of, or in memory of, an important historical figure. For example, many people would value a bust of Abraham Lincoln highly because they believe he inspired the Civil War. Or, if you have a piece of literature that was signed by Jack the Ripper, you can bet that someone will pay you a high price for it. It doesn’t have to be an exact likeness, as long as the general idea is there.

If you have a love for history, you could become a collector of items relating to significant historical events or people. It doesn’t have to be expensive items–anyone with an interest in, for example, Victorian England, could invest in a copy of Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers, which was originally signed by the author himself. Or, for American history, you could buy an autographed baseball cap from Michael Jordan, or a letter written by George Washington. You can find out more at, a site that connects you to numerous historical events and their associated memorabilia.


Not content with simply valuing your item of memorabilia based on its historical significance, you could increase the overall worth by attaching a celebrity status to it. If you were to sign a guitar that was once played by the legendary Jimi Hendrix, you could make it a piece of musical instrument art, and thus increase its value. Or, if you have an autograph from a famous sports figure, you could make it a piece of sports memorabilia, and sell it for more money.

There are plenty of other ways to increase the value of your item of memorabilia. For example, if you have a signed music album by The Beatles, you could list it under the heading of ‘albums signed by The Beatles’, and increase its value. Or, you could attach the name ‘Michael Jackson’ to it, and make it a piece of art directed towards a famous album, and thus increase its sales value. There are numerous ways to increase the value of your item of memorabilia, and the best part is that you don’t even have to put it up for sale. You can give it away as a present, or sell it to someone else, and make a small profit. So, as you can see, there are many different ways to increase the value of a piece of memorabilia. 

In conclusion, if you’re wondering how much your signed item of memorabilia is worth, it’s not as simple as it seems. There are a number of different factors that could increase or decrease the overall value of your item. However, as long as you have a passion for collecting, there will always be someone willing to pay you for your piece of memorabilia, no matter its value.