It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are one of the most popular couples in Hollywood. The Twilight franchise has amassed a massive following around the world, and both stars have continued to land major film roles ever since the last movie wrapped in 2013. But all that success comes with a major price—the stars are often photographed together, and for people who have followed their romance from the beginning, it’s easy to see how their relationship has changed for the worse. In this article, we’re going to break down the major differences in their personalities and habits before, during, and after their relationship. We’ll explore how they handled fame and fortune, and if this is indeed the best the fans can hope for.

During The Relationship

The stars first met on the set of 2012’s Twilight, and since then they’ve been inseparable. In March 2018, Robert Pattinson’s management team confirmed that he and Stewart had indeed renewed their vows in a beautiful ceremony at a secret location in Italy. The happy couple recently made their relationship public once again by sharing an intimate pic of themselves during their wedding ceremony. The picture was heavily featured on their Instagram stories, where they showcased each others’ unique beauty and talent. It’s fair to say that their public displays of affection have made the tabloids jealous, especially because it seems like the stars are showing more affection and commitment to each other than ever before.

After The Relationship

Despite their romance, fame, and fortune, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have both maintained a high degree of privacy since their split. In fact, the only time they’ve truly been seen apart is when they’ve been shooting films—they’ve always managed to keep their relationship under wraps, even after they became famous. But the paparazzi weren’t fooled, and their persistence eventually wore down both stars. In 2017, Stewart was photographed with a mystery man at Cannes Film Festival. When the photos surfaced online, it was revealed that she was romantically linked to actor Tom Huddleston. The pair later confirmed their relationship, and in April 2018 Stewart even publicly said that she’d like to continue her romance with Huddleston, even though she is committed to Pattinson. So, it sounds like their privacy hasn’t exactly been protecting them from the media’s reach. The problem is that Stewart’s embrace of Huddleston’s advances came as a great disappointment to her fans, who had high hopes for her to settle down with the actor she met on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman. Although she did publicly state that she wants to remain friends with Pattinson, fans will likely never see their relationship as anything but professional. And for someone who is already so visible, it’s hard not to feel bad for Stewart. Her public displays of affection for Pattinson have undoubtedly attracted even more attention, and it seems the media circus surrounding her is only going to grow as her fame and influence continue to increase.

It’s important to remember that these two talented stars deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and as their admirers, we must not let them down. We must continue to support them and their beautiful babies whenever they’re being photographed together, because as long as they keep making inspiring and unique art, we know things will work out. And if not, at least we can spend some quality time with these attractive celebrities when they’re not on screen.