Is it really been a year already since Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart started dating? It feels like just yesterday when the actors were first seen locking lips on the silver screen in Twilight, the blockbuster movie that made them famous. Since then, their on-screen chemistry has blossomed into real-life romance, and today they’re celebrating an anniversary that’s as Hollywood as it is private.

A Romantic Comedy

The English actor, director, and producer may be known for his brooding, oft-broody, and sometimes hilarious character roles in indie films, such as that of Percy in the upcoming Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2016), but he’s truly found his niche in Hollywood with Twilight and its subsequent vampire spin-offs. He’s proven to be a versatile actor, capable of showing a wide range of emotions on-screen – and off – and has gained the trust and affection of audiences worldwide with his quirky, endearing screen presence.

The London-born Stewart has played a pivotal role in shaping the actor’s transition to Hollywood. In addition to her own acting resume, which includes the highly-acclaimed films Adventureland (2012) and Still Alice (2014), Stewart produced the actor’s 2011 documentary The Evolution of Dance, a cinematic love letter to dance that followed the couple as they explored New York City’s Broadway, the Studio 54 disco, and Paris’ annual ballet Festival.

A Surprise 10th Anniversary

On October 31, 2015, Vanity Fair celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Pageant List with a look back at the most memorable romances of the last decade. Among the elite group of celebrity couples who made the cut were Stewart and Pattinson, who were named ‘Hollywood’s Most Charmed Couple.’

As the pair have progressed in their relationship, they’ve maintained a low profile on social media and avoided the spotlight. It was once again Stewart who broke their silence when she shared a sweet video on Instagram of the couple dancing to celebrate their one-year anniversary.

This year, the pair aren’t shying away from publicity. In fact, since Stewart and Pattinson began dating, they’ve never been stronger, more confident individuals. As the first anniversary of their professional relationship drew near, they finally felt comfortable enough to share some of their excitement with the world. On October 24, they debuted a charming surprise by sharing a black-and-white photograph of themselves on Instagram, along with the following message:

“We wanted to share a photo with you of us doing something a little fun and sweet. We love you and are so happy to have you in our lives. Thanks for being the best husband anyone could ask for. Love you lots.”

An Affectionate Laughter Festival

Aside from their undeniable chemistry and timeless on-screen presence, Pattinson and Stewart are known for their wit and humor. The pair met while filming the comedy Bad Teacher (2011), directed by Richard Linklater and starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Sudekum. While filming the movie, the actors fell into the habit of sneaking into each other’s trailers to laugh.

After wrapping production, they kept the comedy festival going at coffee shops and galleries around Los Angeles. The project grew out of necessity: without a child to care for, they wanted to create a space where they could enjoy each other’s company. So they turned a room in their home into a small museum devoted to the art of laughter and embraced the opportunity to laugh at and with each other.

An Insta-famous Babymoon

The Internet’s favorite it couple took their first vacation as a married couple in July 2016 and posted photos of themselves on social media documenting their luxurious retreat. The actor uploaded a black-and-white photo of himself holding a wine bottle and gazing adoringly at his wife, while Stewart posted a similar photo, adding the hashtags #weddingsofam and #honeymooners. The couple’s first stop on their trip was Italy, where they visited some of the country’s most famous vineyards and ate homemade gelato while taking in the scenery.

Sharing Is Caring

Pattinson and Stewart have always been open and communicative about their relationship, and their fans on social media have watched and appreciated their honesty. Since their marriage, they’ve continued to share intimate details of their lives with their followers. In addition to regularly sharing funny memes and snuggling on-screen, the newlyweds have encouraged their fans to follow their lead and be more open about their relationships. This year, they’ll celebrate the one-year anniversary of their wedding with the launch of their own podcast, Winona Forever, where they’ll interview interesting people and discuss a variety of topics. The podcast will be available on all major podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Fans can expect to hear from the two frequently in the coming months, as they’re both hard at work on films projects.