Love is a wonderful thing. It can inspire great passion and wonderful things. It can also be a challenge since it can cause you to do things you might not ordinarily do. It can make you feel happy and joyful, but it can also hurt you if you aren’t careful.

It’s a tricky thing, love. It can be a driving force behind some pretty amazing things and it can also be the root of all kinds of problems. It can cause you grief and it can make you feel things you might not have felt before. In some instances, it can be a blessing and in others, it can lead to your downfall. It’s certainly an interesting phenomenon and one that’s at the center of many great stories. Here are just a few of those stories. (more…)

What Is Robert Pattinson’s Relationship With Katy Perry Like?

If you’re unfamiliar, Robert Pattinson is a English actor, model, and singer who first came to prominence on the hit TV show, “Walking Dead.” He’s since gone on to appear in numerous other hit movies and has become somewhat of a Hollywood icon. He’s currently starring in the upcoming film “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.”